ITT: Shows everyone forgot about

ITT: Shows everyone forgot about

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Never forget

I will never forget her, she was a cute.

Not forgotten but the shitposters are quite unrelenting about their bad fanfictions

Plastic Memories. The most emotional anime ever.

Don’t forget the best ketchup maker of all time.

I only cared about Altair anyways.

You don't understand this thread.

Anyone else watch Omamori Himari? It's adaptation is inconclusive and it's a really generic ecchi romcom harem. But it holds a special place in my heart as the first ecchi romcom harem I ever watched. Also first encounter with my first Seiyuufu Ami Koshimizu.

>forgotten about
user, i....

What? Im hungry so I posted ketchup. Get off my back.


Tsubasa a best.



S2 never ever


It was AOTY of the year.


>bad fanfiction
You mean the level of writing in this anime?

No one could EVER forget about this miracle of the universe though OP!

you mean aliceteria

Aliceteria was a blockhead that didn't know how to do anything but swing her fists. Right into herself, I might add.

Pretty much any non-meme short, and even the well meme'd ones never have as much staying power compared to full anime.

almost everone

>tfw the meme is more powerful than the show itself

Albeit the manga was better but it was still pretty good

I wonder if anything will come out of the Jan 20 event.


who won the MC bowl?

Are you shitting me?

There was no bowl


>everyone forgot about
>literally merch available at Barnes and Noble and every convention in America

So Barnes and Noble remembered it but no one else


Don't count on it. It's just a get together

>you will never CONNECTIVE HINA


Posting in advance, we all know it's gonna happen.

Meteora, everyone else died and Altair and her chuuni creator were lesbian

Threads were literally empty after the second episode.

Is that a tied condom?


you never was in [s4s], right?

that's why i said almost everyone

Can't forget about that show.

>Suppose to be the next "Cowboy Bebop"
Oh boy was this a disappointment.


This shit. Cool concept though.

UNGO Bro here. there was at least 20 people in Sup Forums who has seen this.

I think it's nowhere near AOTY by itself, but that it is Anime-Original OTY. Made in Abyss, Houseki no Kuni, etc are all manga adaptations and we don't even get to see the ending. Try as you might to criticize the ending of Re:Creators (and I personally think it's fine, the problems were mostly in the middle) at least it has one. Hell, the two examples I named don't even have a finished manga, so it might end up a trainwreck.

>All male cast



>anime of the year of the year

I've watched it all and I fell in love. Solid from start to finish. Still feeling a little bitter that it ended conclusively.
It'll be a thread full of people bitching about how everything ended up, etc. when those are over and done with. People generally toss aside the questions or the problems brought up about those stories since they are ongoing and can be addressed. Hell, look at where Konosuba is headed right now.


mamika x saber a besto

Every thread.

Alice did okay to trust the god but Mamika completely turned her world upside down when she died

At least she figured out what's up before things got out of hand.


>literally was on every sub, sign, or truck in tokyo during the summer
>symphogear live so big they do tickets by lottery now
>merch fucking everywhere in akihabara

i almost die of cancer watching this

I really enjoyed the first half.

Mamika didn't deserve what she got.

Half the characters didn't deserve what they got.

Still better than Aqurion.

>yfw Characters voiced by Sakurai are cucked.

Only Mamika didn't deserve it. All the others voluntarily agreed to a caged death match against Altair, while Mamika had no ill will and was just unfortunate to trip on Altair's psychological land mine.

>implying magane deserves freedom and shitload of money

Magane saved the entire multiverse. What is the life of a grumpy old bookstore owner and an alcoholic writer compared to that?



this show was a fucking ride. a hilarious ride

Altair is really cute and unforgettable

Been watching ねこねこ日本史 on crunchycircularmotion
Its moving towards the bottom of whats watched but Its cute.

God I wish I was on Altair's place there

I still remember the hype after the 1st episode, how foolish we were I still listen to Layers on some occasions, holds nicely

She deserved to be in a better show. I hope we get a spin off about her.

I just watched it recently so I haven't forgotten about it at all.

What if I said that Mamika's death in Re:Creators was more emotionally potent and thematically effective than Mami's death in Madoka?

heh, they work differently, while Mami's death was for shock value and setting the tone for the rest of the series Mamika's was the conclusion of her character development and tangled with the plot on a deeper level, so while similar they had different functions



What really killed me is that Selesia never got to say goodbye to everybody
I was expected them to throw in some bs to bring her back, but nothing.

Altair's design is indeed unforgettable

Nah, she is very generic.

I remember the manga because the MC has sex with everyone in the harem except for the tsun childhood friend.

Still funnier than every anime that aired after it.

Yes, true.

I swore I write this but I guess I was wrong. AIR and H2O Foot Prints in the Sand.

>Re:Creators 2017 Spring 2,258 0 2,258 ¥101.4 TROYCA original

Wew, did it at least paid himself?

Literally boring seasonal trash.

I'm satisfied it sold so poorly after all the delusional defense posting in the threads.

I miss her.

I still listen to the soundtrack.

If only it got an actual second season


cute gobble

>Made me remember it
Fuck you

Selesia and her relationship with Charon should have been the focus of two or three episodes instead of just one.

Captain Earth