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Lizards are CUTE

>ywn have a qt albino dicklizard

>Albedo will never be my mom
>Ainz will never be my dad
Why even live?

>lizard lord

Ending was the best part of the episode.

For the user who was asking in the previous thread, here's the summary of events from volumes 4-6 that we expect to see in the anime:

Nice way of turning it even more into cancer. Retard.

ESL-kun please go

Fuck off, slave.

Why the shitty animation?
Did madhouse lose their touch?

>you will never be sandwiched inbetween two buff lizards
why live

Even they can't be arsed with the lizards.

There's no real need for great animation in an episode that consists solely of talking lizards.

>lizard arc
Who thought this was a good idea? 3 or more episodes wasted on this shit volume

How many fucking episodes do we have to put up with these lizards?

>Anime about bad guys
>spends two episode portraying the good guys so now i care about them
Overlord why you do this. Also the lizards should just fuck already

There was way too much animation in this episode
>Slapping tails
>Camera shots
Save that money for the real shit

I want to fuck that female lizard.

From last thread:

Authors receive either royalties, advances, or both. I don't know if the author receives advances, but he presumably receives royalties, as it is the only payment plan I know of that publishers make frequent use of.

Three more at least, but up to five at worst.

the animation wasn't that great in S1 either, even in the fucking movie recaps

It might be 2 episodes that we have to deal with. Right now we're ~1/4 to 1

>but he presumably receives royalties,
Do nips even have those?
I was under impression it's "you eat while you write". Explains One Piece and Bleach.

Well, if they adapt that scene they will

>Did madhouse lose their touch?
Nah, it's just that overlord doesn't deserve that much of attention from madhouse because it a garbage-tier series

>we've finally begun the pleb filter episodes

Are we out of lizard Namek yet?

they just landed on it

>big buff lizard will never do a cute little mating call at you

It's not a pleb filter. It's a pleb invite.

Make way for best girl peasants

ending was 10/10

>pleb filter
It's basically a yiff call for the furry kin.

>volumes 4 & 5 are pleb filters
>volume 6 is amazing
>volumes 7 & 8 are pleb filters
>volumes 9, 10 & 11 are amazing
>volume 12 is a pleb filter
I sense a pattern here.

Forget lizards. The anime should give Gazef enough screen time to explain his motivation. Otherwise anime only fags will think he is out of his mind when challenging Ainz.

>Vol 12 is a pleb filter

He's a pleb, nothing more.


Will she become part of Shalltear's concubines?

>Otherwise anime only fags will think he is out of his mind when challenging Ainz.
this made me laugh

> Be lizard
> See QT albino
> Mating call
> Poetry
> QT goes immediately into heat
Holy wew! Abe's not holding back any punches is he? Pretty soon he'll unbrainwash those celibate Japs into, you know, wanting to fuck lizards. I mean. It's still better than nothing!

I was kind of reaching with that one. It was good, but nowhere near as good as the last three.

Leave Nazarick to me.

was it autism?

>peeps have to put up with the lizards
What are you doing?
Why don't you take a hot cup of tea and get yourself the newly released oh! and a la carte?

I just skimmed a report on publishing in japan and I can't find an answer to this.

But I just found this:

Yeah, it seems that Japanese have royalties, and usually at 10% of the sales.

I really do hate publishers. What do they do that makes them so great? Marketing?

It's the moment when Ainz legit became a villain, it was glorious.

Don't publishers handle pretty much everything on the distribution side of things? That's kind of a big deal.

Lizards are great
Fuck you guys I liked it

Is that foreshadowing climb having his head cut off and becoming an undead?

>Not liking world building
kill yourself plz.

What a nice girl

What is
>sales management
Just to name some of the core elements.

And advertisement.

>a bad guy did bad things
This anime isn't for you.

I don't remember but did he even thought about what his friends will think about his actions?
>I finally meet my friends! Yeah, I kill thousand innocents but who cares, we're friends, right? RIGHT?

I don't want her to die.

That's why I read LN, genius.

>he calls that world building
Keep defending poor writing, fanboy.

But doesn't that advent of the internet kinda throw that all off balance?

I mean, I could understand TV ad slots and what not but I mean, I feel like a lot of people could self publish a lot of stuff. Especially media that can be digitally represented.


Even if they were all internet-only you still need someone to manage the server, the advertisement, handle the legal side, etc. Writers are specialized in creation and publishers are specialized in managing those creations.

> Undead emotion suppression
> getting platinum mad
Does autism not count as emotions anymore?

Sebas gonna torn that pussy with his thick dragonoid dick.

That’s actually a good % but doesn’t apply to anime/merch only manga/novel.
If you want more money and royalties you have to buy out more of the I.P. like some big name authors do.

Eh, there is no way they all went around being extremely valorous without there being news of them. So either they laid low or did shady shit themselves to stay alive. Remember Ainz said if it were not for having the guild with him, he'd just spend his days adventuring or some other carefree life but since Nazerick is there, it is his duty to uphold all their expectations.

Don't worry user, author will make it so you will want her to die
Out of mercy

Autism has never been an emotion.

This is Entoma Vasilissa Zeta, say something nice to her.

There's a delay before it works. Plus, sometimes, if the cause of the frustration is still apparent the emotions could surge up again after suppression.

She's a good girl, earnest and hardworking.

Ainz autism is of the highest tier user, WCI grade.

She has a good poker face.

I want to pet the bug!

all 3 words of her name are Greek and her mask is cute

oh the things she gonna see on demi happy farm.

Just like Lupu.

A shame he died

This episode really makes me question my sexuality species preference

>her dead body was cut into different pieces: Entoma took Arche's voice to replace her old voice that was lost in the battle against Evileye, Demiurge takes her skin, several undead take her arms and legs, her head is used as decoration for the devils and the leftovers become food.

how do you think they'll do for entoma and arche VA, gonna change VA, or make same play both chars?

I want to spank this bitch until she cries.

He very obsessed over his online friends because of daddy trauma and antisocial behavior. He basically sick in head but it's too late for him.

I wanna rub her stockings,

she's cute

I hate Centipedes, but would fug this one.

It's cannon that different voice bugs produce different voices.

It's S3/OVA material

Arche is in volume 7 user. Unless season 3 happens we wont see her

Yeah, that's why some small writers can no make a living by either being their own publishers or using websites that allow them to sell pretty cheap and still reach their targeted audiences without big investments.
Printed market is still a big thing, though, and will be for quite a while.

Better than Climb shit

>tribes full of sexy lizards

I only read the manga, but so far clint seems like a good kid, jsust like the princess.

i want to hug her

She gets the job quite done.

Leave Climb to me.

He thinks about what people like Touch Me would think of his actions all the time or what the guardian's creators would think of him making them do certain things. Either way he doesn't have the luxury of applying what they would think in the terms of his previous life as he has to prioritize Nazerick now as they are. They are created in an RP way that doesn't allow them to be "good guys" and he himself cannot even be close to human anymore.

>someone ate her pussy by literal meaning

I love her and I hope she loves me.

S2 is shit.

>no mention of Chair