When will they learn?

when will they learn?

>great leaders, genius scholars, feared conquerors


Are you Le triggered? Silly manlet

>great leaders, genius scholars, feared conquerors

Such as?

Napoleon, Einstein, Hitler, etc.

Napoleon was average height for his time. Him being short is a modern myth based on his height being listed using French imperial units and the average height being shorter at the time he lived.

But Mikazuki's tall aniki was the leader and he was just Tekkadan's weapon.

Thats why Mika and Atra were meant for each other. Although i doubt Mika would have grown up to be taller than Atra if he had survived

>a manlet defeated god and saved the world
stay mad lanklets

>Be me, manlet of 170 cm
>All uncles from both sides are in between 180 and 185 cm
>Watch their kids grow taller each year

Granted, it could have been worse but still ...

>He then grew up to be tall.

He's like 13

Mika is 16-17

I feel you. I learned to accept my genetic inferiority. Good thing I won't have children to give them the curse of being a manlet. No man should be born as a manlet, it is like you aren't even a real man.

Pretty much the same story here. I'm still convinced there was a mixup in the hospital or I'm adopted.

Just work on other things
but not gym
Muscle on a midget looks horrible

i'm 166cm
sucks man. well not really since height can't really help someone like me

Who 190 masterrace here?

Global rule 6 nigger.

literally nobody in the real world gives a shit about height

t. 6'5" loser

Mika is a good character

She should've given him a child too. Atra's kid could've used a sibling.

wasnt he born on mars? was he so malnourished that it messed up his growth. He should have been taller with mars' lower gravity

King of manlets.

That their actions are consequences!!!!!

>tfw 5'10
I'll get to 6 one day, growth plates don't close until 25 years of age, and I still grow

>was he so malnourished
Yes, both he and Atra were malnourished that's why they were midgets. Although Orga was like that too but he was tall. Maybe Mika and Atra just had shitty genes.
Kudelia didn't wanted to be part of the harem. She was the one who persuade Atra to have a kid with Mika in the first place

>bred the younger girl
>made a princess fall so hard for him she turns into a cuckquean and raises his kid with the other girl
Manlets are the god race. Lanklets will never EVER be this powerful.

At least Atra and Mika's kid seems to have grown ok with proper food

nigga hes 5'7

Make this happen

>for his time
why can you not read retard

They do

t. 5'5'' loser

he was still a manlet compared to his grognards or the prussians

Is a pic of the Manga. Would be nice if they so some kind of epilogue or continuation with Akatsuki

and he was literally an emperor and conqueror, who gives a shit

a girl wanting to your seed before you die is like the hottest shit ever, also cute as fuck scene

>a girl wanting to your seed before you die is like the hottest shit ever.
It sure is

I wonder if Mika was gentle

sauce me PLEASE

I think this was the point.

Not scanned sorry

>believed this from the age of 18 to now
>25 years old
>didn't grow an inch
Better hang yourself by the ankles from some monkeybars everyday, son.

>average height
>not manlet

>today average american white male height is 5'10
>today manlet cut off is 5'11
>but Napolean wasn't a manlet because he was actually average height
lanklet brains everyone