Sora Yori Mo Tooi Basho

Best friends hold hands

No suffering they said.

Shirase was doing the same with Kimari just a few episodes ago. Is she a friend-slut?


Hinata is softer than Kimari


I want to fuck this dork

>anons dismissed this show before it aired on the basis that its director and writer were shit
>ends up having the strongest direction and writing of any show this season

>being this delusional
Directing and writing are still shit

It's definitely exceeded my expectations.

I like the director's previous works.

Are you a penguin?


Nice legs.

I like to hold my own hand sometimes. Like if it's noticeably warmer than the other it feels like someone else's.

What kind of idiot thought Ishizuka is a bad director?

This guy

>What is Sakurasou?

I bet Yuzuki has done the same thing.

A good anime in spite of its source material?


I sure hope this is bait.

An accurate depiction of an autistic savant?

>I like the director's previous works.

Even that Supernatural the Anime series?

Does this actually work?


This girl is wonderful.

Is Supernatural any good to begin with?

What a hot pussy.

>when your only friend makes other, cooler friends

This is what she gets for not being in the OP

yes. cats sometimes work

It was my most anticipated show from the very beginning, thank you very much.
Mostly because it was the only one that offered the possibility of cute girls interacting with cute penguins.

Literally perfect.


Yuri NTR

>when you've been starved for physical affection your entire life


Megane = Ui ?




Was melodramatic garbage only saved by the fight the autistic blonde was extremely fuckable.

This seems like an appropriate time to say this but I fucking hate penguins. The way they walk is fucking retarded, they're fat birds who can't even fly, and in no way are they fucking cute.

If cute girls aren't getting donkey fucked they what are the good for?
I'll never understand how you queers can watch these shitty cute girls shows if they never get dicked, what do they even do?

Since when is Sup Forums monolithic? I was excited for this show because the premise and because it's an original, and I was even more excited when I saw the director because I'm one of the minority of anons who loved Hanayamata.

Sure the writing was fucking bad. But it still ended up being a fun show to watch thanks to the performances and good direction.

Is that the same person who was in the car at the end of the episode?

I liked NGNL, and then really fell in love with Ishizuka when I went back and checked out her episodes in Aoi Bungaku.

Wait this is the Hanayamata director?
Hot damn, I knew I was getting similar vibes.
I loved Hanayamata too, user. You're not alone.
Tami best girl


>not self-inserting as a little girl

Fuck off degenerate.

Their bodies evolved for swimming, they don't need to walk well.

>Pajama butt

Yes please

Come on. We all thought it was going to be good but we we never thought it would be this good. Clearly this show is AOTS and we were all caught off guard!


>Tami best girl
Funny, you spelled "Yaya" wrong.

She has a mole in the same place so yeah.

It's stupid how many shows are worth watching this season. I'm used to only picking up two or three, I can't keep up.

>Tami best girl

You just made a friend for life.

>This fucking series

Damn, if it wasn't that this is the most competed season on years, this could be AOTS any time

I broke down here. I'll never have friend wanting to do fun things with me

Only when they are dead

I had no idea this show existed until the first episode threads. Helped that episode 1 came out a week before all the others.

>scene hard-cuts mid outcry
I lose my shit every time they do this.
I love this show.

>tfw I have friend that do these fun thing but I cannot do it with them because I'm poor

I want to fuck this cute dork.

Nice DBS-tier thread.
This show is shit, btw.

>kyoanifags this mad

Shirase is for dry anal only.

>triggernigger damage control

>this show is shit btw

Physically hurt to watch. If the girls weren't there outside her door at that very moment, I bet Yuzuki would've thrown herself out that window.

Overall this whole thing was really well-executed. I was ready to cry foul at the idea that she's just being used by them as a means to an end, but that part where the girls explained that they aren't even friends, they just kind of decided on a whim to all get together and do this, sold me on it entirely.

Like they had to totally reset everything she thought she knew about friendship, as an outsider.

This show abuses insert songs but I don't even care.

falling for bait this easy.

Don't you have another PTE thread to be littering up the catalog with?

> Mari and Hinata all excited
> Yuzuki and Shirase quivering in fear


A strange force compels me to ask if it's yuri. But I won't. Because I know it's not.

Damn I want to climb her mountains of madness

>negative ten degrees


I like this show. But these replies aren't helping.

>Hinata is canonically considered ugly
>Mari isn't

She's so beautiful. I want to take advantage of her loneliness to have raw sex with her all night long and then take responsibility so that she'll never be alone again.

Well Sup Forums?

Either this or Yuru Camp. Time will tell.

I'm just glad we have some great mid-week shows for a change.

With benefits.

So is that the hat trick of boogeymen this season? Interesting.
Don't see what that has to do with this melodrama meme anime. Seems like the kind of thing only someone who hasn't seen much anime could enjoy. Hideous designs too.

Please don't bite. Post more cute instead!

It's a godsend. I'm so tired of everything airing fri-sun.

keep going

Remember when Sora Yori still flew under the radar for the first two episodes? Good times.

The OP is wonderful.

It's not even in the top 10, honestly. It just isn't very good, and there are tons of great shows this season.

Don't fall for the bait. Last thread was good, keep it that way.

Nice allusion to episode 2.

I don't think people look at Kimari and think "sex appeal".

Name your top 3 then.

With her sticking her fat tits out again?

So does anyone actually like bowl cut?


inb4 he says VEG