GodAni does it again

VEG discussion 7k posts vs 3k Franxx
>Youtube videos (japanese title only)
Veg 6k vs 3,5k Franx
>Youtube videos (english title only)
VEG 17.7k vs 4.2k Franx
>Highest watched Youtube video
VEG 2.9 MLN vs 225k Franx
>Twitter hashtag mentioned, Keyhole stats
VEG 3.9 MLN + 137k (official title + english spelling)
Franxx 372k+2MLN (confirmed for westerner cartoon shit that no one in japan cares about)
>Twitter popularity rating 34 VEG vs 6.7 Franxx
>Google search results (jp+eng)
VEG 2.5 mln vs 1.8mln Franxx
>MAL ratings
VEG place 48 vs 523 Franxx
>AniDB rankings
VEG #3844 vs #8177 Franxx
>Bilibili viewership statistic
VEG 46 million vs Franxx 46 thousands
>Sakugaboru reviews:
>Violet Evergarden is a strong candidate to becoming one of the most impressive TV anime productions of all time
>Franxx episode 1 was the most vapid and generic piece of badly animated trash since Simoun. Another failed marketing ploy by Aniplex.
>Japanese anime of the winter rankings
VEG 13 vs 28 Franxx (anime.dmkt-sp.jp/animestore/survey_sum_pc?surveyId=103)
>Most commented Yaraon article for Winter anime
Veg. Franx is not even ranking.
>Sup Forumsrchive statistics (only counting OPs)
Violet evergarden 170 vs 26 Darling in the Franxx
'veg' 80 vs 'franxx' 39
Kyoani 7552 vs 3299 Trigger
>Pixiv R18 art
VEG 9 vs 8 Franxx
>Pixiv non R18 art
VEG 425 vs 134 Franxx
>Global impact
VEG simulcast in 192 countries and dubbed in 12 languages, bringing KyoAni immense legal wealth. Airing on Netflix in native 1080 quality.
Franxx only shown in japan and CR in shitty upscaled and washed out 720
>Studios involved in production of Anime
VEG 1 - KyoAni (total 10 animators working on 1st episode) vs Franxx - outsourced to 31 companies(and thats just by episode one), and over 30 freelancers just for ep1.
>Main heroines
VEG - not a slut
Franxx - a slut

Franxx fags BTFO. Cant wait for Franxx BDs going for preorder for further humiliation. KyoAni killed Gainax, now time to kill its evil seed.

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Is this a pasta now?

What drives a man to produce such autism?

>m-m-muh pasta
Kyoto Animation win again freidno. Deal with it.

How many bans have you evaded now? This must be your 3th or 4th IP.

>the banter was so strong that some poor autist actually actually was triggered into collecting this

Hooooly shit

Everyone, post "that"


You think only one side can have fun?

The shitposters in VEG threads think they are having fun on cost of KyoAni/VEG fans.
Meanwhile true VEG fans, have fun seeing shitflinging monkeys trow tantrum, knowing full well it contributes nothing, but exposing thems as idiots that will fill pitiful later.

That's some dedicated shitposting.

OP forgot an image

>attacking Franxx

Can you people not just watch whatever you like, discuss it on your treads, and shut the fuck up?

If you wanted a challenge, try and compare it with something like Madoka and Monogatari. Hell, all of these are nothing compared to Kemono Friends which is still the hottest topic anywhere in Japan even after the disaster that literally halved its support

How embarrassing, so this is the peak of kyoani shitposting.

>n-no dont worry bros, w-we definitely aren't assblasted

Since when facts are shitposting?

The autistic idiots attempt to create false image of reality by spamming in every VEG thread. Well, it does not work nor will it. As said. People think they are smart acting retardedly, while in reality they are the real joke.

They're clearly not waiting for Fate/Nero to compare Nero Nerogarden from it

Time to get out of your mancave you manchild. It's also time to see the world. This is autism at it's finest.

I ask of you, are you my master?

Best thread on Sup Forums right here.

das all u hab for a shitpost?

Is it not a bit too late to complain? If Franxx was not used for shitposting against VEG, there would be no reason to compare them. Devilman despite flaws deserves a lot more to actually compete with VEG, but you dont see its fags shitposting. Since its generally people with better taste, as opposed to trigger Sup Forums rejects.

>this shit English
So it was the LN autist all along huh?

Where do you even go after Violet Evergarden? I was one of those people who used to always just rate 9's as a 10/10. After all, there's no such thing as perfection, I'd never have given out a 10 otherwise, right? I was wrong. I was so wrong, and I regret, so badly, misleading my friends on MAL for all that time. Violet Evergarden is a 10/10. Perhaps the only 10 ever made. I wish I could properly express what it's like to see Heaven made manifest.

