Who was in the wrong here?

Who was in the wrong here?

Araragi for not choosing Cat


Guillotinecutter for thinking he could solo her.

Seriously, this part made no sense. I briefly thought that maybe she lied about him coming to her. Maybe, instead, she went out to get him so she would have someone to eat infront of Arararagi. But if the purpose of eating a person in front of Ararararagi was to persuade him to kill her, why would she need to lie about that? Being honest would be even more persuasive.


He was a selfless hero.

plot advancement :^)

Didn't she said she would like for him to live together with her? Her choice if making this scenario had the best outcome than the one you thought.

Real scenario
a) Araragi reaction would regret for helping a humanity's enemy and blame himself for others people death and hate himself.

b) He would accept the reality and be with her for eternity.

Your scenario
a) he would really hate her and kill himself(he was going to do it on the real scenario but he didn't hate her)

b) Honestly I have no idea.

>Didn't she said she would like for him to live together with her?
If the ending is to be believed, she was lying and planned to have Araragi kill her the entire time.

Cat is literal shit

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>having stockholm syndrome for your crabs

Crab is also shit.

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Then if that was the point their bonding moments wouldn't need to be shown at all. She wanted company, she got it in the end. She was angry but then realised that this was what she wanted from the very beginning.

there are 2 TLs for this, you chose poorly

pewds has good taste.

Araragi for not killing vampire fucking shits

I think the point was that she did want to be with him, but she also did plan on having him kill her. She was trying to be selfless.

This. Showing rrrg the scene of her eating people had 2 good outcomes for her

1. Rrrg accepts it and lIves with her (preferable)
2. Rrrg kills her

Kissshot was hurt because rrrg showed from his decision that he didn't really love her enough to abandon being human (he helped her because he just wanted someone to save, it could've been anyone etc.) but also didn't love himself enough to just kill her (in this scenario at least the person she loves is happy)

I thought we already resolved this in Shiki.