MC starts singing in russian

>MC starts singing in russian

more like MC starts butching the Russian language.

Name one anime that does this.
Girls und Panzer doesn't count since Katyusha isn't the MC and her Russian is canonically shit anyway.

It's not like they can make it worse than it already is.

>anything russian
Instant drop.

>MC is a LARPing loli

>t. ukrainian pig

>character just sits there awkwardly and sings or says nothing while the Tetris theme plays

Sentai, not even once

Can I include hentai?

>Not singing Katyusha on katyusha

You have my blessings.

You wanna say that to my face?



>MC starts speaking Finnish

>Antagonist starts speaking Hebrew

>MC is half-finnish

*Polka starts playing*


I miss this show.


wasnt that scene banned or something in russia?

>release an anime
>ban a scene
very clever, mr medvedev

>Watching the dub at all

Nonna is such a cute.