Are the dnd 3.5 rulebooks a required reading to truly understand this series?

Lizards are BORING.

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No. But there are people out there still don't understand how TGOALID works


No but you need to understand thac0

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Newfag who just finished S1 here, will Momon-san die in real-life if he dies while playing?
Also which waifu is the best and least likely to die?

There is already a thread up. Learn to ctrl f before making a thread.

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This thread:
>Overlord Anonymous 01/16/18(Tue)09:40:49 No.167162166

That thread:
>Overlord Anonymous 01/16/18(Tue)09:41:59 No.167162205

Now please silence yourself. It's unfortunate there's two but it's not OP's fault.

>It's unfortunate there's two
>bumps it anyway
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We got a Narb in this thread

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Are all isekai MCs overpowered and retarded at the same time like Ainz?

t. Albedo

I kinda miss CD > Chair posting

No, they're mostly Mary Sues that are geniouses who can solve any problem.

> genius who can solve any problems
Ainz isn't a genius iirc

I'm glad they decided to remove the intro and filled with actual story.
Background OST are still amazing as well.

The ending theme is really nice

I want to BONE Albedo while Aura and Mare watch.

So is she actually strong or she's just talking shit?
Spoil me ln fags.

Lulu is the best girl

This doesn't bode well for Overlord threads.

>Ainz isn't a genius
Off to the happy farm with you

It's going to look really sad when Ainz tries to satisfy Albedo with one of these, while it just kind of flaps around, since he can't secure it properly on his skeletal form.

Most likely the strongest humie, and could possibly beat one of the battle maids.

Demiurge will find a way.


>could possibly beat one of the battle maids
So she ain't shit.

How do I fuck this creature?

things don't bode well for Nazarick

Evileye could beat the battle maids, Zesshi is most likely around 80 with some player legendary items

ZZ is level 60 but stronger than PDL (level 80 from Yggdrasil) because she's an expansion character

Could CD beat him?

I don't know why people keep thinking anyone in the NW can beat anyone out of Nazarick. Shit in the NW seems to top out at 50 or 60, unless it's a Yggdrasil import. The only wild card still out there is wild magic since we don't know how powerful it is.


what is this how does it work?

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Evileye is like super strong. I hear she has a special power that can blow up cities. Be very afraid bug girl.

Her vagina is probably formed of cockroaches.

can you atleast explain THAC0 to me?
i don't play dnd all this shit is going over my head i thought overlord was an rpg.

Ejaculate into packets of silk and shove them inside her genitalia. When she's ready, up to weeks or months later, she'll use the packets to fertilize her eggs. Additionally, if you don't restrain her or feed her first, there's a chance she'll eat you.

aoe spell that causes instant death to everything after 5 seconds, even grass

Not even avid 2.0 players understand thac0.

>So is she actually strong or she's just talking shit?
>Spoil me ln fags.

She's strong but like all other powerful characters that have run into Ainz's group, she's still many tiers below them. She
s actually not even close to as powerful as Shalltear, they were just guessing based off of the short encounter with Blood Frenzy Shalltear, which is factually inferior to normal Shalltear, and based it off that.

TL;DR: None of the characters introduced in ep 1 are a match for our main group.

Would you like to become a lich at the cost of your ability to enjoy food, drink, and pleasure? I would, as I would rather continue existing beyond death without a tongue and a dick as opposed to ceasing to exist altogether without a tongue, dick, body, or mind at all.

>give up earthly pleasures for immortality
fuck it why not

It's still a little worrying that Platinum Jobberlord might be planning to steal and destroy Nazarick's heart.

>can't feel the warmth of sunlight
>can't feel emotions
>can't laugh with friends

Where the FUCK was Ainz this episdode.
Why the FUCK am I watching lizard shits talk to one another?

>cost of your ability to enjoy pleasure
It's not like I was going to get a great anyway

>>can't feel the warmth of sunlight
Ainz has a sense of touch, it just feels like there is a thin sheet of fabric over his "skin" that dulls it a bit.
>can't feel emotions
See volume 7.
>>can't laugh with friends
Ainz has laughed many times.

But you wouldn't enjoy immortality

Depends on how white and clean my bones are.
Also how powerful I am. Do I get sweet magics?

God I hate mobilefagging

Ivory white. All the magics you can learn.

can he fucc though

3-4 episodes from now. Until then it will be a show about lizard gallantry.

I know Ainz can do all those things, but he does it like there's a wet blanket inhibiting him from fully enjoying it, causing him frustration. If I can't enjoy laughter that causes my stomach to hurt or breathing to become difficult, what's the point?

