Isn't that what you all wanted tho?

Isn't that what you all wanted tho?

Other urls found in this thread:"How does a do it"/

>article title is some derivative of "the X is Y and it's Z"
This is clickbait at best.


Fuck off.

into the trash it goes

I think people want asians, but I'm not sure if Gally was ever described as asian in the manga.

Nobody wants live-action anime ever

And certainly she wasn't described as a bug eyed robot.

I never wanted this to begin with and I still don't

Live action anime is literally the worst thing to ever come out of anime. All non-animated film formats for anime MUST be 3D generated. So you can keep on model, create effects and environments that exist only in fantasy and still keep it looking semi-realistic.

How does Sup Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.

am I the only one who liked that trailer? she looks like Gally.

No, I never asked for 3DPD.

sage goes in all fields

Pastebin it if you want to share

The story takes place in fucking arizona.

Well the list includes Neo Zeon and human genetic engineering, but it never included this and never will.

>sage goes in all fields
Could you act less new if you're gonna try to fit in?

>live action shit
penn_jillette_trash.gif"How does a do it"/

gay projecting redditfag, eat my ass

That was too old fashioned if anything.

>wake up
>see this

>kotaku screencaps

I stopped reading at >kotaku

this. also, why the bugged out eyes? are they trying to make it seem more "manga-like"? because that's stupid.

Still less bad than waking up in prison, or in the wild next to a mountain lion.
I guess you can always tell her to put a blindfold during sex, or demand that she stares you down while she rapes you.

this is funny

wew lad

except thats showing off the equivalent of a triforce in comparison to your newfaggotry

No. Not this way. Not by Hollywood.

Take your retarded kotaku article and go kill yourself with it. Holy shit.

I'd like it if we could put western adaptations on some board that isn't Sup Forums. /trash/ might be a good place if Sup Forums doesn't want them.

She's a Martian. Her real name is japanese but I don't think she's supposed to look asian just because of that.

>weeb entry level nerd website
>getting pissy that Japanese content is getting adapted
I guess they'd rather watch another Cuck Wars

You just say that because you can't triforce.
check it out fag!1

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I lagued much harder then i needed to

Well seeing as she's not human but a sentient tumor that fell off a bitch of a Martian Queen and then was given a cyborg body for giggles it's probably fine that she looks nothing like a human being.


Threadly reminder:
>Ignore all live action anime threads until the movie is out.
>Watch movie expecting it to be complete shit or just wait for threads on Sup Forums calling it complete shit.
>Either it lives up to your horrifyingly low expectations or you are pleasantly surprised.
>It'll be the former because they ALWAYS SUCK ASS
>Move on with life

Clickbait articles in Sup Forums, still dont.

>Wanting a 3dpd version of glorious 2d perfection.

Get out of Sup Forums.

Also the dumbfucks doing this movie didn't actually read the damn manga past the first page.



>manga adaption
>James Cameron
Get the fuck out of here. Not joking, fuck off.

Kiss gently

Aubrey Plaza?

I'm still gonna watch it

Uncanny valley is neither desirable.
She shows her hands all the time so no reason to hammer in the viewer's face that she's a robot.

Her name is yoko, but her face in the manga is also never stated to be "weird". She just do the duck face a lot, like a bimbo

Same here. I've been waiting almost 20 years

of course you will, brand slave. You breath to pay.

I want MD Geist, Gaiarth, Megazone, Gunbuster, and have always wanted a Gunnm adaptation. I don't really care if they're shit, an attempt's an attempt.

Whoa, ease back on the nihilism, Rick Sanchez

Sup Forums - "'""'"Journalism"""'"" & Critical Thinking

I thought Hulk Hogan had killed gawker media?

Reposting my /wsg/ post, as a reminder.

>According to the latest series Gally was a tiddy tumor from a princess
I have the wierdest boner right now.

We need a Brazapanese thicc bitch to put in those big eye asian cosplayer contacts and play her

>no date
please don't do this

Why ?

Isn't the woman who wrote some anti-loli screed and thought that Kuzu no Honkai was DEEP?

She clearly has exaggeratedly large eyes, bigger than all of the other characters. Her big eyes are the only defining visual trait she has aside from "little girl with short black hair". The point is to make her look innocent and cute in contrast with how brutal and powerful she is in a fight.


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That's just how most young girls are drawn in the manga. There just aren't that many in the original. Gally's eyes are supposed to be captivating but not unnaturally large when compared to other girls.

>Her big eyes are the only defining visual trait she has aside from "little girl with short black hair".
Her lips, tard.

Oh, and the face markings.

user-kun you are so cool!

Downplayed heavily.
She's not cute innocent and beautiful asian girl with cock sucking lips for days.
She's just a creepily big eyed monstrosity ala gollum.

No look at her. She looks like gollum in a wig.

Oh, my bad, not defending the live action abomination in any way.

>SJWs and hags get triggered by pretty Asian stuff
Nothing new

They pretty much put an ugly fat chink in The Last Jedi to make old white hags feel better about themselves because Asian women are stealing their men by being objectively superior.

Also this thread is hardly Sup Forums. It's Sup Forums with an Sup Forums background, but has Sup Forums undertones.

Yellow fever? On my Sup Forums? No way anyone so pathetic could post here.


Rurounin kenshin was good though so was oldboy

>posting kotaku
why isn't this shit thread deleted yet

Anyone who attempts to take something animated or a comic and make a live action adaptation out of it where it will be full of garbage CG should be shot desu

>no DSLs
How do you fuck up something even that basic?

>X is Y and it's Z article

Ignore it.

fuck off tripfag

If the tone they were going for is
>innocent and cute in contrast with brutal and powerful
They fucked it up by giving her giant fucking eyes and uncanny valley face in a live-action movie. That's bad design. The design doesn't give people a
>innocent and cute
Look at all.

Kansas you mong! Scrapyard city is built over the remains of Kansas City.

Oh you are all gonna love this!

Why is that worse than anything else in that article title.

This is stupid that Asian girl is pretty but not beautiful and she is wearing Asian makeup. Of course the old hags are probably jealous because they are old hags but they are mainly voicing the truth.

That spic fucking univision conglomerate bought it out of bankruptcy and kept it alive to spite us.

notice how it's all women.

user, I don't know how to tell you thus, but Kansas City is in Missouri.

She looks like Gally.

Other than the nigger inserts it does look like the manga in real life.

Not that the manga needed a Hollywood film, but as far as homages go this looks like a good one.

Wait this was based in my state? Noice

He did it! user's! James Cameron has MADE ANIME REAL!

Kishiro is losing his shit...just like Shirow did, sans earthquake.

Sorry user, they are running out of material, so now turn their attention across the Pacific.

I'm always amazed that people actually post these kinds of retarded comments with their full names and shitty mugshots attached to them

Meh, a fucking river divides it and I'm up in the shithole 248 miles North, big deal.

Because its the future of cinema.

Mostly because Kishio's favorite band is Kansas.

then how come all the other cyborgs look regular

I'm mad it came too late for the perfect Desty Nova.

He was one of the original inspirations though.

>>Kishiro is losing his shit.
Gally being a tumour was revealed 20 years ago.

>1995, About the same time Shirow had his breakdown.

Fuck! That Kobe quake musta been something!

2D eyes are flat, not round orbs. From a side view these exaggerated eyeballs would visibly disrupt the shape of the head while superior 2D eyes are typically nearly in line with the contours of the (flat, Asian) face.

Given that Gally is not a regular human they could have easily explained away a pair of inhuman flat eyes as being artificial.

if it was just the arms you would want to fuck the robot. we don't want you to fuck the daughteru robot