Devilman Crybaby

The artistry was top-tier.

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This scene was pure KINO.

The purest KINO

the soundtrack was pretty ballin too

Just finished episode 9, this show is more disturbing than berserk.

Best anime watched in years, was the OVA as good as this?

The last line of that episode was also really good. "I think it was love".
Amen to that.

I loved it, but this picture was made by somebody who doesn't understand what he's doing or made it just for shitposting purposes.

The OVAs are fine, but problem is that they cover in two hours what the show did in, like, three episodes. Crybaby is basically the first time the whole story was adapted

>Me, 1998
>"Woah, anime is cool!"
>Me, 2017
>"God damn it, anime is so lame. It's all just pandering comfort food. I guess I was just dumb when I was younger."
>Me, 2018
>"Woah, anime is cool!"


>renewed my Netflix subscription just for this anime
>turns out there's only English and Latin dub
kill me

but it's on reddit, so no one here will dare approach it.

the rap was great too, and I don't even like rap

Yeah they are pretty good but also have a small issue, they just cover the beginning, jinmen and the fight against Silene.
Amon the Darkside of Devilman is another OVA, (quite good by the way), but just covers the death of Miki and Akira fighting against his other side.

Was Ryo evil or not, i feel like i am to pleb.

From what i understand Ryo was essentially the anti-christ and Satan who brings rapture. God is punishing Ryo, and the whole existence of men and demons is Gods way of punishing Satan.

What you on about clearly way more dubs.


Is that American Netflix or the Latinoamerican version? My region only has 2 dubs my dude

Wrong. Ryo ends up punishing himself because he is an autist.


Too bad the writing is fucking garbage

American Netflix here, only difference is that I have the option for Chinese subs.

English dub or jap audio with english subs?

Literally ends with "plz respond"

Ending was pretty kino though, its pretty sad wasnt expecting feels from a Chinese cartoon.

sad that the storytelling is shit

agreed but some of the shots in your grid arent very interested

Can someone read moon in here? Yuasa has beef with someone on twitter, what is it about? Seems to also talk about the artstyle.

Looks like the top tweet is complaining that people are calling Devilman an 'International Anime,' and that it's not being recognized as a Japanese product.

interested in what?

Something about people (himself?) going on about Netflix Devilman on the radio and whether it's appraised as an "international level animation" or whether "it can complete globally".

He also mentions "the rise in popularity of PopTe (PopTeamEpic, aka unfiltered cancer)" being a factor into whatever it is.

>aka unfiltered cancer
Was it just you or is it what he said?

Just me, he just said PopTe.

I just gave PopTe a try earlier today and holy shit one of the most unfunny things I have ever seen.

>Crybaby is basically the first time the whole story was adapted


Drawn by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto.

Thanks, so is he mad that people talk shit about other more "anime"-like anime and instead praise Devilman for its international appeal and being different?
What is this saying?

>Yoshiyuki Sadamoto
We came full circle now.

Reminder Devilman Crybaby is a sequel of the manga set in a reset world. It has the devilman anime on tv too like Devilman Lady.

It's like a loop

Should ask that Yuasa in 4 days when he does the ama. Probably wont answer that though.

No. It's all in your head. But keep believing that if it makes you sleep at night.

I don't understand why they'd have only 2 dubs

From what I can gather, and keep in mind I'm just throwing my own guesses as opposed to actually being able to translate all that well (I'm not gonna say they're completely baseless guesses), the radio program said that Yuasa seems to have been brought to make something more 'fashionable' than usual "subculture anime" (they literally use that term, "SubCul") that would be more trendy internationally, and it seems to be their opinion that it was a total misfire and that it's awful on all sides of production, and that "usual late night anime is better than this".

Can someone explain the ending.

Its implied God is cleansing the world when the spheres are exploding around the world, and that kills all demons, there are now no humans left.

Does the world reset again, and Satan reborn to repeat his actions or learn from them.

Or is it just the end of the world, and everyone dies, does Satan die since he is not a Demon but a fallen angel.

Actually just Eva - whadda hack job

>usual late night anime is better than this

The first tweet is saying that Netflix is backing non-harem and highschooler anime because they believe it will sell better and that Yuasa's devilman is not paying tribute to the anime that's come before

The second tweet is saying that Devilman is animated poorly, that Yuasa was only picked because 'Soemthing' animation will sell better and Yuasa is a creator of that type of animation. I don't understand what he's saying but after that he says that the animation is poor and that only the midnight scenes are any good.

Only the manga canon makes it explicit God's reseting the timeline over and over again.

