Is all 1080p anime upscaled from 720p? then why does it look so good wtf?! can you upscale even further to 4k perhaps?

Is all 1080p anime upscaled from 720p? then why does it look so good wtf?! can you upscale even further to 4k perhaps?

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>implying this looks good

this isnt even anime probably its just something I got from /wg/ was on my wallpapers folder
didnt know what pic to use

Anime is simplistic. It lacks finer detail so upping the res doesn't matter as much. Neither does watching it on a bigger screen



As I said. Simplistic. A photo of a bookshelf contains more detail than any anime shot of a sky.



It's been years and Sup Forums still hasn't moved on.

720p is an old quasi-standard, many anime are still made in this resolution, but quite a few aren't. Those who aren't mostly use weird resolutions, there are only few shows who use 1080p. I could link a list of a few hundred shows, but it lies on reddit, and Sup Forums censors anything regarding competing social networking sites. Google might help.

I remember reading ones that CR gets its video from TV masters, which run at an effective resolution higher than 720. So their 1080 'upscales' aren't upscales from 720, but are upscales from TV masters which is why they look a bit better than they should.

A grassy field with a highly simplified mascot character. Nothing resembling a real life animal in design or animation.

Why do you post a shitty upscale?

More simple then real images, yet it does matter very much if I watch this on my 720p laptop screen or plug in the external one.

stopped reading there

isn't broadcast anime 1440 x 1080 or something?

There's no reason not to upscale to 1080p desu. 720p already looks a bit blurry

> Is all 1080p anime upscaled from 720p?
Even if it was upscaled from 720p, it would have been better to watch upscaled than not. To watch 720p anime on 1080p monitor video must be upscaled. It's would be done in real time by your video card. But the methods of upscaling that give you the best quality are very resource expensive and are impossible in real time. So good upscale done by a man who knows what is he doing would look a lot better than the original 720p version.

My god

Try it, and find out yourself.

Simulcasters get the broadcast cut, which is usually only 720p. So they do upscale but it's only noticeable on big screen TVs.

plus they use vector graphic so they can create whatever resolution they want (for BD)

Half of this season is produced in 720p and only Violet Evergarden and Pop Team Epic are 1080p with the rest falling between those two at around 800p-900p range.

>his animu is not made in native 1080p


Why do they produce at sub-1080p resolutions anyways?
It's pathetic that old anime can have higher resolutions since they were shot on film while they can't even make digital 1080

>it would have been better to watch upscaled than not.
Not if you have a good CRT in which case 720p >>>>>>>>>>> upscaled 1080p

No. CRT is a meme. You don't understand how your computer works.

suggest me some native 1080 animu then

Nyarukosan W

There's 2 airing this season already.

Daiz and Herkz would cry if s/he saw this thread.

its isnt. most anime nowadays are native at 900p, so it obviously looks better at 1080p than 720p when watching on fullscreen.

They'd cry blood after reading shit like this

Anything pre-digital that's been remastered for blu ray

anime just looks shit because your pc doesn't apply post-processing and streams have absurdly garbage 1997-era compression.

this thread is a fucking joke
thanks OP for the giggles

>720p upscaled to to 1080p upscaled to 4k
This is Sup Forums tier retard mentality.

Warpsharped shit from the 4k downscaled to 1080p looks like shit

Looks good to me

>not watching naoki raw Evangelion without film grain


>Is all 1080p anime upscaled from 720p?
No. See:

Slavya best waifu.

Only after Alisa.

Holy fuck that looks awful

fuck off

baka desu senpai

Only if it's on 35 mm film.

Everlasting Summer

Last thing I watched at 1080p was Ordinal Scale, it spoiled me. I had to compress the image to post it here, god knows why it came out at >4mb.

720p really isn't bad. I often stream 360p for bandwidth reasons and even that is okay.

Go get your eyes checked.