What the fuck was her problem?

What the fuck was her problem?

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Pixie girl trope. A tell-tale sign the writer isn't very talented.


Thats a pretty good question, never thought about it even tho I've gone through all 3 works

Hey great review, care to see one of your works

The problem we all have user, that's her problem

I'm not writing stories in order to sell them to the lowest common domino. You're confusing good writing with what sells. Nothing wrong writing something you desire

I didn't asked that. I asked one of your works. Good writers need good reading comprehension user.

Thanks for proving you didn't even watch the show and are just memeing third-hand bullshit, we can now safely disregad anything you say from now on

Anime Misaki was all right just suicidal
Manga Misaki was a total bitch

And good readers need to understand the language they speak before they tell me I lack comprehension.

So tired of this argument. Just look through the archives. Your fault here is jumping to conclusions mr not a new IP

Probably the most obvious case of borderline personality disorder in anime.

Can you not understand basic syntax communication? I wanted to make it easy for you but it seems we must go deeper.
W-o-u-l-d y-o-u s-h-o-w m-e o-n-e o-f y-o-u-r w-o-r-k-s a-n-o-n-?

>I use tvtropes

you don't have to be a chef to know that the food is shit

she did nothing wrong

ESL please.

Just for the name. I think having universally understandable terms for things is a good thing.


You can't know if the tuna is shit if you only have eaten corn all your life.

Will we have one of the second coming of Rimbaud works or not?

she did nothing wrong

So did you read the manga or not?

>reading the NHK manga

This, but unironically.

what's worng with it?

It's shit

>Saying the opposite of truth
Did you not read a short summary on wiki before you decided to lie?
Nothing, is good, ignore shitposter.

>story about NEETdom sells so well it keeps the author in perpetual NEETdom
What was Misakis story in the LN? I read it but cant remember it at all.

>who are you quoting
This sounds extremely ESL of you. Can you actually make an argument or something?

But it's widely agreed that the manga is the worst version out of the 3.

Being the worst of the three doesn't make it shit.

user i was being unironic

It's the best version though.