Missed out on watching this one together with Sup Forums when it aired, how was the general reception?

Missed out on watching this one together with Sup Forums when it aired, how was the general reception?
Personally I really enjoyed the characters and setting. The plot twists were actually believable, too.

I liked the characters enough that I can't even decide on who's best girl.

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>general reception
It was entertaining, one of the more popular shows that season for sure.
>best girl
Definitely Ange.

It was pretty good. Ideally for me, a second season would be the rest of the episodes that were left out because of the anachronic order, and a movie would tie up season one's ending.

>Missed out on watching this one together with Sup Forums when it aired
bad user

>Definitely Ange.
She's fucking great but then there's also Dorothy so it's really hard to decide.

It's Dorothy. No need for you to try to decide.

It was pretty well received. It did well enough that a second season is a possibility. It had the best threads of the season, for sure.

I really regret it a lot.

>It did well enough that a second season is a possibility.
I sure hope so, would be a shame if it's just twelve episodes and that's it.

Dorothy is clearly best girl

I just finished it and the last few episodes were pretty bad. I laughed pretty good when they just left the church together and the screen faded to black, though.

>the last few episodes were pretty bad.
The finale "two parter" or also those shortly before that?

I guess it was just the two parter? I generally enjoyed the Assassination of the Week format they had going, but the ending was pretty weak.

I remember everyone dreading Okouchi's writing at the start, but then the only two episodes everyone disliked were those not written by him

>but the ending was pretty weak.
The larger scale operation that was pushed into it by the military didn't work as well as the other cases I guess.
Still enjoyed them though

>It had the best threads of the season
Well, except for when plotfags had a meltdown.
>everyone disliked
Speak for yourself, I liked them. I really didn't want this to turn into an Okouchi-style trainwreck/edgefest, so I'm happy with what we got, assuming that we get a S2 of course because otherwise I'll be forever blueballed, but I heard that the staff was in high spirits at C93 and all of them really want a S2 to happen.

It did have a couple scenes that were kinda heavy.

Heavy and Edgy are extremely different things

The mobage costumes are a gift that keeps on giving.

>there's a mobage
oh no, not again.

Not again what? The mobage has been part of the franchise since the beginning. The story bits are also pretty good, both for the main five girls and mobage-only characters.

>Not again what?
Not me being dragged into gacha hell once again I meant.
Can't seem to find a translated version though so I guess I'm safe.

It was underwhelming to say the least.
Beato is best girl.

>Missed out on watching this one together with Sup Forums
You really missed out on that one.

There is no translated version, I make do by screenshotting and using GT. The game and the dialogue are easy enough so this works pretty well.

I won't repeat that mistake, assuming they go for a second season.

I enjoyed all of the cuckquean memes.

The threads were fun.

It's shit. Probably the same crowd that eats up Izetta.


I mean if you're a fan of historical fiction flying yuri princesses, you take what you can get.

I want Dorothy to put a spell on me.

The show was well received but there were only a couple of memes / crazy episodes so the threads were tame. You didn't miss much.

It was our light during sunday morning OP.

Lesbian lizard spies was the best show it's season, and their threads were really enjoyable too.
>Best girl
Dorthy. I think she might've been of the best girls of the year

I need a season 2 for more tongue posting.

>best girl
Definitely not Ange.

who do you guys think will die in s2? aside from the chocolate antagonist.

I want to hold beeto's tiny little body in my arms!

Zelda. After what she did to Princess, not even O MY C-BALL will save her from Ange's revenge.


It was a ton of fun. I really liked it overall. Season 2 when?

Dorothy's legs are the greatest gift of all

This is a Victorian-era robot.

The royal bloodline will die when Ange and Charlotte settle down together.

Would you let Ange tell you the future?

Was not expecting it to be as fun as it was and it was also extremely well executed in animation, design, and characters imo.

Princess becoming a Queen and then agreeing to turn the kingdom into a Republic after her death sounds like a nice plan to get the Commonwealth to her side.

Is she an actual robot, or just her robot neck voice?

No, she would surely lie to me. Princess' tarot reading seems legit though.

Watch the show and find out

I did, but I forgot.

Is this level of gayness really necessary?

>casablanca is in africa
Princess getting BLACKED in front of Ange when?

Post Beato bullying.

She's already getting the Big Black Lizard


Princess and Ange crusing the streets of Casablanca to pick up some local delicious brown girls when?

Literally built for bullying.

I want to Dorothy Dorothy's Dorothies!

God I miss this show.

We're bound to get a S2 so there is nothing to worry about.

The one with crazy eyes


Only a robot can stay inactive and inert like this.

>there is nothing to worry about.
aside from your waifu dying on the midseason climax

I hope we get to see more of Beato being a good mechanic. I hope we get to see more of this show at all.

But I don't have a waifu. And in case you mean my favorite character I don't think Ange would let Princess die.

Ange-posting and Beato were the true highlights of of watching with Sup Forums.


Beatofags were the high IQ posters.