Hibiki Shousetsuka ni Naru Houhou

New chapter

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Is hibiki autistic ?



Famous last words.


Do they fuck?

Poor bastard.








We /asp/ now.

Thats my girl. I love this manga




He should break her arms.

Poor man, if he answer with violence he will beseem as a pathetic man, if hedoes not the samewill occur.





and done, more in 2 days

Time to fight!

Thanks and see you only here from now on I suppose.

Post their battle theme

well, probably.
folder for anyone who wants to keep track on the series
And link for the chapter:
dropbox.com/s/zvvcbf3ydv9jtap/Hibiki 26F.rar?dl=0

So what the fuck is this manga about, and how hard this guy will get beaten?

Girl is a genius at writing novels but sucks at human interaction so everything that goes against her way is resolved just like this.

Just read all the chapters, I really don't like the suffering best girl goes through.

Explian to me why hibiki si not in jail ? She just commited asault.

>Girl is a genius at writing novels
Can't say the same about the author, why would a middle aged men be so hostile towards a middle schooler, even thinking about punching her back next time they meet. That some underage behaviour, so is authors writing,

I hope it doesn't go the route of that other novelist.
>Well, there's better talent out there, so fuck me I guess.

1.She was in disguise
2.No police in the place
3.He didn't present charges

What an autist

Here we see a Highschool aged boy who twice unleashed his fists on an elementary schooler.

I desperately wish it wasn't me

Nice, I kinda forgot about this after chapter 5 or so, time to read.
Is that mc? Damn she is tiny.

I know that!

I've missed this borderline sociopathic girl so much.

So, I am catching up with the series
>literary god every chapter
I remembered why I stopped every once in a while reading this series.

I just want more delinquent x oppai

Sorry user, not in this volume, but let's see if I can finish this vol. before February

damn it,a t least tell me there is some Rika suffering or something.

Well, thank you for your hard work at bringing us this funny manga.

I just wonder when police will arrest this creep.

Rika is there, a lot actually.
Prepare for fun guys


>sucks at human interaction
Looks like that pompous cunt that got the chair isn't any better.

She doesn't suck at human interaction, she's just an idiot, a dangerous idiot

Holy fuck, thanks, I was getting worried the translations were dropped.

Well since batoto’s dead now, I guess they’ll permanently be stuck here

There are so many assholes in this manga, Hibiki ends up looks a lot better for some reason

There's already a site, looks promising, I guess I'll try to upload there all the chapter and the next ones

If it’s that tsubasa thingy it looks sketch as fuck.

Only oppai girl is not an asshole. She is very pure and deserves the delinquent.

Hibiki's autism is the fucking best.

> why would a middle aged men be so hostile towards a middle schooler, even thinking about punching her back next time they meet. That some underage behaviour
Gee, it's almost like the guy's whole character is being a pretentious immature faggot or something.

I'm thinking about the site from pantu dev

Oh, then why not.

Why would you want such a character in your story?


For Hibiki to rehabilitate through violence.

so your autistic heroine has some one to go WWF on

I only read that one chapter, but is this a comedy manga? If it's a comedy — then sure, not the worst choice for a character.

>I only read that one chapter
Why the fuck are you trying to criticize the writing if you haven't read the series?

you cant judge huck finn on chapter 3 when they are saying nigger all the time why are judging this on some chair smashing

I have no clue what you're saying.


Huckleberry Finn reference is too obscure for Sup Forums it seems, but anyway, the message was adressed to me and I thought this character just appeared in the story, but maybe he had deep and thoughtful development, but it would only made this whole situation even worse.