Say something nice to saten

>A Half-day without raildex thread
Feel good.

Did someone saved the Misaki that Nogi drew in the night? Its appear he deleted it.

When are we going to get dinosaurs in Raildex?

I love Saten. I wish the series would focus about her getting her powers. It would've been much more interesting seeing her development as a level 1 esper with her new powers. Plus she's cute, sexy and her personality's the best. She doesn't deserve the hate she receives and that's why I'm /always/ going to defend her.


I'm sure AC has Jurassic Park-style dino cloning technology or is developing it.

Powered suits and jetplanes getting absolutely rekt by best boy in the manga soon.

Post the monkey

>It's all one gyy

Based retardposter

Thank you, please post monkey

Saten likes baseball. I like baseball. Therefore, I like Saten.

>Kakine could have made DM Bears
>Kakine could have made DM Lions
>Kakine could have made DM Sharks
>Kakine could have made motherfucking DM Dinosuars
>And he makes DM Beetles instead

I'm, would you please keep your hands off Accel?

Now that you mention it

she gave me best smug face

OK, this is a shitpost thread. Time to ignore.

>"umm, this is shitpost so im gonna ignore"
What did user mean by this?

>cockroaches (Japan doesn't even give them -san)
Why fucking beetles?

he just wanted to shipost, dont be so hard on him

This is one of the most cracked ships ever. It does amuse me though.

To Aru Universe is dying.

>To Aru fandom is dying

So is ours.

I want to marry Saten!
However, I also want to marry Uihara, Kuroko, Mikoto, Misaka WORST, Frenda, Frenda's Sister, and Birdway just as much.

Post yourself eating shit denialfag

>He doesn't know about the "Sage" option

I love Touma

Calm down MP


Her friend's boyfriend is the true number one

But I'm Kuroko's Boyfriend.

I thought HER boyfriend is the true number one

Because he's retarded. Even Byouri was more creative than he was with his own power and made mythical creatures out of Dark Matter.


Is it me or did Mina get inexplicably naive in NT19? She appears to have all of real Mina's knowledge, keeps crowley's plan in check and watches everything in AC. But in NT19 she is like a kid and barely understands how anything including herself works.

Can't wait.

>spaghetti splitting cunts > excellent character development

redditors have arrived I see

light of my life
fire of my lions

I have masturbated to her hundreds of times.

Hope that reply of yours isn't going to derail the thread.

"Angelene! Don’t say that. You’d get mad if someone mocked the way you expressed
your faith, wouldn’t you!?"

Lucia's character development is the strongest. She goes from a witch burning "kill the heretic Asians" nun to being more tolerant than even Angelene.

Raildex? More like Slutdex


Her character and drama have more depth and better writing than Accelerator's.


Literally who? The Anglican church is just side character storage

Fuck off, spammer.

this thread isn't worth much anyway

>Tsuchi is going to shoot the granny and go skydiving in the same chapter

Is it next month yet?

No, go to sleep

Let's discuss how Kakine will job in his next comeback

He's going to be really busy sucking on Mikoto's ding dong.

Think that he is too strong and create another planet full of Kakine, then run out of Dark matter and disappear

What if Index is the real Aleister Crowley and the faggot in the tube is just a decoy?