ITT: easy decision

ITT: easy decision

imouto >>>>>>> onee-san

Wrong. Have your imouto, onee-Chan and mom at the same time.


Onee-san for hand-holding and marriage. Imouto for hardcore sex.

get your priorities straight, faggot

Imouto are meant to become brides
onee-san are meant to become cakes

Can we all agree that
Oniisan x Imouto>>>>>>Ototou x Oneesan

Goddamn this manga is so good, just a few chapters in and they’re already handholding.

H-manga is mild in comparison.

>posting nbr

Mutsuki is a miracle of the universe and Yayoi a shit.

Yayoi a cute.

also, gal a SHIT

But Mutsuki is even cuter

A cute and sexy imouto

Truer words were never spoken.

New chapter when? Its already Tuesday.

Next monday, it's biweekly

It should be the other biweekly, if you ask me.


She can be handsome, too.

>No Danchigai doujins


Take this piece of shit into the toilet.

Who's the artist? It isn't Arsenal, right?

>people actually prefer imoutos over oneesan

so what is the best imouto show and why is it eromanga sensei?


>eromanga sensei


Depends on the mood of the day. Some days can be shimaidon too.

Is that a thing? I want to eat some.


Onee san with imouto aesthetics


>you can be the spoon in this kinda relationship

I have converted

I'm worried for her future

Anyone got name? saucenao or reversed doesn't show. Just "elder brother"

She's gonna become Yayoi 2.0 at this rate, just needs some puberty-induced tsundere.

user, come on

Got it, I don't know how I fucked it up the first time.

Siscon ani to brocon imouto ga shoujiki ni nattara.

Her pranks will adjust according to her age.

come on user that's 1 more fag in the comfy threads

Will she pull the classic "Having sex with onii-chan while he's asleep" prank?
Or the "I lied about it being a safe day" prank?

The "Haruki let's give some love to Satsuki together" prank

delete this i found it
thanks though