Will Dorohedoro have a happy ending?

Will Dorohedoro have a happy ending?

No, Kaiman will forever have an ugly lizard head, so it's impossible.

I think it's possible. The tone hasn't been completely bleak.
There are hints that things may turn around for the better in some way.

Definitively. This assuming it ever ends. While its gory and brutal so far no one except Natsu has died and even she can be revived.

Yes, Tetsujo will finally marry Dokuga!

>implying Nikaido could love him without the lizardface

Kaiman is cute. CUTE!

so what happens after Hole-kun kills all magic users?

Dokuga did everything wrong

I should really get around to reading this. I bought vol. 1 of the English release a while ago because it looked interesting, but I somehow forgot about it.

Mangaka is female so there will be tat least a wedding.

If the Gyoza fairy has anything to say about it, yes.

>Kaiman got literally the only magic in the entire setting that truly fits him
>and it's actually broken as fuck

Kaiman promised to help Nikaido with the store. It has to happen. At this point it's confirmed he will keep the lizard face.

Will he stay a magic user forever? I can't remember if it was clarified, but probably not.

How the hell did I not expect this.

But seriously, transformation magic is such a game breaker if you have enough smoke to pull it off.

At this point it doesn't matter, they went through too much to be bothered with this.

Of course. The manga is way too goofy for me to believe it'll end on a sour note.

We knew it was coming all along, and yet it was unelievably hilarious.Who does Q do it?

It's confirmed that he will never be able to reform his head again so i guess his magic power will stay with him unless Chidaruma will interfere. He's an actual magic user now.

Is it ending? I don't want to catch up 4th time and then have to reread everything yet AGAIN.

I ordered gyoza once just because of this manga.

I'm betting on a combined attack from gyoza powered Kaiman from the outside and the En family from the inside.

I was ready for everything but not for a mahou shoujo mode with gyoza wings that allows him to heal any injury, boil shit inside a giant gyoza or summon a massive cleaver.
He's just starting to use this magic and it already rivals En's in hilarity and power.

Well admittedly he got powered up by all of the ex-devils at once, who are the top elite of the magic users through history. En was "just" born strong, even if he's quite the outlier, being able to kill a devil body and all.

When's the next chapter coming out? I can't believe he's got gyoza magic though, that's hilarious.

No, everyone in this manga deserves whatever shit they end up getting. They've all killed way too many people indiscriminately.

Yes. But when only god knows

>moralfagging in Dorohedoro
Let's point at this user and laugh

>Kaiman can now serve miraculous gyoza
>thus fulfilling his promise to help with Nikaido's store
Shame that she's no longer an emotionally unstable and horny half-devil, that was hot.

No scans since fucking November. The raws and some translations for around 3 or 4 more are out there, though. January's chapter already came out.

It's totally normal in that world. Both Hole to a higher degree and the magic users' world are a complete anarchic hell, nevermind people getting their way stealing and killing if they have the power you have the literal creator god of the universe running around sprinkling shit over your head to get a chuckle. En is regarded as a good guy just because having a mafia boss ruling is better than not having anyone at all. And even then you have the people with weak smoke that are literally living in the 3d world. And let's not get into how things work in Hole.
All of the main characters are saints in comparison.

Me too. Mushroom gyoza are actually my favorite

Of course! Kaiman and devil Nikaido would open a new gyoza-only restaurant together!

We're never gonna know because 1) Hayashida will never finish and 2) even if she does Fallen Syndicate will take years to translate it

When is this shit ending? I dropped this shit months ago when it was becoming clear she was dragging it out as hard as possible.

As long as best couple ends up together im happy


Yes. Regular Nikaido is best Nikaido.

So where do I best read this now that bato.to kicked the bucket?

Manga Rock if you have a tablet or similar

When will anyone translate the next chapter?

Didn't they say Vol. 19 would be the last?


I agree

Who knows with Fallen Syndicate, I feel like this would be one of their more popular ones but they've been dragging


It will be bittersweet, most likely.

>kaiman kills big baddie
>nikaido can't come back is confirmed
>kaiman can't grow back a head confirmed
>time machines are all destroyed
>en family is on the verge of death

Where'd you find a good quality rip of this? All I can find are bad quality tweets.

how exactly are they gonna bring her back now

fuuuck meant to spoil that

They will have to believe in the power of the gyoza.

where can I find the raws?

i remember hearing about Dorohedoro ending when i got my first own apartment in 2011
time fucking flies