Why is this whore kissing a teacher?
Why is this whore raping her sister?
Will this whore turn this anime into a NTR and rage fest and I can safely drop this right fucking now?

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stop getting angry over gay people

>Will this whore turn this anime into a NTR and rage fest
>can safely drop this right fucking now
If you hate Mei that much, yes.

he'll be irrelevant soon

why can there be gei grills kissing but no gei bois kissing


Yuri is pure, if yuri girl suck teacher dick and kiss her sister without washing it she is not so pure anymore

I wish I was Mei in that situation.

Yes Mei is a lonely slut who desires physical contact with people because of daddy issues. She NTRs at literally every opportunity.

This causes best girl to be confused alot(whether or not to make a move on Mei because she can't tell whether or not it would be feeding Mei's self-destructive slut personality), and gets her NTR'd alot. Hell Mei was about to prostitute herself one chapter to a faceless old man on a gamble on whether Yuzu would find out and look for her.

He's lying

Why shoujo so fucking shit and so full of forced drama

Why user's taste so fucking shit

Yaoibait sells, yaoi doesn't.

Is this the new Kuzu no Honkai?

He literally got booted a couple of minutes into the second episode.

This whore-allowed anime is getting out of hand

Why didn't the teacher report her for force kissing him?

Yuzu is too good for Mei. Stealth gyaru x Yuzu would be best

Because Mei is scum, as simple as that.

mei a shit

worst citrus

Looks like Citrus is NETORARE SHIT after all.

Poor Harumin, having such embarrassing friends. No wonder she hides her face with her school bag when with them.

The teacher was already written out of the story. He was just a plot device.

She is. Matsuri was just trying to protect her onee-san from the twisted slut

meant for


I can't take lesbian NTR serious but the teacher killed the series for me

Even Yuri anime have hetero propaganda in them.

No other Yuri anime will top this:
Fight me.

do you consider this girl dumping the MC and dating another lesbian with the sole purpose of making the MC jealous as being NTR?
then yes

>It's not NTR if she kisses/touches other girls because main girl is her #1
spoken like a true cuck

I like the manga but to say Mei isn't a NTRing slut is a fat lie.

>report her for force kissing him
WTF??? I don't get it. What's that.

Reminder that Yuzu cheated first.

>with the sole purpose of making the MC jealous
That wasn't it at all though if you're talking about Sarah. Mei did it because she desires to feel needed, and bodily contact because of her issues.