Just 2 weeks into 2018 and the AOTY is already decided to be Violet Evergarden. How is this even fair to other anime?

Just 2 weeks into 2018 and the AOTY is already decided to be Violet Evergarden. How is this even fair to other anime?

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It's not even the best show of the season. Not even top 5.

Have a pity reply. The thread won't reach bump limit anyway, just like every other Purple Forevergreen thread.


Koi wa amaegari is better
Darling in the franxx is better
yuru camp is better
devilman is better
citrus is better

Violet evergarden is the most overhyped and shilled piece of shit i've ever scene, gave it a shot and it's just mediocore at best.

Fate Retard = Prosopagnosia
Saber is Agriasface. ture

You fucking kyoAni fags. Its shit. I can name like 3/4 on the top of my head that are better. Violet Evergarden is another slog fest with a boring saberface character with no emotions learning to have a bit more emotions at the end. It's not interesting, its lame, uninspired and plain melodramatic. Fuck your taste. Go watch Yuru Camp△, A Place Further Than The Universe, After the Rain and Devilman Crybaby because you obviously haven't if you think Evergarden worthy of an AOTY title.

>Koi wa amaegari
Pretty cute and interesting set up with a much older male character.
>Darling in the franxx
I've been older than 12 for decades now. I really can't enjoy teen stuff anymore.
>yuru camp
Quite good.
Not a fan of another kuzu no honkai shit either.

But none can match the artistry behind VEG. It's a story with a slow pace written for adults, I'll enjoy it to it's fullest while you fags shitpost it to death here.

>Darling in the franxx is better

Not even the best show of the season.
Not even withing the top three of the season. Far from it even.

>there were characters that looked like Saber before she existed therefore you can't use the expression pointing the franchise that raped that design to death


>There are people in this thread who still think it's not gonna be aoty.

>those soldier manequins sliding in the background

This reads a lot like the Time Cube

Where you trying to defend this show with this comically terrible fight scene?

It makes no sense, it's poorly shot, poorly choreographed and instantly ruined any and all hope that the viewer was supposed to think this was a grimmy, dark and realistic war as describe in the ln.

Which subs should I use and why? PThis is extremely important

>Violet evergarden is the best!

Sup Forums
>It's shit

wow good thread everyone, now lets watch it sink to page 10, where it belongs with the rest of the VEG threads.

Horriblesubs because it just werks?

Its bait but the only sure AOTY contender is this one. The unigue ost alone elevates it to a level most other shows right now cant attain. Its too far beyond.

Violet Evangelion is truly the best anime of 2017.

>as if Evergarden isnt the most generic YA novel ever
If it got a life action adaption they would have Jennifer Lawrence play violet, its that generic.

I saw some threads where they said the accuracy wasn't good at all, but maybe they were shitposting so I don't know

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

NardPorn Ver. Agrias Orks?

FMA did it better.

KyoAni Saber>Ufotable Saber

Way to be reductive, asshat.

>Saibah with instagram filters

Pick one

Crybaby wasn't that good, but it's still better than Darling Frank and Saber Sabergarden,

Not with those sales it ain't.

Sora Yoi is AOTS. If it really is a Hibike ripoff as some have said, it's actually improving on it.

Kyoani fags are the biggest sheep imaginable. Crybaby is most likely going to be AOTY unless something 10/10 comes out.

it's well drawn fanfiction, that's all it is.


The English Patient+All Quiet On the Western Front made using Hollywood "camera" techniques by the most technically accomplished anime studio


Literally "Shitposting: The Anime" with a gimmick of repeating the first 10 minutes after the commercial break with slight changes+ebin memes straight from 2ch/Sup Forums, made by some literally-whos for a budget of change found in the producer's sofa cushions

>Sora Yoi is AOTS
Dude it's going to be edgy lmao


Why are you acting like popteam epic is nearly as terrible as violet evergarden? They are both absolutely terrible and neither are even remotely in the running to being aoty.