Numerals are clearly insufficient to contain the level of quality Violet Evergarden reaches. It's absurd even to give it a set number. Like saying God himself is a 10/10. When something defines the very concept of Goodness, it stands above rating, it stands outside of our systems. It is the standard the system judges by. It is what the system wishes it could be.

Ratings are dead. Violet Evergarden lives.

We just keep winning kyoanibros, it's actually unbelievable.

The studiowars autism is honestly mindboggling. At least he puts some effort into his shitposting, I guess.

Every KyoAni show without exception was shitposted. Meanwhile Hyouka that was shitposted to death when it aired with "zzzzzzzz", "omg shit detective cases" now is recognized classic. Hibike as big as ever. Maid Dragon a popular phenomenon referenced in PTE.

The ones assblasted are always the haters. They cant contain their autism and thus suffer in the end.

Does Kyoani pay you or something?

The fact that you genuinely believe this is why we mock you.

This, but unironically.

Last time Hyouka set the bar, and until VEG KyoAni itself could not reach it. Let alone other studios. Now the bar is even higher.

With all the falseflagging and shitposting I’m not sure if VEG actually exists anymore.

watch more chinese cartoon you faggot and lurk moar

Violet evergarden is MASTERPIECE!


Do you think both VEG and FranXX threads would be better if OP was banned?

Why unbelievable? The good always wins over evil.

KyoAni is just better in pretty much every aspect than other studios. Independent. Consistent. Really love their job. Train own stuff. Dont have slavish working conditions. Are in Cultural capital of Japan as opposed to degenerate Edo. Dont lower themselves down to produce otaku garbage, fanservice and shounenshit.

It is just higher nivoue studio. That is also a reason a lot of people here and in japan too hate it. Just like Ghibli, it does not belong to be grouped together with rest of companies quickly producing garbage outsourcing to north koreans, filling with pantsu shots and other fanservice and traits aimed to sell to litteral scummy and lowest valued part of japanese society.


Go back to faggot

OP on suicide watch

>the absolute state of kyoanifags

The fact that you belive you are mocking me, is the fact why i enjoy stating my beliefs openly. You are spitting up in the air, not realizing it lands on yourself. From a higher ground, the view is better.

Dude. You've been shilling this series for months. Are you ok? We're here for you. Tell us what's wrong. Who hurt you?

The first episode of VEG was certainly better than FRANXX, I really can't see trigger competing with kyoani. But at the same time I cannot see VEG having a good story to back up it's godly animation. Time will tell I guess.

*Oh no... Not again!!*
*WHIIIIIIRRR-RRrrrrrrrrrrr r r r*
*walks away*

Studio wars record of Sup Forums:
KyoAni vs Gainax - RIP Gainax
KyoANi vs Gonzo - Gonzo commited suicide
KyoANi vs Shaft - RIP Shaft
KyoANi vs Trigger - not even in the same league.

It is fun seeing trigger Sup Forums crossboarder fags sperg over KyoAni, while Trigger actually adores them and wishes to be like them.

>Dont lower themselves down to produce otaku garbage

>what are Haruhi and Lucky star

based triggerbro

>the absolute state of trigger posters
Of course they were from Sup Forums, I didn't want to believe at first but that cements it with their crossboarder and trolly behavior in this board.


reminder that violet wants to know what is love



The issue with people judging VEG is that no one who did not read the novel really has appropriate understanding of what to expect and how it will be executed. Its similar as mentioned with hyouka in other post - when people complained about being sleep inducing or "bad" mysteries compeltely missing the point.

VEG first episode is pretty much perfect direction wise and very well though out and very very nuanced. However i can understand as for people who dont know the story yet, it could be hard to pick and interpret them all - especially as they are caught up in their false expectations and assumptions. Just about everything posted on Sup Forums as complaints or general discussion of its story and characters is so far from reality its really comedic.

It is a great story, and given level of execution there is zero doubt it`ll be superb anime.

but this is going to be a VirginAni vs CHAD Shaft again in less than two weeks

By this logic Logan Paul is the best anime in existence

>implying he's not

>Its similar as mentioned with hyouka
But Hyouka is good.

The shitposting has reached such levels that I can't even tell who's trolling who anymore.


If VEG is supposed to be the best anime of all time, let's compare it to the legends, not the currently airing shows.

Why are you comparing it to Franxx? They're both generic shit.

Neither are. If one had to nitpick, the worst period for KyoAni was adapting Key VN garbage. This is also a reason why theres many haters in japan, since theres a LOT of Key fans still buthurt over KyoAni not making their anime and as result every Key adaptation turning to shit.

Haruhi has the genuine quality and appeal - as witnessed by its worldwide popularity with all kind of people, be it otaku or people complete new to anime. Lucky Star was a PTE of its time, full stock of references to everything - and done in superb quality.

Oh jesus save my soul

This is just the standard Sup Forums retarded shitposting.

