Fate stay night

shirou sumon the main character of the last anime you saw

>Last anime I saw was Heaven's Feel

Ok. Not bad, I guess, but not really a match to the heroic spirits.

Maybe Sieg would be able to asspull an unlimited blade works of his own

Damn, they get wrecked.

He'd need to kill Shirou first

Gate of Unlimited Asspull Works?

Fate is getting interesting.

Well, I'm watching Fate: Zero so he summons his dad, I guess?


Oh boy

What if there´s more than 1 main character?

>Cave-raider loli
Nah, dey ded


Is it possible for him to bring his loli harem with him?


He will win most of the time but will get a PTSD attack when he lose

>Satoo Deathmarcher

Satoo rekts shit and bakes a cake.

What are you talking about? Ange would make a banging assassin.

>Macross Delta
Can't see this working without Freyja



Prisma Sakura mana transferring with Tomoyo when?

Oso- Saber default class
Ichi- Assassin obvious
Kara- Rider Noble Phantasm is the Taxi
12- Berserk obvious
Totty- Archer too pussy for the front line
Arararagi- Lancer likes to shine his spear

>Caster Yasunori Katou
I can see that.


i'm okay with this

I refuse to believe that shitshow was the last anime you watched.

I had to do a rewatch...

I'm not sure what to think.

Berserker class
All stats ??


Servants will feel so cozy and comfy that they die from experiencing true bliss.

As far as the grail war is concerned, Shirou is fucked now that he has to deal with Eliito Neeto.

Gon Freecs

Shirou's bowl will get SINNED.

it could work

Not sure how to feel about this. Lol.

Don't want to make a new thread for this but does anyone know if heaven's feel has a camrip yet?

Vash za Stampido, idk maybe shirou gets his ass kicked but he wont die.

I wanna see Star Platinum fight Berserker.

Fate Stay Night is pretentious pandering garbage and the fact that people can enjoy it baffles my to no end.

Oh no

Not sure if fucked

Probably the strongest Rider you could get. Don't think he fits in any other class.

Make a god berserker or a Saber

Nothing changes

¿Is Goku a summonable servanto?
I mean, hur dur too stronk for muh mana.

>last anime you saw
So your last anime was that piece of garbage 3d? Even Naruto can't believe it.

Unlimited Illusions Destroyed

I think he's in good hands. If she's a servant she becomes even more OP because servants can move at faster speeds.

how effective are high school girls in combay

Akira Fudo motherfucker



There's a Teito Monogatari anime?