Boku no Hero Academia

>There's people who believe that the shitty doujin in the other thread was made by Hori

It says a lot about people's gullibility, but it also says a lot about that fanartist's quality. Somebody should hire him.

Famalam is a hot girl.

>yfw Sup Forums is canonically dumber than Mina

>still no TodoCamie art

>intelligence below average
Someone needs to take basic statistics courses.

>Todorokifags believe he's a main character

where´s that thread?


What do you think about this

>Ochacofags think she ranks higher than him

Aren't you forgeting someone

Bakugo is where he belongs

> I like the obscure or irrelevant side cast best
But you’re a birbro, so you’re good

Who's obscure?

Everyday until canon

Remedials need to be removed from UA

Pika and Birb is the sidecast for sidecast in my mind


Its a shame that based mineta scored higher than all of them on the test

There. All Might is fixed

No he isn't. Imagine skinnymight with that beard.

It'd be a neckbeard

>5 kids failed in Class A
>Only 1 failed in Class B
Monoma may be insane, but he had a point. Even though Class A has monsters like Todoroki and Bakugo, the average Class B student is better than the average Class A student.

monoma a shit
intelligence =/= battle power

But Kirishima has a character now

>Rappa so high
good taste

The remedials' didn't fail because of low intelligence (though it certainly didn't help), they failed because their battle power was insufficient to pass the end of term exam.

Stop it. You can't leave Kacchan without friends.

curse of not being born with god tier genetics or protagonist armor

No, all of them failed because they couldn't come up with strategic solution against their matchups, especially Kaminari-Ashido team, who didn't even see Nedzu during their battle.

Kirishima and Sugar were the dumbest though. They could have just ran away, but they insisted on going after him and punching his infinite cement barriers for no reason.

I still don't get why did Sero fail. He saved Mineta. If he hadn't they would both have lost.

So this new reprimand arc is going nowhere. When will the villains make an appearance again? What is shiggy cooking up right now?

>implying Sup Forums only consists of bnhafags

Don’t imagine
Do it

No Bakugo = good ranking

Reminder that Bakugou's entire circle of friends consists of idiots who failed the midterm.

he gets along with retards

Smartkugo coming in before dekuck again

S-Shut up. He'll tutor them and they'll get into the top 10 easily.

He appeals to autists

Well said.

i haven't been here in literal months.
has anything big happened? you guys still yelling at folks to lurk moar and calling everything you hate cancerous?

Let's face it, only an idiot or a battered housewife like Deku would still try to socialise with him after a while.

Yes you can. A GOAT hero like him doesn't need moochers riding his coattails

Haven't really seen any of that lately but shipfaggotry is still as cancerous as ever

fujos or self inserting fanboys?
also was electric shock the traitor?

I agree.

Excellent taste friend.

Shipping is fun

>come from a shitty school and normal families
>have grades as high as elites and rich people like Iida, Momo and Todoroki
Why are Deku and Kacchan so amazing?

Enough with the generals.

bakugou is not as bad as the mutant hater and weirdo

Why do girls likes assholes?

Deku had nothing to do but study. Bakugou hit the gym and the books.


>thinking hori will ever reveal the traitor

Well see ya just pull yerself up by yer bootstraps...

Can Chisaki gibs someone and then overhaul them into a girl? Just asking.

>Overhaul has the gender bender abilities we all have been asking for

Wait so that was ironic memeing about a most likely traced doujin authored by HK?
I just want to know if next season will be two cour or not.

Ever heard of people being good at art? Depending on the complexity but styles aren't that hard to mimic.

Are you telling me that animation studios and manga assistants are supposed to draw pictures ON MODEL and make it look like someone else's work? Yeah right buddy, no one can do that it's impossible.

>Caring about Bakugo's old and busted friends when pic related exists

It's two cour
>wait so that was ironic memeing about a most likely traced doujin authored by HK?
it started as such, but the rest of the thread was the umpteenth reminder that generals attract a lot of newfriends who don't know any better

What about Tokoyami?

who is that?

I still call anons to read slower, so

>Bakugou > Izuku > Todorki

Because being treated like garbage is a primal fetish of women and anchored in every woman's subconsciousness.

That's why so many women also fantasize about getting raped.

You may not like it but this is what peak autism squad looks like

you posted the wrong picture

What about women who fantasize about doing the raping?


>Tenya no drinking orange juice

He’s a stupid bird

Animators and assistants have to work using standard guidelines provided by the creator/art director. A doujin artist doesn't always have this kind of guide, and more often than not, they imprint their own style, even when trying to be as close to the actual model as possible.

Unless maybe... they ARE one his assistants.

>and thanks to Shiggy it's gone forever.

Nice try but no

Saying their ranking is completely meaningless. What matters is what their actual grade average is.

Or you know, he just tries and studies the artstyle. Just because faggot on tumblr love they own shitty style so much does change that its completely possible mimic someone just by observing his art.

Well there are always exceptions.

Ochako is going to be Deku's cute and extremely loyal wife and there's nothing any of you can do about it.

I want to see Deku happy and hanging out with his friends again. He's been sad for months now.

>overhaul will never make you into a cute girl so you can have /ll/ with Eri

>a picture of angry Bakugo face in response to this

Oh yeah?

From a pure storytelling purpose, that's not really necessary. The purpose of that scene is to show the overall intelligence of 1-A's students. Specifying their grade average would mean putting some effort in an effortless scene.

The only way I see Ochako successfully seducing Deku is by wearing an All Might costume in a bikini.

all of them are eternal sidekicks.

>Implying Ochako won't end up a depressed, overweight housewife with two kids who knows about Deku's affair but won't divorce him because his money's too good

>>yfw Sup Forums is canonically equivalent to mineta in personality and wit

Good grades don't translate to global intelligence, even in fiction. Look at Bakugo, academically near the top but with the social intelligence of a sea slug.

Tell me about Ochako, why is she so chubby?

why are they all brushing their mouths at the same time? is it because they ate "food" together?

she's a round girl

wait what are the chances of tododeku becoming a thing

>your hand crusher evolved into a burger crusher

less than 0

>you will never have an ochako to come home to