Early parts of stories you'd change?

Were there times when you were soured on an anime/manga because of some character trait or plot direction that was revealed early in the story? What would you have changed about that plot point? (Note: Obviously drastic changes would affect scenarios and world-building introduced later in the story. To have fun reading through these alternate plots, lets ignore the fact that some may be implausible or contradictory to canon developments.)

For example: When watching HxH I really liked it until it revealed all of Kurapika's new powers, as I never really felt any tension with his battles. Instead, I would have preferred if his *only* power was the special condition insta-kill he had for the Phantom Troupe. It would have better highlighted his instability in his ambition and fragility in dealing with a dangerous group of criminals. Plus, it'd let him continue to use those two swords he was using in the Hunter Exam arc, which I really liked desu

>as I never really felt any tension with his battles
He only really fights Uvo with it, and his abilities are revealed during the fight.
So not a big deal.

I didn't feel any tension in his interactions with the Troupe in general, and they note the risk of using specific abilities on other enemies, so I'd prefer it if he was even more of a specified glass cannon

I always thought that part where Killua kills those two random guys during the Hunter exam felt out of place, like at first Togashi wanted him to become a supreme edgelord but then decide to change it.

When they were on the blimp?

>where Killua kills those two random guys during the Hunter exam felt out of place
I don't think it feels out of place considering he also kills Johness and Bodoro during the same arc, and is introduced as a professional assassin before killing anyone.
He only start to tone down his edge during Heaven's arena thanks to Gon.

> Johness and Bodoro
But those made more sense for him to kill. They had to get past Johness and he killed Bodoro because of his brother mindfuckery. Those two guys just felt really random, he didn't have any real reason to kill them.

>Those two guys just felt really random, he didn't have any real reason to kill them.
He killed them because he was frustrated about Netero playing with him and Gon.

This. He's a 12 year old brat with family issues and the power to kill 99.99% of the people he meets, of course he's going to tsujigiri random asshats.

That would be OOC as fuck. Kurapika is vengeful but he isn't stupid, he knows he'll have to deal with other Nen users than the troupe, he wouldnt limit his entire arsenal to just them.

Would change Kurapika into a girl, keep the exact same design.

Bad move. Kurapika would have more trouble repopulating the clan as a woman.

Does he want to repopulate it? I haven't seen him mention it so far but I'm not caught up yet.

That's the point. Killua was raised as a killer and that's really all he knows how to do. Him killing them two is the only way he knew how to deal with that situation.

Killua was a supreme edgelord but didn't want to be, as stated in the first arc multiple times. He changes throughout the series and doesn't resort to killing people as a way to deal with his problems. He becomes more like how Gon was early in the series as shown with his interactions with Ikalgo and Palm in the CA arc

>That would be OOC
Yes, the premise of the thread kinda leads to contradictory changes

This hasn't been mentioned yet but I think it could be a good endgame for Kurapika if he doesn't end up dying in the next couple arcs

Even after he mellowed out he was still quite the edgelord, look at the CA arc in particular.
And even when he's not killing anyone he's still kind of edgy.
>*teleports behind you*
>*karate chops your neck*
>eh, nothing personnel... kid

The first 70 chapters of this series fucking sucked.

In HxH? No NEN meme at all, the first arc was great with it's battles that were relatively grounded in reality, Instead of giving everybody and i mean EVERYBODY those silly nen powers (at first nen was supossed to be a secret that just only a few people knew about) Iwould just try to expand the tactical aspects of fights and specializations of fighters. I wanted Gon to use his fishing pole a little bit more, Leorio that treats wounded friends while fighting and assassins that act like assassins not super saiyans who throw Kamehames and flashing dragon beams every god damn time.

>at first nen was supossed to be a secret that just only a few people knew about
it's funny, I was watching the part (in the 99' version) where in the hunter exam the headmaster is talking about how in his career as a hunter he's never caught someone as powerful as the guy with thee death-grip (or something to that effect). Like really? Out of all the criminals you've fought this one dork without nen is special to you?

Sanji not being almost oblivious to DFs and not using agun.