>Evileye could beat the battle maids
The issue mostly comes down to match-ups and whether Ainz gives his minions the order to straight up kill without holding anything back. I doubt Evileye could take on all the maids at once, and I'm sure she'd struggle facing 3 of them at once as well. Someone with straight up nuking capabilities like Narb could probably handle Evileye fairly quickly if she had another made (or two) having her back, if not win on her own. Powerlevels seem to confuse some people in Overlord because many of Nazarick's guys end up getting meme'd in instances where they're toying with their foes until they get caught off guard or are fighting to kill but not using their full might to end things immediately (Shalltear) until memes happen. I'm sure you know this but I'll make it clear just in case. Ainz could literally kill 99% of this new world if he went for a full on total annihilation-instant death route. Nazarick's legion could also take out 90% of the planet if Ainz gave the other to not fuck around and end things before they start. The Maid group could probably take out 50% if they all went in together and systematically eliminated guys.

Albedo and Demiurge, the two most intelligent people in Nazarick, consider the possibility that he can sire an heir as a matter of course. It's either very magically possible for him to have sex, or they're just assuming too much supremacy of their Supreme Being.

>but he does it like there's a wet blanket inhibiting him from fully enjoying it, causing him frustration. If I can't enjoy laughter that causes my stomach to hurt or breathing to become difficult, what's the point?
I have depression, user. The undead limitations of experience and pleasure are just my real life. I might as well get the benefits of functional immortality and magic, too.

They're the superior race created by the old ones. Fuck you.

>lizard episode
RIP Overlord

He's stuck there forever like everyone else who came before him.

at least 1 more episode of pure Lizard until it gets spooky

Neia is best and she's gonna die.

Am I the only one anticipated for Cocytus's failures and character growth? It's the only reason I appreciate the lizard arc, actually.

Wheres the subs for the new PPP


>If I can't enjoy laughter that causes my stomach to hurt or breathing to become difficult, what's the point?
It's dull enough for him to feel them but not enough for them to overtake him. It's a bit more complicated than that too. He can feel sorrow over not being able to see his old friends again for hours, but his race emotion inhibitors will limit it so he won't get depressed over it. Remember how it kept activating when he spoke to PA? It kept stopping him from losing control from embarrassment whenever he got hit with the feels, making it so he'd be able to calmly tell PA to stop doing cringe stuff. It's just blocked well enough so he doesn't make impulse based decisions. All the scenes where he's clearly tempted to fuck Albedo but holds back from it should be example enough.

She's strong but not as strong as Shalltear.
The guy she was talking too thought that Zesshi was weaker than Shalltear but that she could still win as Zesshi is descended from a player and has gear left from the Six Great Gods, but he also thinks that Shalltear would be fighting with no special gear because she is a monster.
In reality Shalltear has a full set of Legendary Class equipment specifically built around her abilities. She has an autistic min/max build and is designed to kill top tier players. So Shalltear would win.


Neia except for the fact she will likely go to the happy farm unless she sticks to Ainz and professes her admiration for him

I'm in.

>least likely to die?

I enjoy actually feeling my emotions. If something stopped me from feeling outraged, depressed, or genuinely happy, I'd be pissed. It's like someone ruining a joke before everyone can laugh and appreciate it.

She's going to die a horrible death at the hands of Nazarick isn't she?

Even the old ones make mistakes.

Neia is still alive, everything else is headcannon

PA-Momon > Ainz-Momon

For how long though? The question should be who's going to die first her or EE

She’s strong probably on par with the Eight Greed Gods whom were around level 50-60. Maybe as high as level 80.

However she’d get stomped by any the big wigs.

He can feel them for a split instance but they are limited when they reach a certain point. For example, let's say pure range has a score feels of 100, mad has 50 and angry has 25. He'll supposedly be able to go up to 50 (although have anything that would impede logical decision making limited) but have the limiters activate once he starts going past that mark. He'll know that he's fucking furious but it won't be able to control him. He was pissed when Clem killed his 'friends' but his racial trait prevent him from going nuts and scorching the entire area with her from it, though he knew he was mad enough to give her a slow death. If Albedo were to get permadeathed he'd probably kill as many people involved in the worst ways possible, despite it not gaining anything, but the limiters wouldn't let his rage overwhelm him to the point of having him say "fuck it" and deciding to take over everything after that moment.

TL;DR: It just keeps him logical. He can feel emotions but he'll be able to make dumb impulse decisions, even if he feels mad enough to do so.

S2 is fucking garbage. What the fuck is all this Lizard shit?

CD is confirmed stronger than Shalltear despite being a lower level. NW talents and gear are too much for Nazarick. It's basically an expansion character vs a vanilla

that doesn't bode well for Nazarick

you're getting 5 more episodes of Lizards

For fuck's sake, I know. I just want to be able to make a full-blown outrage without something to magically dampen me down into a simmering anger. Being pissed off and venting has its own catharsis.

>Doesn’t know about the Lizard Volume

The LN had the entire volume dedicated to the Lizzies. Ainz wasn’t even seen until the very end and it wasn’t even his point of view.

Will I have to read this bait every thread?

>people who hated volume 4 pretending to be upset secondaries for yous