People actually liked this garbage?

People actually liked this garbage?

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I find it pretty surprising as well, user. This is easily Yuasa's worst work. It was so bad that it became unintentionally hilarious.

Even Forbes likes it. Deal with it you crybaby, its a masterpiece.

I don't just like it, I love it. Guess I have shit taste.

Only Digibro and Pewdiepie fanboys did

It's not that bad, but it's very overrated for a mediocre at best work

What didn't you like about it?

the fuck happened to this board, man

the cat scene, dude! this is aoty

It was great, enjoyed watching it immensely.

>This is easily Yuasa's worst work
You never watched Kemonozume or Kaiba


the hell is forbes?

This is not your board anymore. You gotta leave.

I liked it.

The characters are very boring; almost no development happens for them. It always goes one way with no real consequences besides death. The only character I really cared for was Satan; everyone else is one-dimensional. Soundtrack was forgettable except for a track or two. The animation was loads of stock footage and a headache to watch a lot of times. Pacing was an issue in the last 5 episodes.

The ending was good, at least.

I thought it was pretty good.
Kemonozume is better, though.



wew lad

>The characters are very boring; almost no development happens for them.
You can't be serious? Were you sleeping during half the series?

>all of this shit taste in one post.

Digibro said it was shit, but you know, he likes keion
Pewdiepie said the last episode was bad. Bad he's a pleb

A magazine that reviews chinese cartoons.

Do they develop in Crybaby? Because they sure as hell don't in the manga

>oh someone died
>i'm so angry i'll die too

>oh i'm in some dumb rap gang but i'm a good guy now because this girl is cute

Amazing development.

it's underrated, to be honest

Ewww, how can one have such shit taste?

Why reply if all you are going to do is hyperbole it and bait me?
3/10 got me to reply.

>unironically listening to digibro or any anime reviewer

Moot has to come back. This is a travesty.

Kemonozume < Kaiba < Ping Pong < Crybaby < mind game


>The characters are very boring
yeah, manga Miki was the best

>they are rappers so that means they must be bad people
Logic, grandpa?

Maybe if you're underage she is.

Gikkuk has an hot girlfriend...and he watches anime. How do you exaplin this?


>manga miki is the best
My man

>oh someone died
>i'm so angry i'll die too

The fuck are you talking about?

>oh i'm in some dumb rap gang but i'm a good guy now because this girl is cute

way to fucking simplify that to the bare minimum.

Digi never said it was shit, he gave it a 9 on MAL you dumb cunt.

I liked it. It might not be amazing, but it was pretty enjoyable and rather unique by today's standards. You know, it's that gay-ass thing called nuance.


you're actually retarded fuck off.

>all these faggots discussing e celebs
Fuck off. Post your Yuasa rankings.

Tatami Galaxy > Ping Pong > Crybaby > Kaiba > Kemonozume > Mind Game

Pewdiepie is a normie, but his taste isn't too bad. He likes Berserk at the very least.

Gigguk is a good reviwer
And he has a blonde gf. . .

There are people in this thread that watch digibro and Pewdiepie lol

Gigguk has a blonde gf, with blue's possible? Anyway it' s underrated cause pewdiepie said manga is better

I agreed with you until this point. This is old school Greek tragedy levels of lacking subtlety. The kind where the Greeks believed the best way to mourn was to scream and shout and tug at your hair and clothes to show everyone how upset you are. There was actually a scene exactly like that when the father found his wife and son that dragged on for 3 minutes.

watch his review

Literally who gives a single fuck about Gigguk or his girlfriend?
Fuck off normalfags.

Switch Tatami with Kemonozume

>There was actually a scene exactly like that when the father found his wife and son that dragged on for 3 minutes.
Not saying the show was particularly subtle but that scene in question was to display just how hard it is for him to actually pull the trigger on his wife and son.
I thought it portrayed desperation and crushing despair a lot better than most scenes.

