Dragon Ball Super

Manga leaks soon. We'll finally find out if Gohan is SSB tier or not.

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We already know he's not.

nice headcanon

why does toyotaro's caulifla look so mean?

He got knocked out cold in 1 punch by SSBKK Goku. Plenty of others have taken more than a few hits from him at that level and were still standing. He's not on the same tier.

because she's a thuggish gang leader?

>We already know he's not
>He hasn't thrown a single punch in Super

That was a full power SSBKK Punch tho

Everyone who's gone up against SSBKK was well beyond what SSB is capable of.
I'm not saying Gohan is SSB tier, but him getting instantly blown out by SSBKK doesn't make him that weak.

GT > Super and it isn't debatable

I'm debating this.

Only because of Pan and her little butt.

>El Grande Padre in the background looking evil
What is our guy Toyo trying to tell us?

Oh so RoF never happened in the manga? Ok.

And he was fighting holding back blue. He isn't in the big boys club like Hit, Vegeta, Freiza, Kelfa, Toppo or Jiren.

No but it doesn't make him that strong either.

When will goku start wearing this?
Why did goku start wearing this?

It's exactly what it looks like.

The events of RoF are simply implied in the manga, and Gohan is not seen throwing a single strike in said manga

Why does Gohan wear the glasses? Im pretty sure saiyan blood negates earth weakness

Angry Pussy is good pussy.

April after the ToP and Super ends

He thinks they're cool. Goes well with his high soy diet

Pretty sure you're retarded.

>k-k-kakkorotto kun, I didn't notice you there!

Thinks GT is good.

So if he's SSJGSSJ tier in the mango, blanco pretty much confirmed right?

So did anything come from that user's request for someone to draw Kefla's abs being licked?

will blanco be able to beat krillin?

I liked this gi a lot. I hope he actually does eventually start wearing it.

They shouldn't have wasted the Genki Dama theme on Cuckgeta's embarrassing new form. I wonder if he would consider suicide if he ever saw it in the mirror. This is what a real new form looks like.

Stfu Gokucuck.


>liking his worst hobo outfit
You are pathetic, I pity you

Find a post where I said I liked it. I simply asked when and why

Thinking about Kefla

Gohan isn't SSB tier dude.


Will be rougher on Caulifla than this, or will they just skip to back tingles?

Me too user, me too.

She looks more mischievous than mean.

Just revive Cell already.

Toyotaro forgot this character existed

Do you think Caulifla/Kale will trick Goku into impregnating them in order to have superpowerful offspring?

What did they mean by this?

Whatever happened to that 9/10 chance of death?

she looks like she enjoys bullying other girls and soyboys like cabba

Knowing how Toyo likes to take the safe boring route through everything, he'll probably just get her angry enough to go SS and she won't go SS2 until the ToP. In this case it'll pay off more than the anime since back tingles was a mistake.

>Vegeta said he would defeat Jiren in his own way
He'll probably give him a blowjob that'll knock his socks off.

Why would they want retarded children?

put on your name, vados-spic

Eat it with cream cheese.


Caulifla belongs to CHADbba though.

will Toyotaro make Piccolo relevant again?

Please.. He's my favorite character..

The namefag isn't the Pan poster though. For one, he/she only types in lowercase and now now the real one is tripfagging.

Time for a poll before the leaks arrive

Nah, Vados is shit, Cus is the only angel I like.

Cabba has that part covered.

Toyotaro won't fix enough. There's too much wrong with Super, and Toyotaro doesn't have the talent to be able to fix everything.
The anime will continue to be absolutely fucking awful, and the manga itself will be mediocre at best.

He didn't

>t. Virgin
Real women need no nice guys, so you and your Cabbage idol will always be pathetic.


You aren't a real woman, roastie.

CHADbba won't be a nice guy after training with Vegeta. He'll make him into a 6'5" alpha that can go SSB2.


That artist was really drawing blanks with this.

I'm a waifufag but why does this picture make me want to fuck Cabba in the ass?

I don't like how this makes me feel, stop posting it.

Today I shall remind them

No one cares about this numale.

The third one won't be used anymore.

to make up for the dopey mess Toei left

If he were SSB tier, he wouldn't be struggling with Toppo


youtube.com/watch?v=C1o5krVrVf8 post best moments

>Jobku talking shit about CHADbba
Reminder that Cabba made Frieza go into Golden to take him out, which means he's at least God level in SS2.

I hope Caulifla bullies Cabba in the manga.

> ToP prize are the Super Dragon Balls
> U6 is erased
> Only half of the balls are available since half of the balls got erased with U6

The ToP is RIGGED. EGP is lying


Why is a character as irrelevant as sHit still heavily featured in the past few ED?

>wants to cosplay like pan
>prefers GT over Z

nah he's a faggot pedospic

Not a roastie and I don't care. I don't come to Sup Forums to find a boyfriend because I already have a good one ^^. Keep self-inserting as your skinny Cabba, in the end the only sexy character is Vegeta but you are too antisocial, pathetic and Mommy's manchild to understand. Peace

Didn't the previous tournament have toppo being seen as a match for ssb kai-ken goku? That would make him beyond ssb tier.

He's 100 percent confirmed to be bullied. Just look at how Toyo drew her. She looks like a bigger bitch than future 18. I wonder if Cabba will take it like a cuck though.

Vegeta ascended into the big leagues so Hit took his role.

>Cabbacuck trying to shit-talk Goku
My sides

No, it showed Toppo getting speed blitzed by SSB Goku, tanking the hit, and then powering up.
Goku was able to damage Toppo in normal SSB and put up a fight.
Meanwhile Gohan can't even ruffle Toppo's uniform with his full power.

cabba still fucks better bitches than ure waifu so fuck you

Maybe thats just Toei shit writing. And Ultimate works differently than most forms. Sometimes is weaker than a SS2 and others stronger than a SSG

>I wonder if Cabba will take it like a cuck though

Is that seriously even a question?

>Gokek’s still talking shit after regular SSB Vegeta was confirmed stronger than SSB Kaiokek

The shit Toei writing was Gohan going from struggling with SS2 Goku to somehow being able to fight with SSB Goku
I bet the manga has Ultimate Gohan beating SS3 Goku and being able to hang a bit with SSG before getting one shot by SSB.
It makes far more sense and puts him above 17 but under the gods.

lol no

CHADbba always wins. Goku is a kissless faggot.

I'll take Keru.

> Mr Widows Peak
> Not Trunks

Considering Toyo likes shitting (Belmond X Margarita) Its possible that he'll ship Cabba with Caulifla or Kale. Unless of course Toriyama is against it

>Cabbetafag retarded enough to believe this
Vegeta literally called out Jiren for holding back.

Really? Where was that confirmed?

Vegeta vs. Goku: 2-0

Therefore Cabba wins.

Gokufags only like goku because it's the safe option and they're least likely to get cucked because muh MC

Toyo might give him a spine. Why should he take bullying if he's much stronger than Caulifla before she had SS?

At least goku isn't daydreaming about Vegeta and calling him master. Cabba a cake, he a fag