Chapter 35 any moment now.

stealth gal is best girl.

Friendly reminder Mei is a black man

Here's the cover and title for chapter 35. Saburouta also tweeted about new anime art.

Chapter 35 not until tomorrow when it gets posted on the online reader app.

Post the image.

>this is what Yuzu wakes up to every morning

where are the benis?

>they still haven't fucked

>make a top qt
>its a lesbian
every time

>Average female is straight, so no.
Uh, I don't think so Jim

>every time
I wish



>homosexual degeneracy
please fuck off with this shit

... Fidget spinner?

>every time

Straight women can like lesbian porn. Get over it


Women are bisexual by default user they will fuck anything until it pleases them greatly.

>he never spins his fidget spinner ontop of his own dick

She reminds me so much of Reina from Hibikek.

>Straight women can like lesbian porn.
>I like seeing men get rammed on the butt while sucking two dicks but im still straight

Age gap yuri is the new trend for anime and manga.

We will get more mature themed yuri on YuriHime comics possibly yes.

This one is gay though.

But they always end up eating dick

>Age gap yuri
It has a chance of a spinoff.

Only the straight ones have some bi tendencies sometimes.

So was Reina. I don't care what the hetshits believe.


This is for real yuri, out you go.

>age gap
It's like 3/4 years

Yuzu gave consent

is a lesbian straight if they watch guy on girl porn then self insert as the male?

Still an age gap at their age.

This, you can't rape your sister

I've only noticed in manhwa height difference is pretty much every and a lot of times also age gap. Not that I'm complaining, I love height difference.

>fidget spinner

I watched the first EP and really liked it but then there was the borderline NTR by the teacher.

I just wanted to watch cute girls doing cute lesbian things but not this shit.

All the lewd moments after that make up for that shit.

I still do not understand why cheerleader had such a huge upswing.

Yes, and it also means you're a disgusting tranny

>doesn't know that fidget spinners are sexual torture tools
Get with the times.

How is it NTR by the teacher when he was Mei's fiance at the start of the story? Her and Yuzu just met, so there's nothing really between them yet.

Also, this series isn't cute girls doing cute things. It's more like a soap opera with yuri.

I never thought id be this jealous of a dyke tbqh


>But they always end up eating dick
Men will know soon enough the clit is much, much powerful than the dick.

>I just wanted to watch cute girls doing cute lesbian things but not this shit.
citrus is like 70% shitty drama, 20% mei's daddy issues and 10% cute yurishit

maybe women who watch sports?
id argue that percentage of athletic women are lez

That's because they know how it works, since they have one as well. Men just got their fake porn.

>id argue that percentage of athletic women are lez
And they just discovered porn in 2017?

Overrated kissu

>Tfw most of the drama could be resolved easily if Yuzu and Mei just talked to each other more
>Tfw my heart goes doki doki despite this

Citrus' cute parts aren't even that cute. Most of them are erotic, if anything.

>guy brags about having a "bisexual girlfriend"
>a few months later he gets dumped for a girl
I swear I've seen this shit happen at least three times.

I actually mainly love it because of Mei's reaction.

It's NTR because the preface of the story is that Yuzu and Mei are going to end up together. If he was just the fiance then that's cool enough but when he makes a move on Mei when Yuzu was in the picture then i'm going to call that a cockblock.

>citrus is like 70% shitty drama, 20% mei's daddy issues and 10% cute yurishit
So i can expect a lot more drama / NTR stuff in the future EPs then?

Well that sucks. I just wanted to watch cute lesbians.

S tier
>post election kissu in the chairman's office

top tier
>all other kissu

No, you just don't like that one guy's been pointing it out over and over lately. It's a fantastic kiss scene, not that it needs to be said repeatedly

She didn't even realize she liked Mei then. She only becomes really attracted to Mei after Mei kisses her, which isn't until after the teacher incident.

>id argue that percentage of athletic women are lez

ton of athletic women are lesbian even feminine ones. I remember in history back in the days Victorian women used to flock and fuck girls like crazy and nobody cared.


Like how straight guys can enjoy trap porn, right?

I just thought of something better than this. Clam slam.

She became doki doki after the first meeting though at that point we hadn't even seen the teacher. Yuzu clearly raised the flag there.

>back in the days Victorian women used to flock and fuck girls like crazy and nobody cared
That's a pretty big double standard, considering the price Wilde had to pay for smashing some boipucci.

It's NTR, but the roles are reversed. Yuzu was going after the teacher at that point in the story, not Mei.

I hope this is shitposting

Except when Himeko tries to force herself on Mei.
Except when Matsuri tries to seduce Yuzu and kisses her.
Except when Matsuri molests Mei and tries to prostitute her.
Except when Yuzu and Mei have a fight, Mei dumps her, and then agrees to date another girl to feel needed/make Yuzu jealous.

But at least Yuzu and Mei end up together.

>Clam slam

That's clever. Why did nobody think of that before?

Do you think Mei's granny had a comfy class S fling in her high class girls academy days?

She wanted the teacher's email address because she thought he was hot. That why she followed him in the first place.

That's not NTR, that's just drama.

Yes, and it was probably with Harumin's grandmother that has been mentioned a few times, but hasn't appeared on panel yet.

You have a preety broad notion on what NTR is

The best example in the series is actually after Mei agrees to date Sara and still does lewd stuff with Yuzu after that.

Well I can agree to that

>rapes blondes
>good at basketball
>dad left
>loves asses

Checks out.

That arc was the closest to NTR, but Mei's heart wasn't in it. She just wanted to get back at Yuzu for declining the sex.

She wasn't in love with him, Yuzu only realizes what is love at the end of episods 2

>I want Yuzu to take things to the next level
>I'll cheat on her emotionally instead of just talking to her about it

Ume deserves her own spinoff soon

I'm looking forward to mature women getting relationship with younger and older women.

Ume has to be a freak in bed even with women

Are there any other kisses that are god tier like this one? Not in Citrus, in yuri overall

I really like how Yuzu varies her hairstyle. Gives her more of an 'alive' feeling than lots of other anime characters who have a standardized design for ease of animation.

Good ol' Mei

This series is beginning to sound more and more degenerate.

She acts like a total bottom

>tries to solve with out rape
Its character development.

The weak should fear the strong

Not just her hairstyle, her non-uniform outfits change constantly in the manga and in the anime.

Yuzu has S-rank style.


Should have started freestyling

Not emotionally either. She never liked dating Sara. She was just spacing out on the date, didn't want to kiss her, and given that Sara called off the date after asking for a kiss, Mei likely couldn't even bring herself to kiss her.

It's adorable. Mei is somehow the best and worst character at the same time.

What if Matsuri becomes Mei and Yuzu new mom?

How does she keep getting away with this!

Gyaru smash

>And they just discovered porn in 2017?
no, i think if they just wanted to see porn they just look up regular lez stuff and cheerleader is just some thats either offered very rarely or something the never considered before despite being fairly common for straight male audiences

did they really?
do you have anything materials that i can read about it because wikipedia doesnt have any data about victorian era yurishit
from what ive read they kept themselves clean, pure and chaste so they can be treated very invaluably by men

i think youve just been reading too much mira

>my onee-san got a new imouto, but now I'm their new okaasan.

>that pic

Smooth Yuzu. Maybe she can learn.

The entire date scene is glorious, it gives me hope that Yuzu will learn to not completely spill her spaghetti at the first sign of affection.

Is this gonna happen in the show or is that second season?

>mei:"hi new mom, you sure do like how you reek of alcohol but smell like yuzu"
>mei:"i-i-its mom's special place, where yuzu was born! it also smells like yuzu"