What's the best video player for anime

what's the best video player for anime

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Windows Media Player

it just werks

I just stream using firefox

I could use Bakabt or bytes but who the fuck has time for that. Quality change is neglible to me


Is this a good guide for mpv

mpv is developed by neckbeard weeaboos

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MPC-HC + madVR + AssFilterMod

Android stock player

>using a video player to watch videos
>not reading the video in an editor


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MPC-HC when it's not broken.

MPC-HC x64 with mega codec pack plugin


Vanilla MPC-HC literally never broke for me.


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Lol, just observe the magnetic field in your hard disk drive.

I use MPV on linux and it's great


>MPC-HC + madVR + AssFilterMod
This, Lavfilter megamix is all you need

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Use tixati with sequential download (watch as you stream)
Best quality ever as fast as netflix

Thanks for all the (You) in advance.


MPC 60fps
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mpv with this settings.


Oh please, torrent sites are only good for finding FLACs



I completely forgot about the mpc logos.
I used to have an Aria logo long ago but for whatever reason, it's gone now.
They're kinda pointless. No, very pointless.


Am I doing it right?

gochisousama deshita




This is one of the most autistic sub-culture things around. Even actual cinephiles don't do this shit.


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>using plain text editors
Too many non-printed characters.
If you want true quality, use a Hex Editor like Bless.

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may it only be a small difference, for someone who actually likes anime it's still nice to have. again, i wasn't referring to your post but to you as a poster

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>inb4 MPC
>using windows


what about mpv on windows

What one's cartel approved

Shit taste in OS, but at least you are using it with the right software

>not using only your own brain to imagine and visualize your own anime and project it for full sensual satisfaction

It's 2018, step up.

>not opening up your hard drive to observe the binary data with a notepad

>Not getting isekai'd into your favourite show and observing everything first hand
I'm telling you, this is as good as it gets. Just run into an oncoming truck at full speed

I still use KCC because I downloaded MPV but I can't notice any difference

I'm stealing this one.

MPC on Windows, VLC on Android. Watching anime in bed with your phone on a tripod is peak comfy.

I use MPC-HC.

>can hear the difference between high quality mp3 and flac
>can't see the difference between streaming and a good quality encode
have your eyes checked, possibly your ears as well

Media Player Classic

the truest form of anime.

Doesn't interpolation make it too blurry? Can't you just use tscale alone?

tscale is the algorithm interpolation uses, turn interpolation off and tscale doesn't get used.
Interpolation makes it less juddery but can cause blur, oversample doesn't really cause blur but is shit for anime and just makes it seem a bit less juddery but still has noticeable judder.
good tscale for anime are linear, triangle, robidoux, robidouxsharp, catmull_rom it's all down to personal preference and some shows just seem to work better with different algorithms.

tfw I stopped using mad vr because it makes my gpu hot as fuck

Setting up mpv for simple things like playing the next episode inside the folder is just dreadful though, among many other things.

It's 2018. You have no excuse for using anything other than mpv.

Thanks for this information, genuinely more helpful than /mpv/.

mpv + your monitor icc profile + FSRCNNX_x2_r2_16 shader

Can't beat that.

I'll get killed for this, but whatever
What's so wrong with VLC? It works to me

I'm not seeing any difference between MPC-HC or MPV while watching though.

I will continue MPC-HC until it can't play anything anymore. Such a shame is dead. I know C++, but I don't have the patient and time to take on such a project.
One the main things that drew me to MPC was the option to frame-step backwards, tried VLC a and few others but none of them have this feature, they only have frame-step forwards. Is there any player out there that can both backwards and forwards frame-stepping?

i googled "play next file in folder mpv" and was instantly rewarded with a script that i dumped into a folder. it worked, whole process took like 20 seconds. are you retarded, or just unaware of the existence of search engines?

>1.7.13, the latest, and probably the last release of our project…
Now that MPC-HC is dead, what do we use?

>not using VLC
>and watching anime in x2 mode

ive only ever used VLC, but sometimes the screen does that thing where it turns into grey blocks. I play it in ACG (in the windows store) and it doesnt have an issue.
Anyone know what wrong with VLC?

Didn't work for me though. And besides, if you need a script just to do a simple function such as that is a sign of a faulty application.

It used to be very obtuse to configure, now it's all fine.

If you have a toaster, it can be a resource hog compared to MPC. I've also noticed it takes a lot longer to load videos on my toaster with VLC, and the font cache loading every other time I try to open it annoys the hell out of me.

Its still bit obtuse if you're starting off with no knowledge. The only reason might consider it not obtuse is if you've been familiar with mpv for a bit.

It looks like Sup Forums has lots of normalfags here. So most likely a good chunk of them don't know how to do proper mpv setup.

Wrong. It not working because you're too stupid to spend 5 minutes reading a manual or googling (you put the file in the wrong folder for your install type, RETARD) does not make mpv "faulty software".
mpv is one of the most configurable and extensible media players available, given you aren't too retarded to spend 5 minutes learning how to set it up. I switched from mpc-hc recently because for whatever reason I couldn't get the subs on a series working, and decided to give another player a try. I was and am still not at all into doing config bullshit. It took like 10 minutes of reading time total between installing it and then setting up a large number of specific bindings and functions I was used to from mpc-hc (or which were impossible there, such as a script which generates thumbnails above the seekbar when seeking).

Just use MPC-HC with madvr, why would you use something else?

I know how to place files in proper folders and set the commands plenty well.
It just doesn't work, and I'm not switching back to Linux anymore.

Because no one's developing for it anymore. The last update was back in June.