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>Bee Train appreciation thread.

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>bee train died in your lifetime

>more girls with guns never

>Date of Birth 05.06.1997
>Date of Death ??.??.2012

I keep telling myself to watch Noir but then I always decide it's just a LITTLE too boring looking. It's been like 10 years of this.

Bee train always hit a soft spot of mine with girl protags and yuri subtext

Woops. Just listen to the commentary man. Shit's great.

>Noir sequel never

Download the OST, listen to it and I can assure you you will want to watch the anime.

Yeah... really miss long pans on eyes as BGM plays.

I heard Bee Train formed a new studio or Studio Khara took them over

This but unironically

I can agree they were pretty aesthic.

That moment in .Hack//Sign when the "main theme" turns into a horror version was pretty great


They're called C-Station now. They're doing Yuru Camp and Hoshin Engi this season.

C-Station is what's left of Bee Train (get it? B train, C station).
But Bee Train was just really Horikawa and Mashimo, and since the latter is retired the real successor is P.A. Works.

Underrated studio desu

Dropped this when the guy looked at his hands and proclaimed out loud his amnesia. How can you not know when to use inner monologue as a writer? How fucking stupid do you have to be? I didn't look up whoever wrote that but god damnit that guy is most likely an adult and is being paid to write crap like that.

Queen Bee?

Why can't they make anime like this anymore? Just give a girl a gun and send her on her way.

Because now if you give a girl a gun she must make the gun club with all her friends and shoot plastic bottles as part of her club activities and her main goal is to win da plastic bottle shooting nationals. And by the way they don't use real bullets just bb ammo. They also are idols on the side.

>(get it? B train, C station).
Felt like they could've come up with a better pun.

Or just have a couple of girls own a ship with a female captain nutbuster to explore space and find a new planets.

I would want that.

How come I must know?