Why Sup Forums has many fatefags?
shill? ching chang chong?

Sora Yori is AOTS, not even joking.

>If it really is a Hibike ripoff as some have said,
Whoever said that is a retard. Hibike focused on shitty teen drama, this show is all about adventure and finding joy in your daily life.

Fate raped that design to death. Better get used to people calling that design what they're making their damndest it's known as

>violet evergarden

When will you people realize it was overhyped and has nothing to show for it?

Not really, the story itself is easily above what you find in LN and since it's a 2 volumes long story it has no space for fillers and cheap humor chapters.
I'm looking foward to what KyoAni will do with a more serious and emotional story like this one.

So whats the point of this anime? Some kind of healing thing? Is Gilbert dead? Why do they have magical robot hands but what looks like WW1 era weapons and tactics?

>Under no circumstances shall I wear any underwear that is not picked by Shirou

>Some kind of healing thing?
Yes and no.
>Is Gilbert dead?
>Why do they have magical robot hands but what looks like WW1 era weapons and tactics?
It's a fantasy setting.

> serious emotional story like this one

If it was handled well then it would be a good show but because it handled it badly its just makes it worse. Its forced melodrama, full of flashbacks, uninteresting dialogue and bland characters. If anything the show needs cheap humor.

She doesn't even give a solid shit about gingerman, it's all about her dead hubby.

I don't, it's gonna be AOTS for me like all other anime i watch this season and that's all that matters to to me.

I'm not going to crucify you for having an opinion, user.

I wouldn't call the cringest premise in existence AOTY material.


also. You know a show a shit when they change the universe of the show to make the mc a cute teen girl. She could have just been 26 but they made child soldiers from apparant birth a thing just for muh protection and cuteness, MUST BE HIGH SCHOOL AGE. It makes no sense.

Good, i like kinky shit

Fuck off cancer

It's pretty easy to spot an underage retard by looking at people who completely ignore the argument and just nitpick a typo.

Where is he then? Why send your "I've seen lots of shit" friend to help the weird autistic girl have feelings?

Theory is that he's very busy helping a notNazi party. His near-death experience changed him.

Cringy? not really, more like cheesy and uninteresting.
This was very clearly written by a bleeding vagina made to pander to ugly 30 year old virgin females.

because this is a poorly written chick flick, gotta surround your shallow protagonist with handsome men.

and baber is back. oh glorious world.

Yeah, that being you. Fuck cancer.

Good one.

Nigger post.

lmao butthurt cause you realised your shitty artfag show is actually dogshit?

Come back to me Seiba.


So this is the power of anti-VEG shitposting.

A challenger appears

Stop shilling this shitty melodrama. Even Blurry Evershit is better than that wannabe ripoff.

Really seems like all the praise VEG has gotten is either from zealous kyoanifags and/or LNfags who already know what comes ahead and are eagerly expecting it.
I have yet to talk to someone who is an animeonlyfag and is neutral towards Kyoani who thought the anime was amazing from just the first episode. I myself just think the show is OK so far and hasn't done anything that would make me instantly drop it yet.
A huge shame the vast majority of VEG threads are filled with either "THIS IS THE GREATEST MASTERPIECE KYOANI HAS EVER DONE HOW CAN OTHER STUDIOS COMPETE" or "seibaface LUL muh bloom filters worst anime of 2018 xd" tiers of shitposting.

It's to be expected I guess since it's a LN adaptation so not too much room for story and character discussion since LNfags already know everything anyways.

This shit is so fucking boring
You could literally condense all that happened in the first episode into a 45 second clip

>not too much room for story and character discussion
There's nothing there to discuss though.

Honestly I'm in the same boat, I came in with high expectations but this was just really underwhelming.
I at least expect them to put forth at least one interesting idea that we could maybe talk about but it has nothing, it's just pretty but pretty vapid overall.

Why the racism?

