Read localized manga

>read localized manga
>everyone is left-handed


I was told the Akira box set changed this, what gives?

There are mistakes in the dialogue also. A character mentions something about right or left and since the manga is mirrored what he says is wrong.

I just hate mirrored manga, because it makes the art look worse. Most of artist tend to tilt their pictures slightly to the right or left, and when image mirrored it really shows.

My stupid ass read 3 chapters of this backwards

>man akira sure is complicated

Considering it's colored I'm pretty sure that image is from the Marvel version back in the 80s. I think the recent reprints are Un-mirrored and un-colored. I actually really like that color job though

This exchange was funnier than it should have been.

How did they even think this was a good idea

saving that shit!

I still accidentally read western comics backwards and get super confused

Gaijin are pretty dumb

On an off-topic note, what western comics do people on Sup Forums like?

Well congrats on taking my answer and posting one of the best series ever released out of one of the big two

Only set of western comics I own is the entire collection of Y: The Last Man. Had it since early highschool

I grew up reading Franco-Belgian comics and I sitll love them, though I don't read them much these days.


How the fuck did he get away with this? Even Go Nagai never went that far

Good to know I'm not alone. It's Ennis' finest work, in my opinion. The perfect balance of seriousness and comedy.
Oh man, and that ending.

It's why it's as close to perfect as a comic series is ever gonna get. And made sure the character can't get dug up only to get shit on later.

DMZ except for some of the last arcs

on the off-topic note, fuck off to