ITT: shows only you watched

ITT: shows only you watched

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>she's only 172cm (5'8")
Jesus Christ, those japs are tiny.

I remember absolutely nothing from this show, but I did watch it.

>ITT: I am showcasing my newfaggotry

Okay faggot show me something that isn't newfag

This gem. I'm sure someone's seen it but I've yet to come across that person.

Shakugan no Shana S3. I watched it because Rie Kugimiya gets my heart hard.


I only pick up anime I see on Sup Forums

best depiction of ftl and amazing mecha

It wasn't very good.

How come every time there's a tall girl in anime or manga, she's always with a manlet?
I'm 6'5, dammit, why won't any of those nip bastards pander to me and have a Scandinavian/Amazonian giant couple?



A tall girl dating a short boy is such a bizarre sight anywhere.
Think about it. How many couples do you know where the girl is taller?

literally my aunt and her manlet boyfriend

Zero because I don't know anybody?


Most underrated show winter 2017


If You Don't Know Anybody, How Can You Know Yourself?


Never seen anyone mention UFO Princess Valkyrie AKA UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie, a top-tier early 2000s show.

Nigga please, I watched it and I read the manga and the only thing I remember is mame daifuku.

Average Japanese is midget sized.


This show was depressing as fuck.


Birdy The Mighty


Not even. The anime was fairly popular in 2012, and the manga was also popular in Sup Forums a decade ago.

The plot was a mess. It's like if the writers couldn't make up their minds on what kind of show they wanted to make. Cool mecha designs though.

so much wasted potential but still fun in some parts

pretentious shit coming through
it was good

Come on, everyone on Sup Forums watched this because of saliva girl.

user pls

Who could forget those tanlines?

That anime had a refreshingly old-school art style.

I challenge anyone to recall a single detail about this show, because I sure as heck can't


>ITT newfags

I can't remember much of it other that it was boring as fuck.

Either retarded or newfag or both.

What are you talking about the threads were fucking tiny

Season 2 never.


It still gets updated right?
it is the only reason why I can remember the name.

Nana Maru San Batsu had tiny threads. Konbini Kareshi had tiny threads. Clione no Akari had even tinier ones. Akiba's Trip always had an average of 150~350 posts and almost shitpost free aside the card game episode. It had plenty of movemen

>they destroyed their friendship because of dick

Fuck this shit

By any chance are you from Honduras or another south american country with old ass anime in public tv?

Anybody here watched Zenki?

Oh fuck me, it is, I thought by now it was dead for sure. How long can one man resist reverse gang rape?

as much as I'd love another series at this point I'd settle for scans of the manga past the second volume.


Fuck you.

Chapter came out a few days ago if I am correct.


Does anyone remember Inukami?

I'm kinda tempted to read it now, it was one of the first things I watched.

I barely remember so this probably isn't accurate, but I believe it ended with those two killing each other after the brown girl got corrupted by the antagonist.
Also brown was the reincarnation of blue's mother or something I dunno

Gasaraki is a masterpiece. Unironically better than VOTOMS.

I really liked the MC, I wish they did more with him and the red-haired guy. The ending reveal was kind of disappointing.

Mexico actually. Capitan Centella was the shit.


What was it even about, some dude got stranded on some island?
He said shit like nothing is impossible right?

Great taste my man, that and Festival de los robots where my jam back in the day.

Basically that, but the island was only women, because all the men died out in a storm, so it's all just a massive harem. Main girl had the puffiest goddamn vulva I've seen to this day.

Life already panders to you you fucking retard.

The actual show without the abridged dub.

It's fucking awful. One of the most boring shows I've ever seen.

manga-zip (dottu) net/archives/6911.html

If you are the age demografic (grade schoolers) is entretaining enough.


I love AC5.

That's on a lot of the old rec charts, as are many things posting in this thread.
I bet hardly anyone else watched this.



You really think nobody watched a crossover of a bunch of super popular series huh


Everyone watched this.

i wouldn't be so sure of nu-Sup Forums

My parents.

Nu-Sup Forums especially has seen shows that aired on Western TV in recent years. Pic related is something nu-Sup Forums hasn't seen.

You're not alone.

I only liked the kansai ben all the characters had. This show then proceeded to meander for a good 5-6 episodes about that fireworks

>All this new

Pretty nu-Sup Forums I guess. The first show I ever downloaded.

If only. The first five episodes of Stratos 4 were great, everything after was shit.

Just finished Mokke.

Quite good, with a nice balance of slice of life and fantasy. The characters are quite endearing too. Especially the main character, little Mizuki.

Shit taste.


big height difference is very rare but I seen a fuckton of couples where girl was taller by ~1inch

i love tall girls but.. >manlets

bizarre would be the wrong word, rare is better. i wish it was more common with straight couples where the girl is a fair bit taller.


gosenzo sama banbanzai, dallos, VIFAM; so much great anime isn't newfag core lmao. he's making fun of you because lovely complex was like, a massive deal for years, but you would't know that because you're 13.

Seen it

One of the earliest series I can remember watching.

>the main villain calls a time out with the heroes and tries to talk out their differences for 3 episodes

Blast of Tempest was a ride.

Has anyone watched this?
It is about sone guy who is really into cakes, but he is forces to marry a loli for some reason.
It stuck with me, because the op was real catchyit was also the first lewd anime I watched as a kid.
Just watching the first 5 minutes of this it seems like the kind of series Sup Forums would enjoy.

It was okay.

Didn't one girl end up with a dog?

Don't read the manga. It gets to SnK levels of horrible writing.