I want this show to be good although I think it stumbled out of the gate a little. LNfags have me worried though because all they ever talk about is
>bro this show is SUFFERING
>there's so much violence and gore, I can't believe KyoAni is animating something this sick
>I can't wait for , all the SOLfags will kill themselves
And I really don't understand if this turns into action schlock or if it's all in flashbacks that I won't care about because we already see in the first episode the conclusion of the war.

I really want the story that the first episode is promising, about a soldier girl that learns to live for herself. Make it a little sweet, have some bitterness to mellow it out, make it life-affirming, have a romance.

My big complaint is that the post-war atmosphere just isn't there. The one scene of destruction isn't convincing. It feels like the war's been over for decades and everyone's settled down.

>award winning novel
More like Kodansha award reject.

kyoani couldn't mark a dark ambient and engrossing world even if they tried, it's just not in them they aren't talented enough.

Same shit with a silent voice, the manga had a dark grit to the art, made things feel raw and uneasy, that shit is completely lost in the film.



It doesn't have to be dark, it just needs to look not completely normal if that makes any sense. It should have like major reconstruction going on. There should be hustle and bustle and rubble, not just pristine looking historical buildings.

I'm just guessing because I don't know the timeline of the show, but as I said, it feels like Violet's been bedridden for 20 years.

So is Gilbert and Violet's relationship supposed to be romantic or parental? I've seen people saying both. Which one is it?


I honestly feel like Triggerfags are more obsessed with shitting on this show than Kyoanifags are to defend it/discuss it.

Your jap is shit by the way.

Well if you look at the fact that most people don't like this show, and then turn all those people into a boogeyman or some sort of rival in a non-existent studio war, I'm sure it seems that way.

>Barely any fanart
>BDs already below the top 300s in the preorder rank
>No one in Japan seems to care for the show
>Highest rated MAL review is a 4/10
>Went from 8.92 to 8.69 after just one episode and it keeps dropping

What went wrong, Everbros?

Romantic. Though it's mostly on Gilbert's side since Violet is too autistic to understand what love is. She feels something for him and he's the only one who makes her feel that way, but she doesn't know how to properly deal with her emotions.

I get that most people don't like it, but most people don't go out of their way to constantly shitpost about how bad it is, Evergarden threads are mostly negative comments with a very low IP count. The show is bad, we can all agree on that, but there's a lot of effort put into the shitposting.

I don't think it's just triggerfags who are shitposting. This sort of shitposting just happens when a show is overhyped and fails to amaze the general audience in its first episode.
I understand that it's unfair that there are so many people judging this series from only the first episode, but after seeing those amazing PVs and all the initial hype, it's also understandable that many would feel absolutely blueballed that the first episode was as "boring" as it was.

People where shitting on this show right after the underwhelming first episode for days. I for one didn't even know darling in the franxx existed until the first episode came out, that's the same for a lot of people who weren't really expecting anything.

No studio war bullshit, but violet evergrarden just isn't what it was hyped up to be.

Already have a boogieman, huh?

Retarded spic, learn english and go back to your spic animu threads.

Is this The Official KyoAni™ Hate Thread?

No entiendo senor, jajajaj

With a bait OP like this, it might as well be.

>The one scene of destruction isn't convincing. It feels like the war's been over for decades and everyone's settled down.
This so much. Everything looks so damn beautiful. It feels so fake.

What's there to like anymore? Last few shows have been boring as shit. Wake me up when they let Yamada do something new. She's the only one I give a shit about anymore.

The director is shit user. He really fucking sucks at mise-en-scène. The way he approaches characterisation is also garbage (like he's following a checklist).
It's Kyoukai no Kanata redux. KyoAni needs to let Ishidate go.
My new theory is that they actually never had any faith in this project. Either from the start, or they kinda lost it along the way. Their best directors are busy working on the profitable stuff (Hibike Euphonium; not that I mind, since Euphonium is great).

Maybe because the city they're in wasn't hit by the war you fucking retards?