The half Dino girl

The half Dino girl

I wanna make quarter dinos

Isn't it "half Dragon Girl"?

I literally thought that she would be androgynous. Because she was off to the side when the two genders were lined up.

The full Dino boy

we gonna flipflap?

No. It's because you are gay.

Why is she so perfect?

Why is he so perfect?

Pink hair
Green eyes
No fucks to give
Super robot pilot
Cute horns
Modest breasts
Sexy voice

The only the wrong with her character is that she's a gay, luckily ichigo fixes that as she needs a man.

Don't speak of my wife in such tones, She's a half Dino lady.

cocona's just cocona
ichigo would probably go gay for 002, just like papika

so Lucy {EL} had a kid?

Shes a beautiful girl, with an even more beautiful smile
no bully pls

Please don't bait with my dear FLFL in this Gainax show you piece of shit.

And Dr. Franxx is the dad who fucked a Dino



I know Dr. Franxx is alpha as fuck but can we talk about that ass? It's perfect.

Man Kamui is such an interesting character, wonder why they genderbent him. At least Mechasauri look cooler now.

>Klaxosaur = 100% Dino
>Cuntosaur = 50% Dino/50% Human (f)
>Dinkosaur = 50% Dino/50% Human (m)
I'd dink that cuntosaur.

zero two>kokoro>ichigo>ikuno>miku

I like that she's like a wild animal and she can just sense hiro has a power seed. She should let hiro taste her back.


All of these are correct

The nice thing about this series is that every character, even the beta MC, are not virgins.

Purity fags are getting utterly BTFO

So her dad fucked a dino or her mom got fucked by a dino?

check behind you mate

I want to make babies with zero two


dad fucked a dino

An example for all of us and the embodiment of the human spirit.

Based dad

Sekuhara desu


Feels like 3.33 for some reason


Misato's hat

It's missing gays and pianos for that

so that's how he lost half of his head and half of his hand

I'm finally glad we another mecha. Not happy about the face though.


What the hell is this?

>twn an alpha af girl will never catch a fish with her mouth while naked and then pin you down putting a knee to your crotch
damn this feeling


I prefer the new Cocona.

Everyday until I like it?