Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

i could swear ive seen her in at least 3 other shows


Hows it compared to the manga?

It's good.

must be refraction memory from the timeline shift

why do i want anime girls to bully me?

I want this trio as main characters instead

I need a doujin where Nishikata is blindfolded and tied to his chair by Takagi who then makes him think he's fucking her without ever stating it outright. Once he's close to blowing his load and admitted that he loves it, she would remove the blindfold, revealing to his embarrassment that she's tricked Nishikata into fucking the teacher's hairy man ass. The rest of the doujin would be Takagi laughing at him for enjoying it so much and the teacher scolding him for being a fag in front of the entire class while Nishikata is slowly mind-broken by the shame and pleasure.

They have their own separate manga.

It's coloured, animated and has sound.








Someone post her legs under the desk right after she said the naughty line.

She's perfection.

Takagi's full fivehead

just fuck already

Not till they're married.

is that canon ?

Yes. There's a whole spinoff manga about their married life.

Made by a friend of the author
Theory is he told him to make the spin off in case be got canned since at one point the manga was getting low ratings Or sales iirc for a very short time

So da neeeeh


How did she convince this bumbling retard to marry her, let alone have a kid?

Did... Did she trick him?

I want to believe its the one time he managed to one up her. If you look at the chapter 36 turning point, he almost confessed and she ended up almost getting flustered in front of him and lost her composure when they parted

I choose to believe he honestly though proposing would let him finally win, but she said yes and he wouldn't back down

just watch Mitsuboshi Colors

Why did this stop being translated?

Mah nigga

imagine railing Nishikata's butt while he squirms and cries

I kind of feel bad for Nishikata in the spin off.

His wife basically trained his daughter to make fun of him. Its super cute from an outside perspective, but your daily life being constant teasing could wear on a guy.

Maybe he takes it out on Takagi by dicking her at night super hard, and thats how they had Chi?

Her voice is better in the manga

>Maybe he takes it out on Takagi by dicking her at night super hard
I'll subscribe to this theory

>the one place Nishikata has the upper hand is in the bedroom
>completely melts her smug and confident demeanor away by making her cum her brains out
>then back to being teased the next morning

What about the guy? They look 8 and their voices don't match up


I love this sentence.

Jesus Christ, user....

Because they're boring.
Bring out Takagi!

What the fuck are those things on her forehead?

I clapped when I recognized this meme

Moe fuzz.

You mean the meme from a year or two ago?
Wow, good job newfag.

>He didn't recognize the countermeme
VERY cool.

She has the same voice in the manga.

Why doesn't he just ignore her?

What the absolute fuck

Em Ee Em Ees! Em Ee Em Ees!

>implying Nishikata can do that