What should i watch/read before watching Prisma Illya?

What should i watch/read before watching Prisma Illya?

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Your local legal jurisdiction rulings on material like it.

Read FSN plot synopsis and you're ready to go.

Loli is 100% legal in my country.

You need to cum on every Prisma doujin first.


>draw a sexy mature girl
>call it a loli
>call people who like it pedo

That or say it's illegal like that faggot in the buyfag thread.

Fate/stay night
Fate/hollow ataraxia

read the entirety of the VN, then watch Zero, then you're all set to watch anything in the fate series.

>that piss drinking doujin

This nurse needs to button up!

The more fate the better, but you can get by without having watched too much, if you've seen zero and ubw you have a pretty good idea of what's going on, even if you won't know some of the characters as they are from hollow ataraxia.

In that order?

I want to breed Kuro.

Nothing, go ahead OP.

RiP Kuro


Sure, or FZ before FHA, whatever. As long as FSN is first.
You could also ignore FHA, it's mostly just fanservice for FSN, nothing that important.

Prisma hentais

Calm down Illya.


Don't bother with anything else, it's not worth it.

Unironically boku no pico, since you seem to be a pedophile, you'd probably enjoy it

Most funny thing about this image is that it's actually true.
Prisma Illya is unironically the best thing that came out of this universe.

Those are some lovely loli backs.

Its time to stop.

>draw adult body
>scale to 50%
>call it a child and deride people for liking it

You don't really need to know anything about fate to read and enjoy prisma illya. It's all pretty straight forward stuff.

It's ok to be a lolicon, you're on Sup Forums after all.

Illya's a pretty lucky girl to have this whenever she wants.

I'm sometimes thinking that Illya, Kuro and all just have too much hips for me, I like my lolis flat everywhere.

and Angel Notes

Swap F/SN and Prillya and this is accurate

The cups have always been kinda borderline pure loli with their hips and budding breasts. Age wise they could easily still be completely flat but I suppose the cup genes are too strong and they will probably end up looking like Iri in no time.

Luckily I like both pure lolis and lolis with some features.

Nobody from Angel Notes appears in Prisma as far as I know. Would be cool if ORT was the final boss though.

nothing because Fate is absolute trash and Prisma Illya is the only good thing to come out of it, and even that's only for the (fake) loli-service.

That's not the point. This "loli" in the OP has a bigger ass than many adult women.

>The cups have always been kinda borderline pure loli with their hips and budding breasts
Especially seeing your pic related, if you hide the uppper part and only look at the legs, you wouldn't even be able to tell if it's an old hag or not, that really turns me off.

No one here will persecute you for liking little girls.

You're a FRAUD.

Miu has more defined hips and legs than the other cups. This is canon.

Don't watch or read anything Fate, the franchise is trash.
Watch Prisma Illya for the fap material and then throw the rest in the garbage.

Doesn't change what I said.

it's more of the concept than the characters

Miyu’s homeworld features the mana drought that leads to Angel notes


She's just an early bloomer which is not her fault.

The manga

I'd say reading manga afterwards is better way to do things.


Okay now I see what you're getting at. Still it would be nice if ORT were used for SOMETHING.


3rei is better in manga so might as well watch the worse version first. up until that the anime is better so you can just watch that and skip those parts of the manga unless you really want to read it as the art is not that great there, especially not in the start.

I never put that together before. Damn that makes things interesting.

Last month's chapter still not translated?

Illya's home videos.


Jesus Christ what is it about the dutch angle and video cam filter that makes things 100% lewder?

>Pink hair
>Brown pubes

>came out of this universe
I liked carnival phantasm.

That's not pubes ,it's just her outfit.

Apart from the make out scene in Fate/kaleid liner PrismaIllya 2wei! OVA and the popular make out scene that always gets posted
Are there any other hyper lewd scenes from this series?

if I'm not mistaken there's a total of 5 kiss scenes, 1 in 2wei, 2 in herz, 1 in 3rei and 1 in the OVA. Then of course you got the 2 beast specials which are pretty lewd as well. And some scenes like these, while not exactly as lewd are still pretty great.



Translation when?

tfw barely anyone draws thicc rori



You have Mojarin for that.

You don't need to remind us about this so often.

Do mothers really rub their daughter's nipples?

I wonder if it's elins that got me to like lolis with large hips. If anything his doujins are definitely amazing. Achromic as a more new artist is pretty amazing as well.

Add "Liner" in title on top of that.

Reminder that Kuro is going to die within the next 10 chapters.

Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Hollow Ataraxia, and Fate/Zero are the minimum requirements in order to grasp a good majority of it.
Angel Notes is also a good thing to read beforehand.

This is 100% the truth too, most loli have thicker thighs, and wider hips and are more similarly proportioned to a short, flat-chested but sexually mature girl (which describes most Jap women).

This is why I believe most loli and most lolicon, when examined through the lens of Japanese culture and ethnicity, are not realistic examples of pre-pubescent or even just teenage women. Most Asians, particularly women have neotenous features that are retained into adulthood, and they aren't particularly busty. The silhouette of the average loli in a doujin is probably closer to the silhouette of a short Japanese adult (or nearly adult) woman than it is the silhouette of an actual pre-pubescent child.

This is all we have right now.

Or just compare any of the cups with Erica to see the difference between a 'true' loli, of the kind you could see in a Miyazaki movie, and a meme-loli or, whatever you wanna call it, that's actually a petite woman.

Heaven's Feel is better drama and CP is better comedy
Prisma is still really great for including a lot of both while excelling at lewdness

Now Erica is more my shit.

I want to tease kuro and make her blush!

Blushing kuro is very cute!

Except for the fact that you know she's an even faker loli than the cups.

All the OVAs are lewd as shit
The manga is plenty lewd too, not as many blatant fanservice makeout scenes but Hiroyama is a filthy lolicon so you get great shots like this all the time.

Why is Miyu so gay?

Where are all the prisma scans from c93, still missing big names like 40010, Hjukism, SHG and of course this Kuro doujin.

What are the best loli ecchi anime?
I don't want to watch straight up hentai but I wasn't to undeniably and unjustifiably jerk off to 2D cuties.

>Reminder that Kuro is going to die within the next 10 chapters.
I mean they laid the deathflags on pretty thick earlier.

dick status: MUH

Because Illya is too wonderful.

I see the Prismas in the same category as Mikan, in the "Goldilocks zone" between youth and young adulthood.

You need to watch Carnival Phantasm and play the far side routes in Tsukihime to properly appreciate Ruby and Sapphire.
Play FSN, Hollow Ataraxia. Watch the bonus material from Fate Zero with Iri and Taiga. Play the bad ends in Fate and read the Tiga Doujos.

I wish I was a loli turboslut.

You can be whatever you want online, user~

It's not the same.

You're never going to get headpats from your onii-chan if you act like that

My understanding of this show just from what I've seen on Sup Forums is that it's 90% little girls raping each other. How correct would this blind assumption be?

Watch F S/N Unlimited Blade Works before getting into Prisma Ilya.

Girl on girl action makes up like only 25% of it. It’s mostly mahou shoujou action, ya know, little girls with immense destructive powers.