What is YOUR "I didn't even watch this anime but I like the characters" anime?

What is YOUR "I didn't even watch this anime but I like the characters" anime?

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we never saw these two do anything in the anime right?
The one on the right is probably watermelon and left is?


Left is Hemimorphite

Saekano, probably. It looks generic as heck, which means I'm not gonna watch it, but Utaha is cute, so I jerk off to hentai of her.

I like Rory Mercury, but I've never watched GATE and I probably never will.

I love One Piece's design, but fuck if I'm gonna watch 800 shonen episodes



Boku no Hero Academia. I tried reading few chapters but found it really boring and generic. Great fanart though.
Saekano. Didn't even try getting into it because it just doesn't sound interesting but Utaha is pure sex.


Nanatsu no taizai
Shougeki no Souma
Black Clover

Kemono friends
I've fapped to alot of shoebill doujins despite having no idea what she's supposed to sound like

Kamijou Touma(n) from Index. Fucker literally punches every enemy he faces,even women but he's not a scumbag but a reasonable guy at heat.
Now if it weren't for the fact that it has a shit-ton of movies,side stories and spin offs just to understand and caught up to the current storyline then i'd actually watch it.

this adorable creature

Basically all of kancolle

New manga chapter when

>What is YOUR "I didn't even watch this anime but I like the characters" anime?
All of them, because I don't watch anime.

4 days until leaks



Those eyes bother me so fucking much. That's the main reason I never gave this show a chance.


Precure. I get super bored when I try to watch any of the series, but it has some really cute mahous.

That doesn't make sense. How can one like a character if you never even watched their show? I can understand liking their design, but a character is made up of more than their design. For example pic related might have a cute design, but I think she's an annoying bitch since I actually got to know her. You should have just called the thread character designs I like from anime I'm not going to bother with because that's much more accurate.

Index and Touma (even though I watched the Railgun spinoff)

Any echi stuff.

What the fuck are you honestly doing? Go read OP, do yourself a favor.
I will be less elitist here and say that while the anime drags and the overall quality drops hard, the voices, music, and color adds
much more to certain emotional scenes.

I'm never going to watch it, but I like the look of the characters


Idolshit and Boatsluts.

I didn't even watch the Idolm@ster anime, but I have a figure of this girl because white haired anime girls are hot.

Every little girl cartoon they talk about in that idol thread, but especially PriPara and Jewelpet. Never actually watched them. Great character designs. Ruby is my favorite design for an animal fairy and I've never even watched her show.

This adorable creature.

I don't know a single thing about the characters in this series but I like Azusa and some of her songs.

I agree. I really like seeing fights animated too, even when they aren't sakuga festivals. I have trouble understanding Oda's fight choreography sometimes, but the anime is usually focusing on this aspect and even if it doesn't look super amazing, it's still animated in a way that makes the fight easier to visualize. The manga is still my favorite, but the anime is pretty cool to have too.

best outfit

See, I prefer cute outfits. The innocence makes it hotter.

Yeah I stopped watching/reading near the end of dressrosa because I couldn't tell what was going on in any of the fights in the manga and the show's animation at that point in time was trash.
Maybe I'll go back and see them animated, but man that arc dragged so badly.