Why is this color the best color?

Why is this color the best color?

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Is this a new Ichigo Marshmellow OVA

How would the Colors react to seeing a fully erect adult dick?

No user-kun, it isn't!

Why is she the only one that look japanese?

Blue is the best color.

laugh and try to snip it off


I'd be more worried about the dick than about the colors.



>Not offering to exchange it with classic rock CDs

one jon

>getting a boner from a little girl?
>you've become corrupt, user!
>let me help you explode

I want to explode onto the colors.

Explode what colors onto the colors?

White semen

Its not a color, its a so-ta-ra-ee-pu-su

Yui is too precious for this world

I want to lick her tears.

I love Sacchan.

A paternal kind of love, right?





Sweet, sensitive, well mannered, tries to stop the other two from misbehaving. She is the most deserving of headpats. The other two need a time out.


time outs are not good enough, i think few spanks would be much more effective

Police bro needs to give them a tour of the local jail. This is where little girls who ditch their friends end up.

>only the second episode
>already reusing animation


Like wanting to make her a mother.

What did you expect? We got lots of QUALITY already in the first episode.

I want to draw a penis on that massive forehead while she is asleep

Who wore it better?

I want to rub my penis on her massive forehead while she is asleep.

How is Colors not just a bootleg Ichigo Mashimaro?

>only the second episode
>already shitposting


I want to rape red and be raped by blue.


What about yellow?

Look at all the handhelds they have in their hideout. How many fucking times has yellow pulled that fucking stunt!

The soil he did crawl.

she can be the libero

How did they get a GameGear and a WonderSwan? Nobody would be using them, even for nostalgia.

I-I would

I'll have you know, game gears are great places to store an entire pack of batteries

Is this like Ichigo Mashimaro, or even close?
I've been waiting for something as good for over 10 years.

It's got the same vibe, could maybe describe it as a budget clone. Definitely give it a go as it's pretty enjoyable so far.

That's good enough for me.

I think we all know what color is the best

ass ramming


red > yellow > blue

So do they ever explain why they call themselves Colors? It's not a very intuitive superhero team title.

I always just figured it was part of thier code-name structure

They like being colored.

I'm just sitting here wondering what the hell mitsuboshi means

I want to gently caress her butt.

It's about cute lolis doing cute mischievous things. It's okay, nothing special.

It really annoyed me that this animation of her climbing over the rope was done 3 times with no changes.

I think it was meant as a joke because they were doing the same thing over and over again
if not then yeah it was pretty lazy but the fact that she also repeated the exact same line 3 times makes me think its part of the joke

It really annoyed me when people who have not read the source material talk as if they know anything that's going on.


please do NOT lewd the colors, thank you

They make cars

>The playground equipment
Why does such a nice show have such a tight budget? It's not fair.

user-kun, they make leather. You're thinking of Mitsubishi.

Actually, they make wood.


I want blue to sit on my face while she plays video games.

this show is good or shit?

each one of them requires a different charger so you know they only play with them once except maybe original GB

Why is she so sexy?


They make wood in our pants.

It's the good shit.

Look at the kanji it's written with and you'll find out.

I cannot look at any character wearing tigerstripe patterns and not think of Lum.

Find out yourself nigger.

Chika, but I am hopelessly biased because she is my waifu.

Don't you mean your daughter?

Daughters aren't for sexual. Chika is.

>Daughters aren't for sexual.


Tien pls go.

Cute pantsu


Don't tempt me.

she looks so damn hugable

Why did they randomly change the art style in Encore?

It doesn't feel like it's trying to be Ichigo Mashimaro to me, but I will say that the VA for Sacchan sounds like she's trying to imitate Miu.

>Why did they randomly change the art style in Encore?
Different studio I believe.

mitsu - three (as generic counter for things)
hoshi - star
hishi - diamond(shape), rhombus

Why did they feel the need to give her a bulge?

I want to fuck Yui in her boypussy.

Ep3 is going to be about selling bananas

Why does Red keep showing me her ass like that?