Why didn't we get a tsundere this season?

Why didn't we get a tsundere this season?

Why didnt we get a sadist?

Yes we did, lurk more.

I need tsundere every season, otherwise I get withdrawal symptoms

We did.

lolis do not count

could not find any though

>not posting the real tsundere

Only lolis count

Tsundere are shit

Sadism is a cuck fetish

so you only like traps, good for you

>he doesn't know

Yes we do.

Because it's not like they like you or anything, baka

She was a shitty tsundere. Discount 8man was a better one than her.

when do i get a Michiru level tsundere

she's the tsundere

where is the dere dammit

It's 2018 old man, no one cares about tsunderes anymore. Smug bullies yes, but not tsunderes.



Don't say that about my wife if you don't want any trouble. Thanks.

Ignorant faggot
>Trap pic
Opinion discarded
Ultra faggot with shit taste

>Ultra faggot with shit taste
She admitted it in the show. She knows she is shit.

This was honestly the first show that reminded the most of Working!! since it ended. Certainly not as good, but it was worth a watch. I haven't looked into the manga yet, is there enough material for another season?

Why isn't Mikasa Makoto with the other shitty tsundere? I just want to know your tastes and judment


true that
but she's rather intelligent mastermind torturer, not a regular sadist

Sorry Akizuki

Yowamushi Pedal. Oddly, they're BOTH TSUNDERE to each other.

Kaho is a fake tsundere. It is just an act. She is really a genki aho.

The best kind of Tsundere.

>genki aho
We need more of these.

Why is she so perfect?

Blend S could've been good if it focused on her and not the meme girls.