What is ACE doing with Tanpopo? She doesn't need to have her left hand there, does she?

What is ACE doing with Tanpopo? She doesn't need to have her left hand there, does she?

ACE has 4 (four) girlfriends!

She only became Ace to build a ping pong harem.

Rare loli-senpai

I count 5.

You counted wrong

Koyori, Kumami, Tanpopo, Muneleft, Muneright. that's five.

Captain gets at least one of the Munes

>not good at anything else
>isn't even the best at ping pong
>has an over inflated sense of self
>will be NTR'd twice

Truly Ping Pong is the thinking ACE's sport.

english chapter when

But ACE is like top 3 right now.
Kohime ~ True Kumami > 100% ACE > Kumami > ACE ~ Koyori ~ Death > Kiruka > Hokuto > the scrubs

Aoba is playing table tennis now?

I guess things didn't work out for her :(

>top 3
>above doki doki instinct mode Koyori

Wait till National Champion Wanko Sr. shows up again and even 100% ACE will be scraping for 5th place.

True Bearrier soon. The foreshadowing never ends.

Why the headpat angle?

Dog is always watching and reading for mating.



What other techniques is this bear hiding?

So, Kumami against ACE will last at least 13 episodes. Animating this is actually foreshadowing season 3?

Is this the correct way of teaching ping pong?

None. Bearrier is gratitude Kuma protecting A-chan's smile, Bearrier is hatred Kuma getting off A-chan's tears and trying to murder Koyori. Bearrier Arrow will be true Kuma accepting both sides of her personality and the choices she made.

Maybe she'll have a new technique when she comes back for the rematch, which will last at least 20 chapters.

You can't delay your loss forever, A-chan. It's time to let Koyori play.

What was the point of this character? Does anybody like her?

I like her, although maybe only because she's paired with best girl.

Filler character. Just like Scorp.

>paired with best girl
ACE has 6 (sex) girlfriends? Can I be one of ACE's girlfriends too?

No, this is the correct way.

It's all in the hips.

those sweaty spats on the back of your neck...

I want to put some things in Tanpopo's hips.

>Koyori will never choke you out with her thighs
You know life is tough when you can't even die a good death.

What did this scene symbolize?

The box represents Tsubame, and inside is the chance to play Kohime. Koyori can't open it herself, so ACE does the "job" for her.

Don't open.



Why not?

Naw this is middle school Kagami

Kagami is now shipped with Yuu-chan.

She'll show off her technique when she does A-chan bearback.

>implying this angel will hurt A-chan now

ACE is the past
HOKU is the future

>trusting Bear ever
She's a demon

More like Whokuto

t. A-chan

Demons are just angels who have tasted humanity.


Someone post the Spurdo edit.

Is Hanabi the poop Mitsubishi color?

You can pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

Ordered by usefulness.

She's not cute enough.

top to bottom I presume

Yeah, she's Rinrin.

>a collection of jobbers
>and then boobs

Well, boobs sure are useful.

What is it with sports clubs and dykes?

Saki, Kase-san, this show.

I'm going to win Nationals.

Competition brings strong feelings and someone has to receive those.

Maybe if you can live until then.


>tags: anal facesitting hmanga never

>group: gadget
>artist: a-10

I don't recall the ACE being this thicc.

Where the fuck are the Kuma lewds?

Kumami's existence is lewd.

I'll take what I can but this isn't fair.

>no suspender
Not interested.

>caring about suspenders instead of handsome tuxedos


>not caring about suspenders

I would post ACE, but

No more ACE for you.

New chapter when?

It's out, we're waiting for the English translation now.

Already aired.

Ace eliminated the bear advantage, bear hunting season is now open.


Can't break the bear!

ACE thinks this is a ping pong racket. Do you agree?

If ACE says so then it must be true.

ACE should stop practicing ping pong in inappropriate settings

That looks like a good setting to practice ping pong.

I get it. You're talking about sex, aren't you?
And when you say ping pong, you mean sex.

I want to have ping pong with ACE.

Hanabi won at least this one time

That doesn't count

What are they doing?


That's loser talk.


Don't mess with the ACE.

I want ACE to utterly destroy me.

>ACE will never step on you

What's this? Oh yeah, that's 2-0.

>not 2 - love

I found out that the VA for Dog is the same VA for this other girl in Yuru Camp! They're like basically the same person, except Nadeshiko is passionate about camping instead of ping pong.

Hopefully she can teach the blue girl about the tanoshii of group camping

I get it. You're talking about sex, aren't you?
And when you say group camping, you mean sex.

I want to have group camping with Nadeshiko .