Important plot detail:
Violet wants to know what "love" means.
It does not mean she wants to love or be loved.

>when people complained about being sleep inducing or "bad" mysteries compeltely missing the point.
How exactly does reading the Hyouka novel fix either of those issues? Having the foresight to expect them since you read the source material doesn't predispose you to actually liking slow pace anime or certain mysteries.

>FranXX fags and kyoani haters are THIS butthurt they make falseflag threads

I've killed eight men in my life. Five in Iraq. Two in Afghanistan. One in my own hometown. I had nightmares that left me swimming in my bed and exhausted by my fear. At first the cigarettes helped, though they never cured me. Then I turned to strong drink. At last I fell down a hole I couldn't see myself climbing out of. I'm not proud of those times and won't expound on them.

But then I found Violet Evergarden.

Never before had I seen a show that understood the soldier's plight so well. Never before had I seen a greater understanding of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and its cascading effects. And never before had I seen a show that healed me as truly and purely as Violet Evergarden.

I'm going into the police station tomorrow to confess to the murder of an innocent man. I know now that the only way to reach true salvation is to atone for my crimes. I only hope that, while serving my time, they'll allow me to watch the rest of Violet Evergarden.


Good thing my autism isn't nearly that bad, otherwise I wouldn't be able to have fun while watching anime.

You're replying to OP dude. You might as well go talk to a wall. Poor guy is legit autistic.

Shaft has not been relevant for ages. It suffered numerous hard blows against KyoAni: with Denpa Onna, Mekakushit, 3gatsu. So Shaft fags in general learned to keep lower profile.

Fate Extra might actually be more popular and outself VEG, given FGO bonuses and generall Fate popularity - but there is zero chances it`ll be better anime, as its already a production disaster and Nasu writing is Nasu.

If it were Shaft original show, maybe then it`ll be worth the comparison. But its not.

Triggerfags absolutely devastated.

>my thread was great until those darn Sup Forums crossposters showed up

>another retarded fanbase war thread
sys.Sup Forums.org/a/imgboard.php?mode=report&no=167169706&altc=1

>Lucky Star was a PTE of its time
How is this supposed to detract from it being otaku garbage? Is K-On also not otaku garbage by your definition?

Not really this is just one kyoanifag who got bullied in the last thread.

Anyone else find themselves laughing more at VEG, PTE and FRANXX threads more than actual comedy anime/manga lately.


Dude, 3gatsu is way better than what Kyoani puts out. It's literally too good of a show to shitpost, the threads are very comfy.

No, I'm just waiting for these retards to go away.

Yes, along with their discord.

I've done it, Sup Forums... I've done it! I've created the perfect shitposting image. I combined Sup Forums, the fact people think Sab... I mean Violet is a Saber clone and Sup Forums + Sup Forums's fanbase company wars... into one unstoppable image!

Hyouka is not that great reall, as far LN goes. Its more so that KyoAni delivered perfect execution in anime, elevating it to becoming a classic.

Haruchika for example, is not worse than Hyouka story wise - but PA works completely killed it. VEG novel is actually better and more ambitious one, having similar level of nuances but actually more emotion, better themes and depth. Though, in hands of other studio it could be disappointing adaptation just as any story. But KyoAni does not disappoint, in opposite it improves.

This season? Definitely.

How does Sup Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.


KYOANIBROS [email protected]!!?


It will die down soon right?
Yeah this season in particular has invited more shitposting.

What is the point? Visually VEG pretty much already set the highest standard as far TV animation goes. Older show cant really compete, since level of technology and production is simply different. Story wise there sure would be comparable or better, but not many. And overall very few shows got level of threatment both visual and directional that KyoAni gives VEG.

Better OAVs, Movies? Sure, plenty. TV shows? VEG thrumps even over shows with better story, because of better production.



Does everything have to be a fucking contest like Sup Forums console wars? I'll watch both and evaluate them on their own merits.

How? Hyouka was nice from the beginning, VEG is a borefest.

I've never scene anons so but blasted and upset that everyone thinks there show is trash, I got really sad when mods deleted the last one before I could take screen shots.
This one is one for the books, the day kyoanibros lost it all.

What production? Ashita no Joe had more interesting art and animation in the 70s on a paper-thin budget, and had a great story to boot. I'm not impressed by a bunch of post-processing effects and bland art with unnecessary details.

Because it was NOT "sleep inducing" and neither were mysteries bad. Watching and rewatching Hyouka is every time an exciting matter.

If you were unable to pick its appeal and beuty on first time, it is excusable. If you still maintain the same view after having watched it, then you completely missed the point and 90% of its content and appeal went over your head.

This is what happens when Sup Forums comes and shitposts a kyoani show until some true Sup Forumsutist flips.

>Older show cant really compete

But that's wrong you fucking retard

At least there is hope, yesterday's studio/fanbase war thread was deleted

dumb phoneposter