ITT: Reasons you dropped a series

>Isn't this is an indirect kiss

When the self insert is way too obvious


that last chapter wasnt good at all, im starting to get worried.

Fuck you

mecha is pretty dumb my dude

Showing the bad guys who killed thousands, like good guys who are actually repent aboout it (but they weren't when they were killing innocent people, even when their country didn't do a thing).
I fucking hate that shit, literally in every shonen manga happens this

felt like a hentai disguised as a shounen.

why even pick up mecha shows?

oh, and they get to be receiving forgiveness after saying a couple of bullshit words to the MC

>if you kill them you will be as bad as them!
This is everywhere though not just in anime/manga


>felt like a hentai
Based on the recent chapters it's basically 1 step away from being a hentai

TTGL was the last good mecha.

Knights and Magic was fucking 10/10 and the best isekai ever made, you disappoint me.

>I want to know what love means.

>I know you can show me

>apocalypse now reference
Do nips just love that movie? Why are these common?


>when the protagonist self-identifies as an average high schooler

>boy in my cute girls cartoon



Pacing is shit. SHIIIIIIIT.

I drop anything the time a love triangle shows up in the story. Sick to death of that garbage.

It IS a hentai disguised as shounen

No need to kill them, at least have some justice upon them, like spending jail for a long time or even for the rest of their lives.
Killing them would only stop them from suffer what they deserve

>power goes out mc and girl about to kiss/do or say something romantic and power comes back on
>get locked in storage shed/classroom overnight except they always manage to get out before anything interesting happens and the plot doesn't advance as a result
>stuck under a rain shelter, boy tries hard not to look at see though shirt of girl
>Obligitory "I forgot my umbrella >_

>excessive fanservice
>the mandatory mascot spouting one word over and over and over and over again
>MC is being obnoxious Gary Stu with power of friendship and plot armor
>we are a dark show, so dark, look at this gore, oops actually it's pixels, dark colored pixels, how horrifying, are we edgy yet? this is the only thing we learned from violent anime shows that were popular
>harem anime number 30285, we've remade this formula so many times that the girl falling on the guys face multiple times in the same episode is not new for us anymore and we just came for the variety of outfits and haircolor
>didn't get the plot (Kaiba comes to mind from this)

>tfw your gf's lesbian friend fucks you right after you fuck gf to indirectly fuck your gf


You mean the line that appears in 99% of anime? So do you no longer watch anime?

Mascot characters especially if they h ang around the main girl constantly
Even if its a squirrel witn no lines
Just why

>magical swords
>Kitiro protag
Three combined and is dropped

male character

>ridiculously large sword being swinged with ease
Fun thing is that 2 years later I picked up the manga and now it's one of my favourites

That manga went to shit a decade ago.

"Intellectual" humour

>action anime only with girls
>broken MC
>reverse harem

>That manga went to shit seven chapters ago


Did something actually happen did they actually heal casca

To be fair you have to have a very high IQ to understand mecha anime.

>felt like a hentai disguised as a shounen.
That's actually the greatest appeal and the only real justification for the existence of Tsugumomo. The guy who made it has straight up said after some chapters that his main goal is to get newly introduced female characters naked as soon as possible, and having to tell a story just annoyingly gets in the way of that a lot.

They're working on it, the girl crew's currently in casca's dreams putting her back together and making their way to the eclipse (which they just reached last chapter).

>binged the first episodes of the airing anime
>forgot it exists until the season is finished
>few months later to disengaged to take it up again

I heard Im just curious why that user thinks it was ruined exactly 7 chapters ago

I dropped it when that horrendously bad sequel was scanlated, the one where they're married adults. I figured nothing good would come from further following a story that's such retardedly pandering crap that two elementary school children would stay in love and together through ages like 11-26.

>the best isekai ever made
That's still trash.

Pretty sure he meant 7 chapters took a decade.

when there is no cute sub boi, only "sexy" moe girls

>guy joins a magic high school
>accidentally puts attention to himself somehow
>the most popular/powerful girl at school challenges him to a duel
>he wins, shocking everyone
i wonder how many first episodes exist that follow this exact formula

Who's to say they don't drift apart and get back together when they're older? You really filled the gaps in there yourself.

>I want to know what "I love you" means

That'd be just as stupid.

>Autistic fuck reborns as a cute boy with aptitude for magic then somehow becomes a good fighter for no reason, also, has mechanic crew guys as friends and he steals their credit.
Don't see anything good.

Why? Shit happens all the time.

>battle harem antics
Makes me insta-drop any show.

Knight's & Magic*
Sasuga Japan

my boy


That's not Escaflowne

I literally just read all of what's available of Happiness and dropped it. Fucking stupid time skip.

It spent too long on the chick.

Do you honestly think people never go their own ways, meet each other again later in life, and start a relationship?

Sure, it's not common, but you seem to think that if two people showed an interest in one another when young it's completely impossible they'd do so when older, not unlikely.

God I feel so cheated but I'm glad I read it all in one day and haven't been following from the start. Then id really be pissed.

>MC acts like a faggot around girls
I'm not wasting my time with that bullshit.

>MC and love interest always fight with each other over the most stupid shit
>"Fuck you MC"
>"Shut up bitch, fuck you more"
>Third party watches them fight
>"You two get along well"

I felt the same.

>MC is an idiot and he sucks in everything he does.
>Bonus if the MC has a dream (like becoming a director) but he also sucks in doing it.

>''I'm just your average teenager''
>insert pretentious monologue
>somehow girls talk with him and have interest in him
>he cracks and is already blushing

>I thought these things only happened in mangas

>he wins, shocking everyone
More like he's about to win but is interrupted by something. I really hate that.

>Lets go, he's no threat to us

Because healthy couples always squabble over petty reasons. And hate ->love.

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One of my ideas for a shonen manga is having a obviously evil guy who's constantly being alluded as a good guy. In every single appearance he'd have background objects forming angel wings behind him, heavenly rays of light descending upon him and stuff even when he's fucking shit up.