How is she japanese?

How is she japanese?

Decolored hair and contact lenses.
And implants.

Because all of the Japanese look extremely similar, they tend to exaggerate any kind of differences that they have to extreme degrees.

Ex, green hair, red hair, these are interpretations of shades of black that have some slightly different hues to them. Blonde is probably much closer to a brunette, exaggerated in a similar fashion.

The eyes are always different because it is anime and nearly all people would choose a color other than brown for eyes if they could, even asians.

They are very aware of how similar they look, so they try to exaggerate the slightest differences to feel unique. If they were rendered accurately, you wouldn't be able to tell any of the girls apart except by height and possibly hair style.

Check her passport.

But she's a hafu.

I like it when a anime just has hair in different shades of brown or black, it feels like they have to put more work into making them a memorable character


well, she´s dumb as fuck

Listen OP
having all black haired characters is boring as fuck hence why they have BRIGHT RED, BLUE GREEN AND PURPLE hair as NORMAL to name a few.
It's just colour and aesthetic exaggeration.

Fuck her, and check her stuff while she's sleeping.

It's ok in real life since people have easily distinguishable features, however these cannot be properly administered to animations without wasting EXTREME funds or extremely cartoony differences, see BNHA faces and eyes, all being unique even in black and white.
But for quality, it simply isnt feasible as of now.

>Born in Japan
>Speaks perfect Japanese
>Japanese father

She's Japanese, and if she marries a japanese guy odds there are her children will be black-haired brown-eyed kids.

Japanese mother?

small nose and round face

if anime stuck to real japan's colour pallet then things would get boring fast

I was watching Kiniro Mosaic and Alice I believe was talking about dying her hair black so that she'll unrecognizable from a Jap. It implied that Japs and white people look the same in anime.

who cares it's anime user chan

Wasn't Alice like 3/4 Jap though?

No, that was Karen and she was half.

She might be mixed like Kodaka and Kobato, I don't know that they ever really confirmed anything about her mom.


user, the japanese hate themselves and wish they were white.

oh... oooh....

Is this a "western japanese characters" thread?


She'll marry Yozora, so who cares?

This is a 2hu character from the future.


doesn't she win by default at the end?

Sena makes me hard

nobody won

Everyone lost.

Yes. Best girl wins for the last year of highschool, and then Sena gets him. Or something like that, the ending is garbage.

Yozora is best girl

>and then Sena gets him
not really

Genetics doesn't work that way. Blue eyes are a recessive trait.

What the fuck? What about the black haired slut? She didn't get any? Dumb gooks nuke them again.

Yozora and Rika were the best.

Are you a dumb phoneposter making shit threads?

Yes she did

Nips are too scared of the possibilities of a gaijin marrying their women so they always make the parents a Japanese man and a foreigner woman.

Which one wears the strap-on? Seems like both would love to fuck the other one's brains out.

truth, japanese man lose against foreigner, not only Caucasian in many fronts. First, many of them are chauvinism or at least his family and society force the wife to be submissive. Second, Japan is not a nice place to live if you are not rich, work is hard and real estate is expensive. Third, biology.

If I remember right, he dates Yukimura for a while before breaking up because he and the editor didn’t want to upset the status quo of the club. In the end, there’s no romantic resolution.



i thought that mc-kun and sena end up being the only ones that are going to go to the same university or some shit

Amerimutts aren't white. Not talking about her of course.

He turns down the marriage and Yozora becomes super best friends with Sena.

IIRC, she has a genetic condition which turns her recessive genes into dominant genes and vice versa.

We don't know if they really go to the same university. This was only mentioned by Sena to make him notices her, but it doesn't go anywhere in the closure.

Anime logic.

When the father is american: japanese girls get blonde hair and american milk tits

Except red-tints and perhaps dark-green looking brunettes are a real thing in Asian hair. Brunette is closer to red than blonde anyway, blonde is REALLY far out there. Face it, Japs just love the nazi look

Lol senafags implications

Orientals love us whites so much with our big bright colorful eyes and multi colored hair, fair skin and small nose. There is nothing wrong with them trying to make themselves look better towards the ideal in media.

Also anime is full of cost cutting and taking shortcuts. I haven't watched a full one since 99. From clips and internet things its still the glorified fucking slideshow its ever been. Oriental artists are just plain bad and they have to go to those extreme otherworldly colored hair, skin, eyes etc because they lack the skill to properly differentiate characters... ANIME.

Asuka in Evangelion had a Japanese mother and father of European descent.


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After posting that I realized someone who doesn't watch anime and actively despises the medium would actually fit in just fine here

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Because thats Haganai author fetish, together with maids.

Oh, and now being a cuck for Wataru Watari is his fetish too.

Nisekoi is the opposite.

That fact of Chitoge gives me hope

that doujin is really good

Is there an MC worse than Kodaka?
What a piece of shit.

Gowron wasn't leader of the Klingon High Councel at the time

Blend S was the fucking worst about this.

>MC is obsessed with everything foreign
>constantly fawns over how the italian guy has blonde hair and blue eyes
>yet MC never once freaks out or so much as acknowledges the other girl who has far more bright and vibrant blonde hair and blue eyes who is also always around them

So big tits are recessive genes, huh.

>Nips are too scared of the possibilities of a gaijin marrying their women
This already happens left and right.

Didn't watch, but is it possible it was a joke

The MC from Heaven's Lost Property.

A lot of anime have blond blue eye chars as MCs, they probably do it more than America at this point

You're that same guy who made that gabriel dropout thread. You never answered what other shows have that in that thread and somehow I bet you won't answer it here either.


Maybe because it's pretty clear she's using colored lenses and dyed her hair?

What ACTUALLY did they mean by this?

>that design

Yuck, I can smell normie core from a mile away.

Does this crab look Japanese?

Fuck are you talking about
I can name some just from last season
Dies Irae
blend s
Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara
I think you get the point now

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I don't think you know what "MC" means. Most people use it to refer to "main character" of which most stories only have one, not "main cast". Of course nearly ever anime has a token blonde hair blue eye character somewhere but they're rarely the main character.

I'm Japanese and look exactly like her. Fail to see the problem.

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ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka
Junketsu no Maria
Level E
Mahoujin Guruguru
Nanatsu no Taizai
Oshiete! Galko-chan
Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars

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Naw, not so much the look, they are just remembering friends and the dreams they had...before you know, both of them lost.

My brother has blue eyes and I have brown; it's never 100%.

forgot to mention one I'm watching right now

Gotta fill the time somehow!

it's the insides that count after all


>Happy Wedding

That's happy?

Speaking of blonde, do they exist in different level? Does perfect blonde has their pubic hair blonde too?

BS, you're lying!