Remember when anime was fun?

Remember when anime was fun?

The problem nowadays is how much newfags try so desperately to fit in so they just mindlessly shitpost about a show. Just see what people are doing to violet evergarden. Fuck IRC too.

Remember when Sup Forums allowed fun?

dude trainwrecks lmao

There are silly trainwreck shows every season tho.

It still is. Fuck off if you don't like it any more.

So whats up with R3?

No. Must have been a pretty magical era to live in.

It's a great season so far user. What's your gripe exactly?

There literally aren’t. The last ones we had were Valvrave and Guilty Crown. Those were 5 years ago for fucks sake.

We just had reeeeeeeeeeeeeee:creators.

Unfair to say that during the start of the season. But we had Princess Principal and this season we've got Darling, Beatless, Kokoku, Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens and Popteamepic

Beatless may turn into a fun trainwreck.

Princess Principal was solid all throughout and only dropped a bit for the last two episodes.

I didn't mean it as a negative. I loved valverave.

I can't wait for R3

Nah, the webnovel is really good. May be AOTS if they adapt it correctly

It's still fun.

it still fun

It is. You just have to pick the fun threads. VEG and Franxx are going to be amazing shows but the threads have already been taken hostage by obese armchair critics, studiofags and contrarians. I'm not even going to mention what threads are fun this season because I don't want to attract any shitters.

The autism in Classroom of the Elite was fucking hilarious. I severely regret not being in the threads at the time.

I know people like to shitpost about CG being a trainwreck and all but it genuinely is one of the most fun anime of the past decade. That's not to say it's one of the best in general, but it's just really entertaining

Yes, I'm reminded that anime is good every season. Anything else or is that just an excuse for you to post "IN MUH TIME"?