I personally would worry less about it and just go with what you got out of it. There's no exposition during these scenes for a reason, your takeaway of what's happening is more important than what is "continuity set-in-stone".

im pretty sure it is not a reset

What radio program is this? Are they anyone important?

Read the manga after enough people shat up the threads about it being better and this adaptation being a "travesty" the only thing better in the manga is how Ryo is completely unbeknownst to his true form. That is it.

It's never named, they just say "radio".

It's not clear to be honest. Either the tweeter is the one on the radio and that's what he told them, or, that he was listening to a radio program and that's what they said.

Everybody dies, the Earth is created from scratch. Notice the second moon. There is no reset.

>does Satan die
Maybe. If he can kill himself.

I wasn't one of these but I feel the manga's better on some fronts:
- Xenon's declaration of war, which much better explains how the world goes to ruin so fast
- The demons being unable to just merge at will, because the anime never specifies mergers are risky and they die most of the time
- Ryo's call to action being the death of his own father
- Ryo as a whole since the autist version in Crybaby even gets me wondering how did he and Akira become friends since it's poutyface all the time

The anime handled Ryo's past better though, because the manga just establishes he and Akira were never friends at all and it was just Psycho Jenny shit. So Satan who's lived millions of years wakes up in Japan and out of nowhere decides a random middle schooler is gonna be his chosen one.


>Yuasa's devilman is not paying tribute to the anime that's come before
Anime in general or a specific anime?

Probably not. Just a dumb jap with bad taste who'd rather get another couple dozen isekai harems and reskinned moe schoolgirl shlock.

I liked a lot of the composition and the climax was great, choosing to do symbolism over showing the actual conflict was a good decision for the sake of the big reveal at the end.

The only thing i didn't like was that I think the "Ryo won't take the baton" metaphor was overplayed, like 2 cycles too many and it sucked me out of the moment.

Well that is interesting. But damn didnt know japanese are so open about that stuff. So it does seem that they are salty that late night anime arent getting the same praise or attention from things like netflix, but then again Yuasa always did weird stuff so no idea why they are so suprised.
I guess to them, how irrational that might be, it must feel like Yuasa betrayed japanese culture to appease the baka gaijins.

I think they are both great in their own ways. Too bad brainlets can't understand that the anime was mainly a commentary on "sex, love, and relationships" while the manga is a commentary on "war, hatred, and morality".

>tfw read through all devilman manga except G and Saga
Any chance that they'll be fully translated? Seems like both were dropped a long while ago. Seven Seas also only released the first Volume fo G as paperback until now, so no rips.

Ryo is pretty evil (well, he's Satan after all), even if he was right about God being an asshole for killing the demons he still repeated his same mistakes by genociding all of humanity.

Mein negger

I do feel both stand against each other very well myself and where one lets up the other tends to pick up the slack.

I cant find the complete series of Devilman Lady manga. Its always missing chapters. Someone in a previous thread told me to check Happy Scans for it but the links for Devilman Lady were too old and dont work anymore

so manga is superior

>"Devilman is animated poorly, that Yuasa was only picked because 'Soemthing' animation will sell better and Yuasa is a creator of that type of animation. I don't understand what he's saying but after that he says that the animation is poor and that only the midnight scenes are any good."
Yep. This is it, I've definitely seen this coming for months now. Anime popularity is switching to America's equivalent of "Oscar bait". Fuck this, seriously. Although they are extremely "meh", shows like Violet Evergarden and Ancient Magus Bride are going to rake in praise and money because they just look good. I half blame "Your Name" for this.

In Crybaby he is just a sociopath. He is more like a force of nature than an evil anything.

If you're a brianlet, sure m8. You sound edgy.

This is probably posted somewhere else already, but for other Yuasa fags he's giving an AMA on leddit on the 20th.

Mangafox has all of Devilman Lady

>Any chance that they'll be fully translated?
Since G is licensed, I rather doubt it. But with the exposition Crybaby is getting this is probably the best time for groups to try to pick them up.

Waiting to see when we can read Miki anal-plugging Silene in English

>Netflix is backing non-harem and highschooler anime because they believe it will sell better and that Yuasa's devilman is not paying tribute to the anime that's come before
Nice to see that jap otaku act exactly like Sup Forumsnons


Yeah, because a show looking good is a guarantee of success and popularity every time. See recent KyoAni flops and stuff like Guilty Crown.

Reading it again looks like they're referring to otaku culture, but they might also be talking about Anime culture, in that Yuasa is Americanizing Devilman to sell it better.

this, basically all those tweets is some salty jap who wants his schoolgirl harems.

'late night anime,' makes more sense than 'midnight scene,' fucking Japanese is a headache to translate.

