Pandering to glasses-fags, even though there's no need for actual glasses...

Pandering to glasses-fags, even though there's no need for actual glasses, but then inventing some shit reason for one girl to wear glasses.
It's even worse in other sci-fi anime.
Why does this shit happen in sci-fi anime?

So you would prefer her with bad eyesight ? Is that really important ?

Isn't this from sugoi oniichan?

t. butthurt


She doesn't have bad eyesight

Why would she wear glasses then?

uhm, did I mess up my sentence ? I know that she doesn't have bad eyesight, I was talking in subjunctive, at least I tried.

Because she has some kind of magic vision and the glasses help her to stop that, because she can't control it well or something like that.

>don't need glasses
>think they're cute
>wear them without the lenses
Plenty of people do this IRL, OP.

>not having a glasses fetish

It's cute, what's the problem? Plenty of people would wear glasses just for fashion.


>two stats at literal max
>lol she's a weed
>only genius MC can see how amazing she is

LN writing at it's finest.



Bifocal glasses are something you can't really replicate with lenses or eyeballs, so they're here to stay.

Putting hurr durr on a sentence does not make it dumber, OP.

So glasses and being able to see are strictly the realm of fetish now? I think you need to jack it less OP.

For this explicit purpose, using glasses makes sense.
She doesn't need to see those energies all the time, but when the need arises, she should be able to switch quickly. Glasses/goggles work very well both at reminding the person which mode they are currently in, and at speedy putting on/taking off, the way, say, lenses don't.

Glasses is one of the few fashion aspects that are actually functional, not just for fixing your eyesight, but also doubling as shitty protection for your eyes in case shit like hot oil get on your face when you're cooking or something.

I always root for the childhood friend out of principle, but this scene made me into a kirinofag. Holy fuck she is just pure evil.

Even if humanity learns to completely fix all forms of eye damage/defects, glasses would still exist, purely because girls look cute in glasses. If you can't see this simple fact, then you're a faggot.

They also protect eyes.

desu I like glasses so much even when my mum wears them I feel somethng

Do you get mad at everything like this? It might be autism.

No, Mikihiko saw it too. People who have super sensitivity to psion or pushion particles aren't that rare and so other students could realize her specialty just from seeing her wear glasses. But her level of sensitivity probably only she has, and Mikihiko was the first one to really understand how great it is, not MC. That's why she has 6 in special and ofc she's a Weed her magic is bottom tier, that thing with her eyes isn't even really magic.

I like glasses so much that when your mum wears them I feel myself.

>Implying she doesn't have perfect vision
>Implying those glasses aren't some high tech HUD display because she'd rather wear glasses than get a cybernetic eye

It's fashion at that point, what else do you expect? People wear lenseless glasses today already

I am still suprised that this LN still is going.

Professional instructors not noticing it was retarded.

KnK is megane kino. How mad were you with all the top tier pandering?

Yeah, it's incredibly fucking boring since like volume 11. Shame since setting and side characters are great.

Was there a situation where an instructor obviously failed to realize it or are you referring to the lack of any mention of it?

What's even going on anymore? Has Mayumi being kicked out of the running yet by Muyshit?

lensless glasses are an actual, real life thing. What you think dumbasses in 2074, when laser correction is about as mundane as taking a piss, won't be wearing that shit the same way clueless fat fucks wear fedoras with print tees now?

To be honest, I couldn't imagine seeing properly, I like my disability.

I'm sorry are special boogaloo eyes part of the curriculum?

Disregard megane, acquire imouto custom designed for your dick

I mean, she's right. It's a bit sick in the head to do what he did.

Japan knows their audiene

I like glasses, why don't you?
also even if there was a perfect method to get my sight fixed I would never do it

Onii-sama knew how special her eyes were. He actually freaked out a bit. Think he was gonna demon right her.


Nobody fucking does 6, what even is that? It's like some mutant version of tipping your fedora.

i do frame of the left glass with index and thumb and bridge with the index finger
all of these are retarded

What the fuck's up with number 3? Do people want big fat fingerprints right on the lenses? This is legitimately making me uncomfortable because I literally can't stand even the tiniest speck of dust getting on my lenses. Shit, I have a UV light specifically to help with cleaning just so that I can wipe off dirt that isn't visible to the naked eye. I do this despite knowing that it doesn't make a difference, because that's the entire point of it being unseen to the human eye, but just knowing the dirt's there is enough to piss me off.

It's not uncommon for me to clean my glasses for twenty minutes at a time one to three times a day.


Subtle megane thread?