So, this is basically Plastic Memories S2?

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Are you talking about VEG ? Much more like PM than Beatless

Guilty Crown 2.0.

She's basically Isla, combat-model version.

It is more like Chobits combat version.

Looks like Guilty Crown

So does the show retain the whole legal/responsibility aspect or was it just an episode 1 thing and the rest is a generic robowaifu battle harem show?

Isla already knew about emotions and friends before meeting MC. That is more similar to VEG - for now at least.

It's not even similar to GC in any way.

Episode 2 preview:

>Megane-kun and Kouka meets next ep
hoo boy the "I HATE hIEs" starts now

This somehow reminds me of that Korean robot-girl abuse comic.

What happened?

Are you talking about Lucy?

No, that short one about that youtuber who breaks his clueless android with a hammer while she begs for her master to stop.

Dropped it 5 min in due to MC does it get better?

Lacia is lovely

Static image vs something easy to animate. So far none of the redjuice anime look remotely close to the original drawings


I actually can't even believe what I'm watching
this is so trite it's physically affecting me

It's worse than PM.

but user, you gotta understand the discrimination that the poor androids go through.

i wanted to say "he got some fashion sense" but then I saw the pants

No, Plastic Memories was good.

Looks like a school uniform.

What fucked up school would issue an uniform like that

sometingsomething futuristic

SaiKano S2.

It's /fa/

It's shit, ill probably watch one or two eps more because of the imouto.

It's shit but: robot girls AND little sisters, so I'll watch it anyway.

Finished watching just now,this anime feels like Frame Arm girl on 1/1 scale, but i don't mind that, and the episode itself had weirdly relaxing atmosphere for a action series.