>sex, love, and relationships
everything is about this nowadays

They're both humanist in the end so really arguing which is better is pretty subjective, aka dumb.

What flopped from KyoAni? It doesn't matter, I doubt what you're talking about even matches the type of quality those shows I just mentioned have. It's that "shiny and bouncy" animation style, I can already tell Guilty Crown doesn't have this.

They sound hurt as fuck that the gaijins seemed to have rejected their precious late night otaku anime(even if thats not even the case).

Just on how many layers of irony does this guy operate?

>Netflix is backing non-harem and highschooler anime because they believe it will sell better
They're backing this though

Are there any other anime that have similar themes or feel to them? This was so good i want more.

>Yuasa's devilman is not paying tribute to the anime that's come before
This is absurd. Yuasa pays tribute to the previous adaptations. We have the 1972 anime being a tv show in Crybaby and we also have tributes to the OVAs, for example; Akira's mom being eated by Jinmen which is something from the second OVA, and the bike scene of episode 9 is a reference to a similar scene from Amon The Darkside of Devilman.

Mawaru Penguindrum.

>"shiny and bouncy" animation style
What does that even mean?

Can you seriously not look at even one frame of the 3 anime I mentioned in my post and see they each have a similar style to them?

Ranpo Kitan

They are doing this one too.

Why did this never happen when shit like Cowboy Bebop became hits or when NGE completely shat on otaku shut in lifestyle?

These people are delusional. Good to know blind nostalgiafags also exist in japan.

Have you seen Guilty Crown? Because it's exactly like this.

Why did they guy with the dreds betray his friends?

I think it's well-known by now that out of video games, nips have shit taste in a lot of things.

Actually, user, I think yours might be more on the ball than mine ("Sono hen no shin'ya anime no kata ga haruka ni kō kuoriti"), I get the impression the "hen" there though transcribed as katakana might be "hen" as in "chapter", "edition", and he's praising only the night segments.

I'm getting the impression the guy's talking about anime as a whole and not Devilman anime strictly, since if one thing seems to be agreed amongst all of our attempts at translating is that they don't like it.

I haven't, I will sometime. It's clear from images though the characters design is not cutesy enough like my previous mentioned shows. I don't think it compares at all.

Hie? He saw the sunglasses his pal wore in Miko's bag. He snapped. Kid was a nutcase.

I'll explain to the best of my abilities because the topic is interesting, If anyone can help correcting or adding stuff It would be nice.

>Art / anime critic @kaichoo, who also hosts a radio show, made some remarks against Pop Team Epic, marking it as a "problem" (doesn't specify why), while saying something along the lines that If you dislike it, you should just said it.
>This leads to Devilman Crybaby, which he deems a bigger problem (this time for anime discussion and critique in general)
>He argues that Devilman is being labeled, groundlessly, as a "cool" anime that could "triumph internationally" and has a "global level"
>This label (obviously) implies that other, domestic anime can't do so because they are mostly oriented towards the otaku market, and thus, don't have that international quality and standard.
>This rises the ol' otaku anime vs oshare (cool) anime-subculture debate; he argues that the oshere anime-subculture "supporters" argue on the basis that other anime are "otaku" and thus can't project internationally, while praising "cool" anime that, on the other hand, can.
>These supporters seem to think that cool anime can be much more successful in "global" sites such as Netflix than otaku anime.
>He then quotes Yuasa himself: "I think the cool anime-subculture can flourish better than the otaku one"
>He then calls these views "groundless" and "delusional", and thinks that because of this duality based thinking, Yuasa ended up making an empty "cool anime", and just that.
>In another tweet, he summaries his opinion: Thinking that Netflix's Devilman is of "global level" is a domestic illness; Crybaby doesn't make use of Japan's accumulated anime industry talent, instead outsourcing a lot of it. And thus, Crybaby has a terrible story, script, and production, and any late night show could have better quality.


What I'm seeing is that Yuasa BTFO the generic MOE otaku and some guys got mad.

Its because Yuasa completely said fuck you to the conventional styles of anime. To them this is an insult to their shitty late night anime of the season. Though I wonder if they have actually seen other stuff like Devilman Lady which was similar in imagery and tone sometimes.

Nice tiddies

I dont understand what glasses, i cant remember what the connection is.

Grimoire and Saga are in real need of scanlations.
Not him, but I find that kinda strange.

Really the anime was about sex, love, and relationships and not about war? You mean the whole second half of the anime about how "people can be devils too" didn't happen? All the parts where they implied violence wasn't the answer to violence was just tertiary to all the sex Miki and Akira were having?

No wonder you're posting space ghost.