Oh my god

Oh my god

oh sweet Jesus

My sweet lord.

How is it they only had one kid?

That's pretty lewd. Is this series any good?

They end up getting married

I don't get it.

She probably had her kid soon after finishing highschool, right?

It is fine, this is pretty much all it can give.

Tell me we're getting a chapter in the spin off where she somehow teases him about the next pregnancy.

he tried to make her think they're trapped in the shed to scare her but she isn't having any of that shit

The series is very rarely lewd at all, this is pretty much the peak of it.
That's not a bad thing though, it's an excellent gag series and making it any lewder would fuck it up tonally.

THEY ARE JC, JC!!!!!!!!!!


My friend refuses to read this simply on the basis that the author stopped vampire imouto to do this.
How do I call him a fucking retard in new ways

How can anyone resist raping her right then and there

I can't wait until she teases him with a bbc

Is it finished?

she wants him to help her clean the shed gently

Call him a dumpling.

>the author stopped vampire imouto
Wow, what a fucking asshole.

honestly, cute neck biter was getting pretty stale. This is better in every way.

what series is this?

Tsunpire imouto had one gimmick.

suck his dick and call him a faggot

With her own or somebody else's?

She's always so prepared. Is she stalking him secretly?


How does she straddle the edge between innocent and lewd so effortlessly?

Nishikata is impotent and Shado-kun skipped town the minute he found out she was preggo

Where is that post where she tells him that she’s on a safe day and the pill, only to reveal later as he’s about to cum that she didn’t and is on the peak of her fertility cycle as she legcrosses him?

It's extremely cute and pretty funny

I hadn't realize they were by the same guy. Your friends has his priorities in order.



I want her to sit on my face

Tell him that he's really missing out, because it's the exact same stale, one-note garbage that should've just stayed a one shot.

>Fudatsuki no Kyoukou chan
Stop reminding me for fuck's sake,i already miss the delinquent brother

That series had so many shitty side characters, goddamn


it's already been established that her ultimate trick on him is it's not really his


That manga is shit tho. I'm reading through it and the gag was stale immediately, the romance between the brother and hibino is the only reason I'm still on it.




Do (Not)


Fuck you, don't pretend to be innocent, you lewd girl.

And plenty of good side characters. Meanwhile this has- A beta orbiter and his smug planet.

The greatest of nightmares



It's Japan. They don't promote more than 1 children.

Anime only or just in denial?

>being retarded
Enjoy your cuck fetish I guess.






I hate this manga but that’s hot

I've not read a series that pissed me off every time a new character was introduced. It's like everybody new tried to be as insufferable as possible.

Chi's around 4-5 since she's in jap kindergarten (which is like, ages 4-6), and it's been ten years since middle-school according to one chapter.

So she probably gave birth a few months before he got his education degree.

Of course it's only a reversal because he was planning to surprise her by poking a hole in the condom, but she'd been planning to do so anyways.

Why would he do that?


Well, did you lose?

I don't even want to win.

Well, what was the game?

What would he get from doing that?

You're thinking of china, and even that's changed, if anything Japan wants, nay NEEDS more than that.

Yea,I didnt hit the forehead

This is not MGX

That's the sound of a dick unzipping itself.

If he can keep himself from cumming before the bell rings she'll have to buy him a drink.

>implying he would need something to fight for other than victory itself to battle Takagi

The manga is. The anime is horrible. Not horrible like I hate all anime adaptations because I want to pretend I'm cool for reading manga" but actually horrible.

That series is shit. I bought all the tanks as they were coming out because I kept hoping it would get better, but it never did.

What’s so bad about the anime?

Tripsfags watch it instead of killing themselves.

It’s relevant to the thread jackass

The anime is good. The manga is better, but the anime is good.

>but the anime is good.
No it's really not. The animation is horrible, the seiyuu couldn't be worse, and the pacing is bad because of the shitty inexperienced director. It does nothing right outside of the side girls form ashita wa nichiyoubi.

That manga sucked massive balls

The animation is good and the seiyuus fit better than I expected, but I'll give you the shitty pacing, it is pretty slow and kils the comedy sometimes. This obviously would've been better as a 12 minutes animu.

>The animation is good
It's traced CG, you fucking retard.

>the seiyuus fit better than I expected
Takagi is bad, and Nishikata is absolutely horrible. If you think Kaji Yuki screaming in his ear-rape voice is good for any teenager character, you need to get your ears checked.

>Takagi is bad
opinion discarded

>the animation is horrible
Traced cg or not, it looks fine.
>the seiyuu couldn't be worse
Watch more anime, newfag.

>Rie is good for Takagi with her Megumin voice
Opinion instantly invalidated.

The more you shitpost, the more I'm convinced that you aren't watching it, and that you just read the list of seiyuu and decided it was shit.

>Traced cg or not, it looks fine.
No it doesn't. It looks horrible stilted and the models are fucked up half the time, not to mention the backgrounds. That's not even a point of contention based on opinion, the animation is objectively shit.

>Watch more anime, newfag.
Swing and a miss, retard. I'd guarantee I've watched more anime than you have, and I watch it all raw.

>and that you just read the list of seiyuu and decided it was shit.
Just be honest, are you actually deaf?

It looks better than a lot of shows, and it looks enough like the manga. Your opinions aren't objective just because you say they are.
I'm saying that there are much worse seiyuu, and you'd know that if you had seen more than 100 shows.

Are you? She sounds cute. Nishikita is fine too. Neither are ideal, but you're exaggerating a lot.

>It looks better than a lot of shows
How many shows are you even watching?

> Your opinions aren't objective just because you say they are.
And traced CG isn't good just because you're willing to eat shit.

>I'm saying that there are much worse seiyuu
There is literally no seiyuu worse for playing a teenage male lead than Kaji Yuki. You'd know this if you had working ears.

>She sounds cute.
Her voice is way too cool and detached. Even the nips realized it right away. Nishikata's is downright horrible, there's absolutely no exaggeration there.

>All this arguments on the VAs on the anime
I actually prefer HanaKana on Takagi since she portrays tease girls well,and as for Nishikata,Junji Majima i think
I'm not a seiyuufag so i really don't know jackshit about this,no bully please

>and I watch it all raw.


Why is this grade schooler so knowladble about classic porn scenarios ?

>Megumin voice
It's the same seiyu, but Takagi sounds nothing like Megumeme . Nishikata is indeed horrible.