Wasn't referring to the show having nuance. I was talking about having an opinion about a popular show that isn't "it's shit" or "it's the best thing ever". People here don't seem to know about that.

he likes blam too... because it's a stupid manga

>youtubefags are the type of people who like crybaby
>they are now on our board
How does this make you feel?

You are one of those...
You also wacth Gigguk

ITT: e-celebs

How could he tell when people were crying?

Who the fuck was zenon.

>Lumping normalfags with the same kind of group who likes this show
Not falling for this psyops, it was a great show. Doesn't mean we need to accept these sorts of shits on the board.

Compared to the manga certain scenes and arcs were worse to him but overall its still great, be it due to the animation, music or certain story developments. It was just not better than the manga which it doesnt need to be for everyone.

How does Sup Forums do it?

a jobber like the rest of the devils

Are you literally retarded? Are you on Ryo's level of sociopathy and autism?

Also Zenon was the second in command of the demons, if it wasn't blatantly obvious enough.

>brainlet doesnt understand the simple subtext
You should rather watch CGDCT shit.

>unironically using the term brainlet
What a trainwreck of a thread.

>kemonozume apologists
What's going on?

He was the main leader of the group of undercover demons they showed since like the second 2 episode. I swear this anime wasnt hard to understand, but people cant deal with shit, if its not spoonfed to them.

It's difficult to articulate it, but it felt like I was watching a Robert Rodriguez grindhouse flick that was always trying and failing to elevate the material to be on the same level Tarintino's better films, but in the end just felt like every dumb, schlocky, grindhouse movie. I never connected with the characters as they always felt like shallow caricatures rather than actual characters. I don't know, maybe I need to give it another chance in a few months, but I doubt I'll ever see it as being anything other than a From Dusk Til Dawn-tier grindhouse show.
I'll grant you that I certainly had more fun laughing at Crybaby
you take that back you double nigger.

>certain scenes and arcs were worse
be more specific

Not him but shit like "brainlet" and "chad" have ingrained themselves into modern Sup Forums whether we like it or not. It's not just this thread.

It's mediocre at best.

>kemonozume apologists
best Yuasa doesnt need apologists

Just accept it.

The music was good tho...


Kemonozume was fucking kino though

I liked it a lot as well, but I am a sucker for new retro wave and 80's synthwave

that troll finale
crybaby is kino

>anything Yuasa

>Crybaby above Kaiba
shit list faggot
Ping Pong > Tatami Galaxy > Walk on Girl > Kaiba > Kick Heart > Kemonozume > >>>>>>>>Crybaby

what about them?

Whatever man. I've seen all of Yuasa's works and I thought that Crybaby was the worst by far.

Mind Game > Ping Pong > Tatami > Kemonozume > Kaiba > Crybaby

(-1) x [Ping Pong > Tatami Galaxy > Walk on Girl > Kaiba > Kick Heart > Kemonozume > >>>>>>>>Crybaby]

>Mind Game at the bottom

Utterly plebian taste confirmed

grills watch anime as well, and look at him he looks pretty gud for a britbong



>How could he tell when people were crying?

Yuasa confirmed for reddit cuck.

Why did god nuke russia and the seventh fleet but nothing else?

To stop the demons from starting nuclear war and fucking everything up straight away.

>Yuasa is going to answer questions
WTF I love reddit now.
Luckily I already have an account gotta get my questions ready.

Now all /r/ is coming out ;)

Why should one be loyal to Sup Forums, where are all the cool talks with people from the industry on here? All we had was that triggerfag tattun.

The world is on /r/
Sup Forums is just for shitposting...and we like it

will you e-celeb worshiping cucks go back to Sup Forums?

Why do people with DOGSHIT opinions and even shittier taste feel the need to express their shit in standalone threads?

Damn, Yuasa even calling out toxic masculinity in todays society? This is truly AOTY.

what a faggy post

Why didn't God stop Satan?

>a jobber robbed of that sweet angelic boypussy and feminine dick

So he wanted to prolong the suffering?

Shut up, she's saying it as if it's an endearing trait.