Food from manga/anime

pic not related but i fucking hate how only a few volumes have been translated out of tons i love this shit

breakfast from From Up on Poppy Hill

ramen from Ponyo

soup spaghetti a la europass lobster from Redline

pig buffet from Spirited Away

sashimi from Spirited Away

noface feast from Spirited Away

Pleb tier collection. Here is some.

tea snacks from Spirited Away


train bento from Summer Wars

family feast from Summer Wars

noodles from The Garden of Words

Ramen were originally from China but they only got big in Japan


grilled meat from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

mackeral from The Wind Rises

Meat is all I want in life

Budget went to ice cream.

pocky and tea from Whisper of the Heart
idek why im doing this anymore

for me actually

Here you go.

noodles from Whisper of the Heart

Life is good





Damnit now I want to cook again

post more, this is a comfy thread

Yes and?

im looking for my external hard drive that has more anime on it. are scenes like this one comfy too? i know its not 100% focus on the food


Not publishing them chronologically is also retarded.

yeah that pissed me off. i mean i can kind of understand because each volume is themed but why the FUCK would they just not give it to us all straight? ended up buying it since nobodys scanning/translating as far as i know