Manga/LN that deserve an anime adaption

Ok, you start


This became fucking horrible after 2/3 into the chapters

Too fucking slow. They also killed best girl
Only good remaining thing is the Great Angel, and they will fuck him up


Murasakiiro no Qualia

Anytime now.

checked but

Animal Land

that piece of shit

underrated manga. definitly deserves an adaptation

anime will be big!


that manga is shit, the only 2 good things are sniper guy and the great angel

That exactly.


I mean, the manga is absolute godtier but it would be great to see it in animated form.

She's not completely dead yet. I'm sure they'll be an ass pull from the new god.

No way, any anime adaption would probably ruin the art and make it look shit

Holy hell that, manga is just, so dark it feels demon-tier. (Dark amazing tier)
>started in 2001

And where now in 2018.
17 years and still no anime about it.

this desu


I think it would have quite a broad appeal

No please no anime. It's my favourite manga ever I don't want it go trough that.

Might be a korean, but damn, this jack frost dude really is amazing.

I understand that very well, Doro is my all time favorite manga too and the last thing I want is a shitty adaptation. I just say that it would be nice IF any studio find a way to adapt well the artistic style of the manga but none comes to mind.

Doctor Stone

This season Junji Ito collection is coming out, which I feel like it's a relevant example. Even if the art and tone is fitting (let's forget the crappy animation for the argument sake) it just doesn't work, because that manga style and storytelling just doesn't work in animate forme, by nature. I fell it would be even worse with Doro.

Haha, good one OP. Now a actually post a better one.

None of them. Adaptations shoUld fuck off. Why do we want to be Hollywood?

>highschool hellsing
It failed at everything hellsing was, though, apart from laughing faces

What was that one where the popular girl likes the boring quiet kid and she can't figure out why
that one

It's not nearly popular enough, but... man can dream.

Thanks user, I was looking for something to read in my commute.

By studio trigger




I'm just glad they killed that whore, not that it even matters since she's still on panel

They have to make one eventually, right?

pls no

What a great comedy that was.

No. It would be an absolute shit anime.



I normally like military/action manga but I didn't particularly like this one, I thought it was a bit boring honestly.

yes but with an overhaul on the art, the titties, ass, and thighs are drawn like soccerballs