Greatest love story ever told

Greatest love story ever told

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>story about bullying
>love story

Too bad it never got a romantic conclusion.

She could not told about them even if she tried

Damnit, you made me laugh out loud.

But user, she even tried to confess at some point.

It fucking sucked.

guetfse ovv dowwyy evee odd

Cheeky lad

Ueno is one of the biggest cunts I've ever seen in any media.

>tfw started to learn sign language because of that movie

>manga was just romancebait
>kyoani adapts it
Perfect match to be honest

I know that feel.

I just hope that there are Shokos in the world.

Which type of sign language? there's atleast 16 version based on geographical region.

Seems like there is considerably more than 16 sign languages.

Lets hope you learn the same type as your waifu

I'm just learning the one of my country.

then how will you talk with your waifu?

there's more to anime than waifus

She probably wanted to be friends, no lovers.

Tsugi desh

She still has one of the most lovely smiles I've ever seen.


why haven't you watched kimi no na wa yet?

I just want to talk with people who can't talk, because they feel alone like me.

>ctrl-f chex
>zero results

True that.

is there a full art of this pic?

Wrong. It's actually about Shouya opening up again after bullying her. She was was just loose ends he wanted to tie up before committing suicide. She ending up being a crutch for him that helped him to find a reason to keep living. They're friends if anything.

Come to think of it, I don't recall ever seeing a full body version of that one. It's always cropped down to her face and knees. I just noticed that the version I had saved is like that too, and I can't find a full version anywhere.

What is that? Some gay young adult novel adaptation?

That deaf jap voice is too cute, I want to fuck it.

fuck ueno

Me too, shit's interesting
Sucks I'll never get to actually use it though

Fucking gladly.

Friends with the moon?

Why did her mother thought it was a good idea to send her special needs kid to a public shit school.

Should I read the manga? Like, if I want more or does the movie cover pretty much everything important?

Movie covers the essential parts. The rest is like supplemental reading, and the parts the movie didn't cover are pretty bad.

Got tears in mah eyes.

Thank you Yoshitoki Ooima, I now understand that if you want a girl to fall in love with you you must first beat her up.

She's not even the biggest cunt in the show. Fuck Kawai.

This. Kawai? More like Kowai!

why does there need to be so many sign language types? physical gestures should be mostly universal no?

The japanese government actually tries to enforce a more inclusive kind of education, so basically most children with disabilities should go to school with healthy children. Of course, the teachers should have certificates allowing them to handle children with disabilities. The % of children who actually go to special schools is actually really low there, it has been around 2% for a while before, and I don't think it has increased too much now.

Phrases and letters are different, so signs for common words or phrases might still be different.

Interesting, but as you said, the teachers should be capacitated on know how to handle these situations, their teacher didn't gave a single fuck and by the time they put hands in the issue all he did was blame the kids(doing basically what Kawai did, fuck that teacher).

The teacher being an asshole is at least more believable, and maybe also accurate. The certification of teachers is one of the main goals in the development of the education system for disabled children over in Japan, because the actual proportion of certified tutors isn't all that high (at least not enough to warrant proper education for every disabled child).

Shouko just may have been on the unfortunate side of things.


>they never even get together

Nobody around to dick her and explain that this shit would not work, grandma wasn't persuasive enough.
Still the best girl.

Shoko IS love!

True end,,,no matter what.



>No time to learn ASL
>No one to practice with
My dreams of getting a deaf gf are all but futile

Please don't pick on her for her cereal preferences.

>honey nut



Is there more manga/anime where a girl gets bullied either by the mc or someone else and the mc white knights her afterwards?

Onani Master Kurosawa, sort of, these stories are related in many ways actually.

Honestly I just want to know more about Shimada and Pedro.

That's unfortunate.

Too bad she'll never hear of it

I am still surprised he didn't turn story into NTR. Actually love how pure and innocent KnK was in the end, well, excluding Miki.