When will she return?

I fucking hate this bitch, and if she ever returns as a loli then I'll never. Unless of course she gets bullied by the other characters.

Hopefully never.

I love how assblasted she made everyone, hopefully she comes back soon to continue her reign of terror.

When Touma's apartment building needs a manager to clean up the place and to collect rent from deadbeats.


Evil psychopathic whores thread?

AC is dead so never.

I'm already half Coronzon

Hope that cunt never does.


Shitondetta a shit

>Coronzon being able to do anything

Aside with fucking with Touma, I'm still not seeing much worth in possessing somebody that would pop like a balloon after like an hour.

Why the fuck is she so hot?

Aside from*

AC resurrection when?

She is going to declare herself chairmen of the ruins of Academy City.

Instant hacking skills and the AAA.

This description only fits for older women.
Misaka is still young, so yeah only cute fits her.

The hacking could be useful for anything that isn't Aleister's virus, but the AAA is just a bunch of weapons without Aleister's will. I guess it couldn't hurt if the option's available and the process doesn't kill her anyway.

I want to deface shrines in front of Himegami


Does she even take her shrine maiden thing seriously? Sometimes it feels like she wears the get up just because it suits her.

The AAA sees her as it's owner right now, so that could make it useful to Coronzon if it posseses her and I doubt that she really cares whether it hurts the host or not.

The host is only useful when it's alive.


Coronzon will possess Mikoto, Uiharu, a few Kiharas, then get rid of the virus and make AC great again!


Mikoto is hot!


White a pure, she could've raped Kyousuke but didn't.

Praise kek says misaka misaka

This is why you don't force threads when there's nothing to talk about. The last one being deleted should have been a hint.

Isn't she technically a Kirishitan?
She says she only dresses like a shrine maiden.


Kek has bestowed season 3, but when will we see the god emperor in our anime?

Honestly thread looks fine aside from the last 8 posts without mine

Will Season 3 be the last we see of Fiamma?

We'll see him job when NT is adapted

Fellow magapedes, whats your favourite scene? Mine is when Touma beats that fucking mexican up.
I hate how they're always sneaking around like some jackass, based kamachi portrayed him as exactly what he is.

>when NT is adapted

Why does this sound familiar?

What season would that have to be, and how many decades would it take?

God women in real life are disgusting. Based kamachi should show how they are whores more often.
Especially that dumbass 11 year old, she's practically asking to be raped.

>Spammer got butthurt that people ignored his "bats gam" spam
>decided to falseflag as a Mikotofag and spam shit to start a war with Accelfags, but got called out
>starts spamming retarded uncreative shit again
Can anyone be more pathetic than this?

We don't even know if season 3 will get past Carissa.

I hope you're looking forward to the scene where the mexican tries to keep immigrants from crossing Academy City's border wall.

Don't forget the fact that he paid chinkmoot. Literally bottom of the barrel.

>l-look guys, I-I'm one of you! I'm also keeping immigrants out of the city! C-can I stay now?

Aleister almost never cares if you sneak in and wants you to cause trouble (for Touma). He does (did?) care if you want to sneak out.

S4 or S5 depends mostly if S3 ends with WW3 arc. As for the year, dunno maybe 2020-ish

Hopefully never, worst villain and worst Kihara.

So if Biondetta exists to inspire hate, does Kyousuke exist to be a slut?

Kihara Yuiitsu is a pleb filter.

Did Kamachi or the fans not like her? She got jumped offscreen and never heard from again. Even Touma barely mentioned her when he, the Tsuchis and Fran crawled into Aleister's fortress through the hole she and Kamisato made.

Did someone say batsu gameo?

The fact that her fate was left uncertain makes me think Kamachi isn't done with her just yet. She did a good job of stirring shit up in AC and her grand keikaku will come into play at some point.

>This description only fits for older women.
Shows what you know

>The last one being deleted should have been a hint.
When did this happen?

While you were in school

2-3 hours ago. It was a "say something nice about Saten" thread. Nothing interesting really.

Its actually weird that the Saten one got deleted, I mean, it was just the typical "saten is my waifu" OP, and the posts werent that terrible in that thread. We've definitively had a lot worse.

Birdway's tags should be "guro, torture"

Mikoto is hot af

I see, I was a bit surprised because I've been checking on and off and thought I wouldnt miss it, must have been short lived.

Do Sister go commando while not in AC?

Sorry user but trips confirmed

Probably because you are in school

>thinking Mikoto is hot

Turdway can only be described as hot when you couple that with the apt descriptor garbage, as in, Shitway is hot garbage.


Fuck off Coronzon, dont insult your new body

More like I only woke up about an hour ago

Trips confirm

From sleeping in school?

You mean without panstu?


This is why you don't normalize redditors


I want to fuck that neck

I want to suck on it in a cold shower

>Spammer is Coronzon
Figures. Someone call Ayyvas?

Misaki a pile of shit

I want to genocide the redditors

I want to put a dog collar around it

Pretty sure the guy who got 333 was shitting on Mikoto but ok

>implying based Aiwass will waste his time on chasing away lasagna brained spammers

Rough or soft silk?

A 3.2 million dollar dog collar?

Back to your containment thread, Misakacucks

Im usually into this, but Mikoto is for doing cute things to, not kinky things.


I wish I was a serial killer in Academy City so I could get my hands on Mugino

>path to redemption < running after a guy's dick for 40 fucking volumes

>This description only fits for older women.
Misaki is exactly the same age as Misaka and she's hotter than most adult women. I would also like to see what kind o gigantic faggot would describe Kongou as just cute instead of hot. This is how To Aru works and Mikoto just happens to be unattractive and boyish.

Next Index chapter is going to be hype

Will we see Choronzon put together an organization made of 13 versions of itself?

Kakine is Accel's biggest fan, but he's yet to realize it.

Kuroko a cute

Casual Vento this year lads