Dragon Ball Super

Leaks soon. Is it time for Godhan?

Is Final Flash the most irrelevant attack in DB?

>shitlong charging time
>had to goad his enemies into taking it head-on
>still did nothing

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It's his turn.

No, did you fags forget this same shit happened in the anime? He'll only get his Mystic/Ultimate form back.

Gohan will learn Hakai from Goku in the manga retard

SS4 Gohan soon.

So what's in store for Frieza? Is he gonna play any significant part in the tournament? Will he have any relevance after it?

Galick Gun has to be the lowest, at least Final Flash helped him to take out Magetta, and Big Bang Attack took out 19.

>shitlong charging time
Absolute state of anime onlys.

>Gohan really will have healing powers in the manga.

Well I want to believe Toriyama brought him back for a reason, so maybe he does get revived at the end.

He's probably going to try some sneaky shit at the end and fuck up Goku somehow, only to get BTFO'd himself by something else.

No one gives a fuck about the manga nigger

>nobody gives a shit about the second most popular manga of all time

>"so maybe he does get revived at the end."
>Goku may unironically bring Frieza back to life before King Kai

And there you have it. Call me when is the most important.

Can Gohan do anything right?

btw who get the wish at the end of the tournament? everyone has their own idea, but only one person gets it, right? so what if there are several people standing when the tournament ends?

I was thinking more along the lines of say Jiren winning and say "Yeah bring back the erased universes and revive it's people" so Freiza revives along with every other enemy they have ever killed.
But hey Toriyama is such a hack I can actually imagine this amounting to nothing.

Goku did nothing wrong.


Goku is too dumb/ignorant to do something wrong.

Slice of life shit is unironically the best part about DBS. Prove me wrong.

It wouldn't surprise me if Frieza suggests a last man standing scenario for the wish and Zeno approves because sugoi.

Frieza is going to use Gohan as the muscle to take Dyspo out. Then he'll use both 17 and Gohan to take Toppo out. I don't think he can reasonably double cross U7 at this moment because it would be too transparent.

Chaiotzu you're in your fucking 40's grow up already.

>learning a new technique
being this delusional

Thanks doc

>mfw Zeno decides to restart the tournament as a free for all with every fighter for every universe coming back

It will be like the scenario of Mortal Kombat Armageddon where everyone just starts killing each other


isn't the current tournament a free for all too?

Damn it, Turtle. Showing up naked to a fancy party is extremely uncouth.

Each Universe is a team, in this case it'll just be 1 vs All.

Honestly, the fashion is the one good thing about Dragonball at this point. It's too bad that Toei wants to focus on the Goku vs. Jiren fight over a Pride Trooper vs. Great Saiyaman episode.

what did he mean by this

fuck you

Boy am I glad that Super got rid of the Buu-Saga hair for Bulma pretty quickly.


>Huh? Who
Fucking priceless. Goku so unimpressed by his jobber son he doesn't even consider him until Piccolo mentions it.


Why is Jiren so chuuni?

>the absolute GALAXY of Toeidogs

What did Cabba mean by this?


>"D-do you think Mr Toppo-kun will like me in this position 17-san?"

>Yamcha the only one actually taking a hit
Everything is as it should be.

Goku is far more aware that Gohan doesn't like to fight in the manga. The anime version got rewritten into being positive because fans don't like to see Goku as a selfish individual with flaws.

toriyama's manga was a masterpiece
super manga is absolute shit

STOP! You are making me sad we don't have great slice of life episodes anymore :(

So true.
Toriyama was a genius at drawing battles and making panels flow. Unlike HACKtaro.
Also he fucking moved the story along nicely and didn't stall for months like his hack successor.

You'll get like 3 or 4 slice of life before whatever the next arc is, which will probably only be like Goku_Black in length.

We're what, 50 episodes into this saga (not counting all the build up from stuff like U7 vs U6)?

how is ultra instict different from mystic? it's not even a super saiyan form.

>Toeipoodles acting up right before the leaks come out
Like clockwork.

how is ultra instinct different from kame style? it's not even a super saiyan form.

Shut the fuck up retards.


Why aren't Beerus and Whis ever involved in any of these? Fucking bullshit

Do you blame them? They have to defend this shit every week


>Chichi is nowhere to be seen
Goku worst husband ever

Post more please

I agree, post more based user.

>f-fuck actual arguments!! deflect!
nice toyocuck don't even bother defending your hack


I think Toriyama paired Goku off with Chichi just to piss off his editor or something. Makes sense why he wouldn't give a fuck about her.

>Never even kissed his wife after nearly 30 years together

Not everything is an argument, Toeihound.

except they were in the baseball one

also they will be gone after this arc. Grande Padre will consider Goku too dangerous and reset everything to fresh post-Buu

>also they will be gone after this arc. Grande Padre will consider Goku too dangerous and reset everything to fresh post-Buu
Nice spic-canon

certainly not in any of your posts, cancer

Why would anyone bother arguing with you Toeicucks when it could not be clearer that you're just here to shitpost and damage control?

>We will never get a pistol duel wild west style between Goku and Vegeta
Some of these have never appeared in anime/manga right?

I accept your concession.

not everyone is a retarded 'them or us' kneejerk faggot, cancer
I can criticize hacktaro AND the anime
crazy i know


>Leaks soon.

>muh concession
i don't think that word means what you think it means, underage


i never defended the anime retard
just shat on the shit manga

Why is the DBS thread so slow today? : /

You're gonna love this; trust me.

Second concession accepted, mongrel.




I'll see what else I can find. Most the the DB slice of life posters I have in my folder are the old ones. There haven't been that many for Super yet.

Would shut the fuck up, Jesus Christ you're fucking autistic

Well more than 50% of the people that post here only come on Sup Forums for DBS so they're usually only around episode day.

Do you know where you are? Stop posting wojaks on Sup Forums you fucking retard.

>Gohan's LAST stand
What does it mean????


The old ones are pretty nice too though.

Please curb your autism.

Concessionfag neck yourself.

Be patient, leaks-user

>copying Freeza's gimmick colour
one without spots doesn't look half bad.

Hey how's it hanging?

Yes Toriyama even said he hates Chichi

Is that Jobhan?