Batoto closes in two days. Are you ready?

Batoto closes in two days. Are you ready?


Batoto is already dead.

My FMD doesn't load anything.

It actually is.

Maybe the date rolling over to 1/17 made bots panic and it was accidentally DDoS'd

What other sites will you be using anons? I'm trying to find a good place to read Gundam the origin but can't find a good site anymore

was fun while it lasted

They thought they were safe after closing there doors.

Just go to the scanlator's website, it's probably the one place where you're guaranteed to know about releases.
That and you're future-proofing yourself against another batoto scale event.

You can still find maxi volumes of Origin with cheap price from online stores.

I wonder two.

Yeah I know about THAT site but you can't auto-download via free manga downloader from there which will make things more annoying.

It's already dead though

>Wanted to jump on real quick to DL all the chapters of Hoshino, Me wo Tsubutte when i still had the chance
>It's already kill

Is k*ssm*nga ok?

Still shit.

Kissmanga interface is shit

> interface is shit


As long as baka-updates is up. I'm good
*Quickly checks the site*
We good.

It took basically the entirety of Batoto's life span for me to figure out how to get into the Goddess, although to be fair I thought it was invite based.

Just use an app.

comparatively high res scans and no watermarks, I think I've only seen like one series they resized years ago.

>decided I would sign up for batoto
>closing announcement released a day later
>decided I would try finishing a manga
And now this fucking happens.

Everything I find is 20 euro per volume. It's not that expensive since it's a bigger volume, but it's too expensive to buy the entire series

Has Sup Forums made any progress with a replacement or are they still stuck on names?

Besides this, have the mods cloned or backed up all the data from batato already?

Apparently they were given advance notice if you read that announcement.


>Just go to the scanlator's website
Because handling 200-300 series you follow with 100 different scanlators sure is how I like to spend my day.

So where will Sup Forums scanlations be uploaded to with batoto gone?

RSS or if you prefer an account based solution

You literally had over a full week and no less than four links to "download" it.


I have not been much on the internet the last week, this is the first time I hear of it.

The goddess most likely, searching reddit or imgur should also provide some answers in the interim since there are likely to be uploads there too.