Gil #1 no one in all of anime comes even close in power levels

The timelines where gil just fucks all of your waifus and husbandos shit up from the start while tryharding were erased due to being too traumatic one sided kekfests, and the few in which he is forced to lose kept.

In the first draft of fate it was starting at zero with gil blasting the Einzbern's place from orbit, faster than light one shotting any mongrels foolish enough to come close and then adding the grail as a drinking cup to his collection

It took several trillion simulations to find a situation in which gil didn't roflstomp everything and that is our current lore.

all die to ea

Gil is the king of heros the root of all legends, designed as the ultimate standard of strength what do people not get. Whatever class or extra rules like being called a grand servant you add gil would overcome with a smug laugh, if anything making them stronger just makes them defeated quicker due to gil not jobbing.

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>if anything making them stronger just makes them defeated quicker due to gil not jobbing
As obvious as this bait is this part actually makes sense. The worst possible thing you can do in front of Gilgamesh is to prove you're worthy of him trying. All who have defeated him have in common that they were underestimated by him big time.

Iskandar earned actual respect from him and was fucking obliterated.

also posting in shit thread but gil's speech before blasting him with ea is one of my top all time anime scenes

>Iskandar earned actual respect from him
Which is hilarious considering Iskandar is a hot piece of garbage

>The Virgin Gil vs The Chad Reinhard

Cant you just shot him with the bow or something? Shirou managed to cut his arm off.


>nega-summons you

Everyone is a hot piece of garbage in front of a motivated Gil.

Jiren wouldn't even take Gil seriously enough to kiero him.


>people will seriously respond to this copy pasta
I want to believe in you guys but anons have shown to be more retarded than lemmings

>year 2000+18 common era after Christ
>not ironically responding to shitposters

Undeserved trips.


Average comicbook superheroes > king of heroes.

Don't get carried away, monster.

You need to be at least as powerful as Sentry to go toe to toe with Gil.

*erases your multiverse*
Out of the way, you trash.


He still jobs to Objects though.

all jobbers to Gil

gils weak as shit in an overall powerlevel wank

I bet kid goku could stomp him

>Fought Gil to a draw twice
Yah no. Also Arc can beat Gil.

*ea's entire shitty dbz universe* fuck off mexicans

you got beat by a high schooler with a magic power level of farmer with shotgun calm down

>doesn't deny being mexican
fucking knew it, ban all dbz posters

>Also Arc can beat Gil.
Nasu disagrees with you.

Nice argument you got there, but consider the following

Saitama beats him with ease

At 30% but full power Arc would crash him

*uses mythological formal wear and ea*

Settle down scrub, you already got wiped along with all F/Z (save Saber) once already, don't need to rile up the D to do it again.

*overpowers ea without even trying*
nothing personnel kid

>NTR lover using a rental weapon is the strongest hero

>a power that frees one from the constraints of the world vs a power that draws its power from the world

step up to get blasted ealets

>resorting to powerlevel wanking to try and distract from the fact that fate is an awfully written franchise that is popular because of its inoffensive simplicity

*stops your time*
Nothing personal, you filthy Mortal scum.

wrong turn mongrel, faster than light speed NPs end you instantly

Putting aside that the only thing FTL in Gil arsenal is spaceship, he won't be able to do anything when time is stopped

>Still being limited by dimensions like time

>Implying GoB doesn't contain a anti time stopping counter

>implying mortal scum can break free from a Taikyoku law

gil gets even more powerful exponentially when facing anyone not mortal, your things are his things and he will have every possible counter including those you haven't even thought of to whatever you bring at him

>Something something vampire incest paie

>np mention of TTGL yet
okay, i'll bite. Spiral power is the ability to do the impossible by breaking through any boundary or law through willpower. Causality, gravity, light speed, you name it, doesn't matter if the pilot has the willpower to break through it. The only way to survive a fight with TTGL is to convince the pilot to lay down arms. Otherwise, as long as the pilot's will is to triumph, it will happen, breaking any and all laws or constraints in the way in the process. The local rules of other universes do not matter, the impossible will be done.

Doesn't work on anything not belonging to humanity and YAto is an existence on the same level as the Throne of Heroes anyway.

not applicable when gil ends your existence in a single blow

Causality negation renders that blow ineffective

>weak against surprise attacks
>weak against physics
>weak against time control
>weak against reality marbles
>weak against illusions and sensory attacks
>weak against traps
>weak against anyone with tenacity

Gilfags are retarded

ea rips through your laws keeping you safe and ends you anyway

gil in armor and prepared for battle can't be ambushed in any way or beaten by any form of magic/time control

Causality negation works the same here. The effect ea should cause is negated and does not happen, no matter what effect it may be.

>doing damage on a universal scale

Not even the new tiles can stop him, just when will his reign end?

>Not even strongest in his own universe
>gets beaten all the time even by Jetzerker

>faster than light speed NPs
That's bullshit and you know it, it takes at least 20 seconds for his NP to even finish every damn time.

unstoppable force vs unmoveable object except this time its ea, exceeds unstoppable and ends your shitty mecha

causality negation doesn't work if the very rule of causality getting negated is negated from existence

Exceeding unstoppable is literally TTGL's power. There is no such thing as impossible for it. Erase it from existence and it will rip a hole from non-existence and come back.

How has FGO not added a Female Gil?

it doesn't exist it just can't do that
it doesn't exist anymore. the law of the universe that says it is unstoppable is erased.

>Bleachfags actually believe this

Laws don't matter. TTGL doesn't follow them. Laws say things are impossible, which isn't a concept that applies to TTGL.

>full power Arc would crash him
EA could destroy earth.

Dropping a moon on Gil would be like throwing dimes at a dude who's immune to bullets.

>>doing damage on a universal scale
It can, especially if it's a small world like a reality marble.

Also EA can rip an entire world like earth into pieces. As for how Gil can do that without killing himself is another matter.

This is what newfag Giltards actually believe

>small world
A reality marble is nothing, even the surface of Gaia. All Ea can do is rippeing open the surfaceof the planet, not any real universe where the planet itself floats around.

>blocks your path

Back to your Kingdom Hearts roleplaying forum, Giltard.

>EA could destroy earth.
>Only slightly more power than excalibur
>Maximum number of targets: 1000 people
Lol. Meanwhile Arc will compress him along with space time and finish him with supernova


What, you done already? Should I take your lack of response as an admission of defeat to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann?
Also, just to do some housekeeping
If it doesn't exist, you could say it's impossible for it to come back, no? And thus it can and will come back, because it can do the impossible.

>Being proud for killing off one planet
You Gilfags sure are low in the powerlevel scale

im too busy laughing at /biz/, have an eagg for your efforts

Oh hey, I remember you. You're the retard that doesn't know how image naming works.