Houseki no Kuni

How easily would Cinnabar beat Bortz if the two went head-to-head?

And why the fuck do our threads keep getting pruned?

cause to be honest they don't need dailies. there isn't anything to talk about currently, we just keep posting fanart
i mean, i'm fine with that, but mods aren't

We've had almost two threads of new oc, I would say our threads are pretty good lately.

Ok but where is the old thread? the one with Chlover posting her Lapis Shrine progress and wonderful center piece?
I checked the archives but there's no trace of it, even if there's an older thread

HnK isn't popular enough to sustain continued discussion on Sup Forums, most monthly manga series are like that. It will probably stay dead after another chapter or two until an S2 gets announced (if any)
Best to let the threads die a graceful death after that rather than being pushed to have a continuous presence

Pruned threads wouldn't get archived

Today in Japan the Vol 2 is going to be release, man I can't wait for the second part of the OST.

Yes man it's strange that they are deleting these threads and not the ones that were made after the anime ended and when the japanon left, most of those threads were slow and we didn't get any OC.

The last two threads were pretty awesome, with the magazine user and the shrine war, to be honest

It isn't a problem of activity, we have had plenty going on recently.


old thread was pruned so it's not in the archive, but it is up on fireden

also, i'm still searching for an obsidian art. and since another user did phos and cinnabar, i'm not really looking to do other mags for a bit (unless i just see a good art)


The last thread had almost 300 posts and there was discussion and content creation going on, the mod is just bloody incompetent.

I realy don't have a lot of quality Obsidian art.

This too.

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>Pruned threads wouldn't get archived
Yeah, but i honestly expected it to be archived instead of pruned, it had over 300 replies and last time I checked it was on page 7, it would have been archived automatically in less than 1 hour or 2 if no one replied.

Also this, the manga was discussed(not necessarily with old and trite theories), OC was posted, there were literally very few reasons to prune it

>but it is up on fireden
thanks i'll go check

so I just caught up and

What is the meaning of Phos' pearly eye?
What is Sensei's endgame?
How will Phos assemble the Lustrous from mere dust?
Can the Lunarians be defeated at all? They seem to instantly regenerate on the Moon, so any kind of resistance seems completely impossible

I feel like the manga is locked into a status quo of despair
Sensei isn't doing what he's supposed to do, Phos has no prospects of assembling anybody, the remaining Lustrous are angry at Phos and would never welcome her back, Cinnabar is still eternally lonely

where can we even go from here?

I assumed the pearl eye was some form of surveillance device, so the lunarians could watch sensei and friends through Phos. Could be wrong though.

The lunarians can't be defeated by any means other than sensei praying, as far as we know.

I like these kind of comics but it makes me sad for some reasons.
It could be nice to see Phos getting a dream with her old self.

I feel like this manga needs more world-building
So far we've only seen the main island, a small patch of ocean and the moon

Surely there are other cute gems in other parts of the world, and for an extremely hard gem like Bortz, a trip around the world wouldn't be very dangerous
Maybe we'll discover that there's a doppelganger Phos, or 10 of those

Mods are correctly aware that hnk is on the path to becoming the new mlp and are gently trying to disuade you idiots from ruining yourselves. Take the fucking hint.

I've only done Euc and Phos, the ones with the qr code

>What is the meaning of Phos' pearly eye?
See image
>What is Sensei's endgame?
We don't know
>How will Phos assemble the Lustrous from mere dust?
We don't know
>Can the Lunarians be defeated at all? They seem to instantly regenerate on the Moon, so any kind of resistance seems completely impossible
Probably not using physical methods

Anons have pointed out that you can separate different gems using centrifugation thanks to their different densities, but this all depends on how many dusted gems actually are on the moon, whether there are multiples of each type, whether the dusting has had some kind of permanent effect or not, or if the lunarians are lying about the whole thing anyway. They have huge artificial gem factories but they won't use any bits of the real ones for their weapons even though it would be easy just to not give enough away to reconstruct them? There's the whole deal with the human particle which seems like a long term ploy to control Sensei, but who knows what their true intentions are. Why do they even bother with the Admirabillis who surely wouldn't be able to give them anything they want?

that's what I'm saying, they're currently completely at the mercy of the Prince and have no real way out of the situation

this is true despair

The island is literally the only piece of land left on the Earth

huh, i thought the dia was you as well. looked similar to the euc one, but didn't have the qr code.
i guess there's just a lot of magazine cover makers now, that's pretty cool

But is there anything that states gems can't be born underwater?

>What is the meaning of Phos' pearly eye?
Aechmea said it was a sort of camera to monitor Phos his progress, but there are theories. One of them is that the eye has a human particle inside to prevent Sensei from destroying Phos since the encounter with the professor let some to believe Sensei isn't capable of hurting humans.
Yet other theories think the eye, with or without particle, is part of the hypothetical plan of making Phos a human and having him pray for the Lunarians. As it stands now, only Ichikawa knows how it will turn out.

>What is Sensei's endgame?
To live peacefully with his beloved gems I think.

>How will Phos assemble the Lustrous from mere dust?
The prince is supposed to do that, and I wouldn't know how. Luckily, this seems like a question that the next few updates will probably answer.

>Can the Lunarians be defeated at all? They seem to instantly regenerate on the Moon, so any kind of resistance seems completely impossible.
If you ask me, I think that either the Lunarians will turn against the prince at some point since peace isn't in the hands of Sensei or that the Lunarians are convinced by Phos to find peace in themselves.

>where can we even go from here?
The end of the story and hopefully an answer to all these questions by Ichikawa.
But definitely more suffering.

Has the magazine collage been updated with pic related?

I don't think so.

>the new mlp
Thanks for the mental image

Cant wait for /HnK/ to be announced.